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Lean and middle definition in the idioms dictionary. Lean and middle phrase. Lean and expression - what does they mean? lean and mean (comparatively lean and mean, superlative most lean and mean) (idiomatic) efficient because you have nothing beyond what is needed and purposeful in your goal He is a lean and mean adjective. lean and mean adjective.

also lean-and-mean uk us using only what is necessary, and determined to work effectively to compete successfully: Enterprises that have survived the crisis will be lean and mean. Lean-and-mean mentality and technological advances are the hallmarks of the company.

slender and mean

Figure fits and prepared for tough, effective work. Slim and mean, Dave is willing to go to the Saturday match. Our managers are lean and average and aim to make a profit next year. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. 2002 from The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. able and willing for tough, effective work.

Ronnie has made himself slim and mean and is willing to be in the Saturday match. McGraw-Hill's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions Copyright © 2006 par The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Definitions of lean and mean .

We wanted our businesses to be lean and mean. Why did you look up so slender and mean? Receive your day-to-day emails in World of the Day! What term is used to describe a piece of music that is characterized by the lack of accompanying instruments? Do you need more definition? Join America's biggest lexicon and get tons more free definition and extended ads!


There' s nothing that can burn a calorie like bad. "He thinks too much: such men are perilous. Try to be a little more mad! "Sometimes used as an excuse where the bad guy is bad and malicious because he's so starving. They too can be the Thin in the Big, Thin, Short Trio if they are an angry group that contrasts with the full member and the square member.

Villainous Glutton / Fat Bastard's reversed look is also relatively common (cf. Ursula, the Blob), but nowhere is it so protected from light as in the Lean and Mean look. Especially thin or gaangly proportional rogues can be qualified as pasta people. Often when the character is strong and/or stupid, this results in Brains Evil, Brawn Good.

Per-Time Skip, the three admittedals are all big and thin. By the way, unlike his admiral colleagues (namely Akainu), Aokiji doesn't quite match the "middle" part of this Trope. Normally, Wapol is a fat bastard, but his extreme omnivore forces allow him to absorb his surplus mass and become eerily slim.

In fact, he described this shape as "lean and mean" in both the funimation kids and the funimationubs. Rip Van Winkle is extremly big and thin. The Ditz seems to most as The Ditz, although she herself is quite smart and she is the second Kira, although her lightness and slim body can also be attributed to her modeling work.

Lights are also very thin, as shown in "How to Read" and say that he decreased his energy level through stressful situations when he took over his "duty". He is not quite "evil", but he is definitely not a good man, and he is portrayed as very pastey (due to insomnia and not going out too often) and thin (although he puts a great deal of cake and other sweet delicacies in his mouth).

He' s mean, but he' s more of an antihero than a bad guy. Naruto Orochimaru is quite a big, slender man. Leaning like a serpent is better. Unbelievably lean and athletic with a contoured bodysuit that really soothes the slender build. You know, and "mean" doesn't define someone the way he does.

Beerus, from Dragon Ball Z: of Gods, is distinguished by being very slim in comparison to the more muscle members of the casting, even with exposed fins and mostly reminiscent of a manoid furless female and is also the God of Destruction who could command Frieza around. He is also, unlike Gokus All-Loving Heroatus, extremly Sadistic without a compassionate bones in his torso.

Odd because the black part of the human being is an alternative form of goku. Ragdoll's most incarnated in The DCU, but in The Batman it was brought to serious extremities; the Ragdoll is a great, wafer-thin burglar and distortionist who is able to fit into a cylinder at will. Seventy-three quid I weigh.

Batman Scourge is so thin that he was annoyed as a kid because of his similarity to Ichabod Crane. A lot of thin extraterrestrials in Sillage turn out to be bad guys. Johnny the Homicidal Maniac mentions several things about how thin Johnny is. Strangely enough, after the heist. Richter Dredd: The genocidal judge Tod is a very thin guy, especially because he's an unidentified ghost who inhabits a cadaver.

He' s quite big, but only about 67 kg. De Vil is a slim, almost skeletonized bad guy with a skeletonized face. Since Jafar is the bad guy and thin (this is especially different from the nice old boy Jasmine calls his dad, who is almost fat). Scar, the bad guy, is much thinner than Mufasa or even Simba or some of the female lions.

