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WordPress Update: A roadmap for Gutenberg in the coming month We are back with another issue of The WordPress Update for June 2018. This is our unfamiliar WordPress quarterly collection, where we gather the latest and best WordPress messages of the past months, adding some of our own thoughts and analyses and sharing them with you in both our newsletters and blogs.

When you want to keep up with the latest WordPress messages and make sure you receive all upcoming WordPress updates, it's best to subscribe to the WordPress Newsletters. Matt Mullenweg set out a general road map for what will happen in the coming month with the new WordPress Gutenberg Notepad.

We' re still not going to see WordPress 5. Gutenberg in the near future, but things are definitely going forward and the Gutenberg squad will be more aggressive in pushing for adoptions. In addition, there is a bad new WordPress malware that will eat other types of Malware, as well as a convenient new plug-in that makes it simple to find problems with plug-in compliance.

Read on to learn all you need to know about the events of June 2018. During Matt Mullenweg's address at WordCamp Europe 2018, he set the road map for Gutenberg in the near-term. If you are not yet acquainted, Gutenberg is the name for the entire conversion of the WordPress Editor.

There will be a new minority version in July with a powerful CTA for end user who can either use the Gutenberg or Classic Editor plug-ins. In addition, wp-admin subscribers must log out if they do not wish to use wp-admin in Gutenberg (this does not apply to WordPress pages they host themselves). Essentially, the July impulse seems to be about getting as much use as possible, while Gutenberg is still in his plug-in form.

During August and beyond, the aim is to solve all of Gutenberg's crucial problems and to make it over 100,000 pages with over 250,000+ contributions. In August (or beyond) there are also expectations for a WordPress 5. For more information, see also another recent review of HPTavern, "Gutenberg Team Panel Talks Release Timeline, Building, and Customizing at WCEU".

Mullenweg's Keynote Address was only one part of everything that took place at WordCamp Europe, which ended on 16 June. If you are interested in where the WordCamp US and WordCamp Europe will take place next year, you can find the detailed information here: The WordCamp US 2019 will be held in St. Louis.

WordCamp Europe 2019 will be held in Berlin, Germany. Wordfence introduced an interesting new type of Malware in June named "BabaYaga". BabaYaga is uniquely able to actually delete other malware from your WordPress page, as the above mentioned titles already say. It can even update your WordPress kernel to ensure that your website is running properly (apart from the BabaYaga infestation, of course!).

Part of WordCamp Orange County in June 2018, there was a Plugin-a-Palooza competition in which the winning team took home $3,000. In this year a plug-in named Detective won the award. It is an extraordinarily interesting plug-in because it resolves a point of analgesia that I had to deal with for a long time.

Especially if your website has a problem, how do you find the specific plug-in that causes this problem when you have 25+ plug-ins on? The diagnosis of plug-in conflict is one of the most frequent first step for every problem. Detective plug-in handles this manually and automatizes it for you. It' s still quite new, but this is definitely a plug-in to look at.

The page of Detective can be viewed here and the initial mail can be found here. "is when your WordPress topic tries to do too much alone." You see, WordPress topics should only be used for the look and feel of your website. If your artwork contains a "portfolio" mail item for example, this feature should be part of a plug-in and not the main one.

If you ever want to change topics in the near term, you will loose your information if you use a topic with problems with crawling. Conversely, if your own designs separate aesthetics from function, you should be able to easily change between them. Today, hosters have made it quite simple to set up and run WordPress.

Have you ever thought about hoarding WordPress yourself? For years Delicious Brains has had its own instructions on how to host WordPress itself. However, each year they update the guidelines to take the latest changes into consideration. They last upgraded the show in June of this year. Although you may not want to go through with it, this is an interesting way to take a look behind the curtains of your WordPress page.

Speaking of economic announcements,'s mother of all companies, Automtic, has made a major purchase of a firm named Atavist. WordPress. com, right? Atavist CMS is put to the test, but Automtic is planning to incorporate Atavist's publication platforms into That' not really new, but you could be enjoying this fun little Twitter story that Matt Mullenweg presented in his blogs.

Shows the common use of WordPress. All important WordPress messages and article from June 2018 are summarized. Come back next week to find out all the excitement that will fall in July.

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