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The Latest is a beautifully crafted, easy-to-use WooCommerce theme with an elegant blog and appealing page templates. WooCommerce REST API is now ready with new endpoints and improvements to existing endpoints. Expand your WooCommerce store with these helpful resources and strategies from our Woo Heroes team.

Picture of the revised orders

Easier and more intuitional warehouse administration. Improve picture size and topic compatability. Store Customizing Functions. Small, bewildering symbols are superseded by large, clear button areas, and we've added the option to display order lines and order detail directly on the Orderscreen. Find out more in our developer blogs. We have added a new inventory level for backordered goods.

Provided a certain item is equipped with activated warehouse administration, it can be switched from "In stock" to "Out of stock" or "Not in stock" without any problems. If additional stocks are added, the item will return to "In Stock" status when it is added. In addition, there are on-screen enhancements to products that make it fast and simple for shopkeepers to find and locate out-of-stock or backlog items.

Find out more in our developer blogs. We have also added the possibility to adjust the number of store lines and column numbers with a customizer custom izableable. Panes are resized to fill the entire width of the area, and this function is available for all topics.

Find out more in our developer blogs. We have added the possibility to adjust the proportion of your pictures in your store. They can use traditional quadratic pictures, user-defined trimmed pictures or even untrimmed pictures. Historically, when you modified a camera picture, WordPress did not really change the size of the picture and you had to use a plug-in like Regenerate Thumbnails to have WordPress change the size of the pictures for you.

Find out more in our developer blogs. We have added tracking capabilities for our software downloadeds. Each time a client purchases an item from your shop, you can review and analyse your downloading history with a wide range of built-in filtering tools, complete with order, client, item and data. Find out more in our developer blogs.

Look for enhancements directly on the Administration Enhancements monitor. When you use the DBloglierer, we have added the possibility to browse the log files. We have added the possibility to include page breaks for abbreviations and also added feature to allow labelling of your work. View all new example datasets with a large number of different media for filling and test of demonstration and test locations.

The possibility has been added that topics can specify picture size and the number of store column and lines using `add_theme_support`. Read our document about updating, make sure you have backup files, and then get the WP Admin updates. Please check out our support page. We cannot detect or resolve problems through the use of blogs notes.

Should you wish to have more detailed information about this patch, you can check out our developer blogs! How do you feel about our latest version?

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