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Would you like to try an iPhone on Android? Best 5 iPhone Launcher for Android It is the world's most widely used portable OS and has no significant alternative other than Apple's Apple iPhone OS. Although Android has a nice surface and thanks to its versatility and adaptability, we are not getting too easy to saturate, but there comes a period when we want to try something new.

That' if we want to try iPhone for ourselves, but the iPhone is a cheap phone, not everyone can just buy it and change it. Fortunately, thanks to the versatility of Android, you can use your Android machine with your own OS (Well, so to speak!). There' a number of launcher websites in the Google Play Store that say they offer you an iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Some of the iPhone launcher do what they say they do, but there's only one application that offers a feature-rich iPhone application on Android, One Launcher. The One Launcher is undoubtedly the best launcher you can have if you want the iPhone connectivity with some great customisation functions.

Besides the iPhone locomotives, it is also the most feature-rich of the competition. As soon as you have installed One Launcher and opened the application, an Introduction window will appear with a pushbutton labeled "Experience". As soon as you have clicked on the "Experience" pushbutton, the application will take you directly to the iOS-like Home window. Symbols that are a bit different, but look very similar to what you would have seen on an iPhone.

As with iOS, you can drag and drop an application or symbol to move it around or make a directory. Keeping the button pressed in an open area of the Home screen displays links to effects, background images, themes, preferences, gesture settings, and more. Launcher also offers applications such as OneSearch, Memorycleaner and an "All Apps" symbol.

If you click the All applications button, all applications you have already created will be displayed in alphabetical order in a table. In addition, the launcher has a Spotlight similar function to Spotlight 8 and iOS 9. Located on the start screen's far side is a One Tools directory containing Launch Settings, SingleHandMode, Topic, Battery Saver, and One Wallpaper.

The Launcher setting can be found in the Launcher Setup section. On the " Setup " page there is the possibility to define the " One Launcher " as the standard startup program, which you can also do via " Settings->Home ". This launcher also comes with a "Notification Toggle" which, as the name implies, will add a series of switches in the colour of the notifications.

It also has "Lockscreen Settings" that will take you to the One Locker playlist page, an application that displays the locking screen of your iPhone. Use the Launcher to adjust different gesture settings to complete specific jobs. Selects gesture to fade out applications, display the alert panel, and enable SingleHand mode.

This launcher also shows an animated watch with a second hand like iOS 9, which consumes a little additional power. With a launcher, you can select from various transitions such as rotate, slide, windmill, dice, expand, mirror, mirror, fade, fade, snake, card deck, domino, cylinder and more to flip through on the Home screen.

You can also use some special effect to move symbols on the Home screens such as breathing, sparkling, etc. With the Launcher you can also try different topics from the recently opened Topic Shop. There are also choices for changing the symbol sizes, the colour of the apple labels on the home screens, trying out your own backgrounds and more. As with iOS' "Reachability", One Launcher has a SingleHandMode that reduces the symbols on the display so that you can operate the user surface with one touch.

Together with the functions we just spoke about, One Launcher also ensures that you have a delay-free enjoyment. One Launcher worked as it should, all the way through the whole period in which we were testing the application, without any stuttering. In summary, if you want a serious iOS Launcher application on Android, One Launcher is your best choice.

Other iPhone launcher are available for Android, but none of them come anywhere near what One Launcher has to offer. One Launcher is also available for free from the Google Store and the good thing is that it doesn't even use advertisements in its surface. A launcher is undoubtedly the best iPhone launcher you can get, but there are a lot of other deals on the playlist.

Even these applications provide the full range of functionality of iOS, but if you want much more, you'll be upset. One Launcher is definitely recommended, but if you have some concerns with it, you can try the following iPhone Launcher and other applications that offer iPhone functions similar to iOS: i Launcher OS and Launcher 8 Pretty are practically the same applications.

You have the same interfaces and the same sets of few adjustments.

Good news is that both i Launcher OS and Launcher 8 Pretty do not cause any issues with the mobile phone's power. So the only issue we found is that if you have a mobile device with on-screen navigational keys (which we have), the keys intersect with the launcher. You have full-page advertisements that only appear in the Launcher Settings display, but it can still be annoying.

4.0 Android. This is another launch of another iPhone that doesn't differ much from the iOS-like home screen. iLauncher fits quite well with the home screen and we also appreciate the fact that it does support icons as well. Otherwise, the application will leave a great deal to be desired as it offers a sluggish, chunky feeling.

2. 3 and higher. This is a fairly practical function that has been implemented in iOS 7. Bringing keyboard shortcuts for various functions such as WiFi, Torch, Airdrop and more, it allows your user to navigate their favorite tunes, adjust their intensity, adjust your intensity and much more. And if you've always wanted to have a smart toggle center for Android, that's what Smart Toggle is all about.

It offers a range of switching options including WiFi, quiet modes, display time-out, Bluetooth, GPS and more. It' certainly not an iPhone launcher, but it does provide some of the iPhone launcher expertise, and it works well unlike most iPhone launches, so give it a try. 2. 2. 2 and higher.

To get the best package of iconic files that not only contains your iconic files, but makes them even better, choose Flui Buttons. The Flui Symbol Pack contains more than 800 symbols that have been taken inspiration from the way your system is designed, and some of them even look better than the way your system is implemented.

In addition, the Flui Icon Pack is available for most launcher models, such as Nova, ADW, Themer, Aviate, Go, Next and more. 4.0 Android. A number of other launcher types such as i6 Plus Launcher, 6 Plus Launcher and more come with the Home screen, but their use of displays on the Home screen together with the incorporation of fake applications will ruin the enjoyment.

According to us, these are the best iPhone launcher for Android and we have also integrated applications that reproduce an iPhone function with Android.

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