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Wordpress Latte Theme

The Latte is a one-page parallax WordPress theme for developers, designers and freelancers to present their profile and portfolio. The Latte is a one-page parallax WordPress theme for developers, designers and freelancers to present their profile. Fast reaction The Latte is a one-page WordPress theme designed for programmers, graphic artists and professionals to present their profiles and portfolios. There are many features, which include service section, inventory, cards, contact sheet, experience reports, price charts and more. Besides, it's simple to adapt!

Each thing can be adjusted directly from the WordPress Customizer.

Fast reacting, Latte looks good in any size computer, from large screens to small portable units. With Latte you can customise any part of the website directly from the customiser. They can adjust backgrounds, colours, text, pictures and everything. Simply browse to Appearance > Customise to begin customising to your needs!

The Latte is also translatable, so you only need to get the translated files from the /languages/ directory and launch the topic in your own languages. Even - highlight jQuery menus, mail format supports, headers picture, wallpaper picture and more! The Latte has about 100 different (literally) colour choices that allow you to customise each part of the website.

Adjust the backgrounds to match the colors of the menus icons. Each part is adaptable, and if you find something wrong, we'll just put it in the theme! When you buy this theme, you also get one year of assistance and updates. Don't neglect to see Latte vs. Latte Per Compare.

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A fantastic multi-purpose theme with a very cheerful one-sided ad. Featuring gentle para-lax scroll, a full-width headers and a contemporary look. The Latte can be used for different companies - business or creativity. This theme's major colours are whites and greys, giving it a plus in sophistication.

The Latte has an appealing lay-out, a one-sided look, pallax scroll, a large icon pop-up window, full width tapes, a pull-out window, a basic customized tool, a beautiful folder, price charts, a colourful skill page, Google Maps, a basic contacts page, a blogs lay-out, a rotten load effect, limitless colours and is translatable.

The Latte can also be used by programmers, artists and free lance artists to present their work.

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