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The five best Android starters

No matter whether you're getting exhausted from your home page or just want a new and different way of interacting with your Android phone, you can probably find an Android Launcher at Google Play that's just right for you. However, some launcher are better than others, and this weeks we will review some of your favourites for customisation, performance, styling and functionality.

At the beginning of the month we asked you which Android starter you think is the best. You' ve counted on tens of nominated and hundred of ballots, but unfortunately we only have room for the five most beloved, counting on those number. Android Launcher, best? In order to see which of the five best Android Launchers took first place, visit our Hive Five Follow-up feature to see and debate the winners!

Launcher, is a very adaptable and adaptable launcher that support Android 1.6 and higher. The ADW provides a choice of hundred designs, adjustable home page layout, various batch style docks suitable for up to five different short-cuts, customisable iconsets, toggle animation, a concealed batch bar with unrestricted scrollability and much more. It' s unbelievably adaptable for intermediate users, but quick and user-friendly for novices and supported a variety of equipment.

The Nova Launcher is free, but only Ice Cream Sandwich equipment is supported. However, once you have it on your ICS machine, you have the versatility to add ADW iconic themes if you want to use them, extra theming to change the look and feel of your launcher, a scrolling batch with up to 3 pages of 7 each, scrolling and start up animation that you can turn on or off, 1x1 widgets in your batch bar, and much more.

When you can print $4, Nova Launcher Prime will unlock your spam, text message and voice mail tags, letting you keep applications you never want to use but don't want to deinstall, two-finger start action gesture, and folder hiding in your dockbar. Go-launcher EX's eligibility for glory is how adaptable it is.

Choose from a variety of designs and symbol packages that you can easily choose to personalize with Go Launcher EX, ton of Widgets, Locking Screens and more. Sleek, curved edges, groups of folders, good-looking animation and an accent on neat, adjustable layout make this launcher a favorite, and it doesn't matter that it does support Android 2.0 or higher mobile devices.

Couple this with the fact that the developer is continually upgrading the launcher (which is actually a disadvantage for many users) and releasing extra topics and go-flavored Apps and Widgets that exactly match, and you have a host of utilities to help turn your Android expertise into reality. The Apex Launcher is free, but there is another one in the summary that only Ice Cream Sandwich equipment support.

Still, it's quick and adaptable, offering up to 9 Home screens, 7 5-symbol dock bars, spare symbols for standard Android applications, and many nice transitions and scrolling features. The best of all, if there is an Apex Launcher item that you don't like, you can easy conceal it.

For $4 you get Apex Launcher Pro, which add multi-finger gesture to those already in the launcher, supports topics from other launcher (such as ADW, Go Launcher, and Launcher Pro), 1x1 didactic Widgets, and reading docks. The Launcher Pro is free and probably the first non-stock launcher of many folks.

The software does support Android 2.0 and higher operating system hardware, and although it is not as often updated as the others, it still provides butter-like, fluid transition, adjustable layout, batch scanning, and preview playback. The Launcher Pro version includes support for spare icons, endless scroll and more. It' s been a long while since the last upgrade, but if you are looking for a good, quick launcher to start with, Launcher Pro is a good choice.

Since you have seen the top 5, it is finally your turn to put them to the poll for the best Android launcher. Honourable mention this weekend goes to the Zeam Launcher, which many of you commended for its minimalist and straightforward way of developing an applications launcher, and to the Stock ICS Launcher, which those of you with Ice Cream Sandwich found to be an enormous advance over yesterday's launcher.

The Holo Launcher is also noteworthy for its excellent work in making the ICS Launcher expertise available to non-ICS equipment. Have you got an ice cream sandwich yet? Keep in mind that the top 5 are predicated on your most beloved Call for Candidders threads from the beginning of the month.

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