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Current Wedding Topics 2016

We will see more lavish wedding decorations in 2016 and these great events will return to beautiful nature, such as green table runners and wedding bows. It has the best wedding themes 2016 to offer! Review how we ramp back and roll the 2016 wedding theme extravagance! Great wedding themes for 2016 below! Latest wedding cake trends are all about expressing your love story.

Top 5 5 wedding themes for 2016

Choosing the right topic for your wedding can cause severe headaches - especially if you and your future partner have different flavours. For the sake of maintaining the civilian wedding season ahead, Victoria Benton of The Flash Pack has devised a schedule of the sexiest wedding themes for 2016 so you and your fiancé can find a basis together.

Even though vinyl wedding themes have been a favorite for several years, they will be taken to the next stage in 2016 with more trend niches. We will begin, for example, to see the whole wedding on the basis of a particular interpretation, such as the owl and the pussy cat (in the picture), which is becoming increasingly beloved as pairs shrink from taking traditionally loving or devotional considerations into account, or perhaps a more maritime subject, such as the Titanic, which transforms the ordinary into the outlandish.

Suitable for all four seasons, this style can be integrated into every part of your wedding, whether you choose an indoors or outdoors wedding celebration. No matter if you want to take the mad hatter to your wedding or if you prefer to try the cute pleasures of Willy Wonka, the fantastic topic will help your wedding and the after-party starts and ends with a pop (or a fag smoke).

Brilliant colors, shaky décor and rugged requisites make this an outstanding topic for 2016. The top tip we have for color themes and color fashions for 2016 is: Be courageous and deal courageously with color. It' tired of losing the roses and celebrating your wedding. It works really well with a Mexico thematic wedding - think of Mexico fairy tales, glasses with colorful punches, colorful floral garlands in the coat - or alternate wedding dresses that don't necessarily match the whites or ivories.

It' s farewell to the flag hunt (finally) and the hello-partys. The year 2016 is the year of ballons, paper streamer and genuine plant life as the focal point on desks. We' ve long been a big fan when it comes to getting inspired with colors and items at wedding ceremonies, and we are very excited to see color-coded requisites and pinboards show up.

Enjoy the freedom to give the whole event your own individual touch and let your creative energy run free! As if the classic topic was a little too old-fashioned, but still wants to bring a little extra ordinary enjoyment to your big city? What if you chose a back topic instead?

Go back to the 1950' s and give your wedding a greasy flair, featuring diner-style dishes, colourful stalks and perhaps even rent a slot dispenser or pub to close the event up. End everything with an Airstream automatic camera and a classic automatic camera - think of the Berliner Fotomatten - both can be adjusted to printing in old vintage-style stripes.

Bring a little bit of excitement to your big wedding with one of The Flash Pack's customizable camera stalls and Pop Packs for any wedding topic or event.

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