At the beginning of the film he points out his muscle deficiency (with the page quotation for Brains Evil, Brown Good). His ex-colleague Zira plays the part of the bad guy in the continuation, and she is also slim. Got a skinny overweight bureaucrat chi-fu. Frollo, the bad guy and opponent, is thin; in contrast to the good boys Quasimodo and Phoebus, who are muscle, up to bulk.

Princess and Frog: Dr. Facilier is the bad guy and he is so thin that he is stylised in an otherwise round, naturalistically proportional game. The wicked high priest on his way to El Dorado, Tzekel-Kan, emphasized his ascesis and spiritual dedication alongside the comfortable secular (and obese) chief Tannabok. Bradley Uppercrust III, the wafer-thin Faux Affably Evolution Jerk Jock, has an extremely silly film.

Mrs. Tweedy from the Chicken Run is big, thin and pretty reckless, unlike her brief, powerful Henpecked Husband. Particularly interesting because, despite his surprisingly villainous cheekbones, he played against Typ after a successful carrier as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Van Helsing. In contrast to the solid Darth Vader, Kylo Ren is big, but has a slim, rather mediocre physique.

Rogue One's Imperial Death Troopers are slim, large and inhumane, a testament to the fact that they are Elite Mooks in comparison to the normal Storm Troopers. The big, thin Marv, on the other hand, most of the times adjoins the inefficient sympathetic villain. The first Hellraiser movie has all the Celobites pretty slim, except Butterball of course.

Not a gram of grease on Erik's back in X-Men: First Class. Malcolm Tucker keeps his low weights by walking everywhere, being constantly under stress and feeding on a main food source: cafe. Malcolm's actress Peter Capaldi then played the brooding, often callous Twelfth Doctor in Doctor Who, whose square dresses so strongly accentuate his round neck and thin torso that Clara at one point refers to him as a "stick insect".

With Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory being pretty thin, penny mentions that she thinks Sheldon is thin. In the 1988 Answer Me TV show in Korea, Bo-Ra, perhaps the coldest figure in the show, has a wafer-thin figure, especially in the thighs. Voldemort is often described in Harry Potter as large and thin, with long, thin hands.

The snake is often described as thin, perhaps to call this trumpet, even if it is not per se wicked. It' s rather implied in the first five volumes, but definitely so for Draco Malfoy in Book 6, when he begins to noticeably decrease due to the stresses of his attack missions.

Count villain Olaf is big and thin and said he should have a starving look in his eye. A number of Discworld players have this aesthetics, even if they're not necessarily evil: although he calls himself (and all of them) bad, he's never an absolute agonist and is often on the side of the hero.

Weatherwax Granny, a Good Is Not Nice style similar to the Good Is Not Nice style, is also big, thin and wearing dark although her slenderness is not so much underlined. But Lacrimosa in Carpe Jugulum, who is actually bad, is the embodiment of it, especially in the lampshade, since she is usually seen by the POV of Agnes Nitt, a big gal about her own height.....

Lampshade, as Rand notices that every thin restaurateur they meet on their travels is up to no good. When Arthur arrives in the present and chooses to run for mayor of New York, she becomes not only angry, but thin again. Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, father Hugh MacPhail's slim physique and hard training program underscore his resolve to crush free will.

Title is described as almost skeleton. The majority of crews are quite slim, but Richard Lopez, Archnemesis Dad and Combat Sadomasochist add a natural whippy build and the crumbling body of an Addict for a truly devastated look. Prof. James Moriarty of Sherlock Holmes is described as very large and thin and like a Lizard.

That' probably supposed to make him an nasty counterpart to Holmes, who himself is very big and thin. The Crippler Hoat, head of the Bloody Mummers, is described as the great bird scarer of a man. Bronn, the tough sales sword, is said to have a lean, wolf-like look for him.

During his later performances, as in the Saga of Dark Forces, he has more strength and muscles, perhaps because he knew he had to depend less on the Force and struggle more and unite. Bean in Fantastic Mr. Fox is known to be thin because he only lives on apple wine, unlike his two Fat Bastard mates.

Chophthera-gn of the First Dwarf King is a humanoid horror that is just a little too thin........ The Thin White Duke, David Bowie's personality at the end of the 1970s, The Thin White Duke, wasn't angry, but per se he was definitely a little hotter than his other personalities and more than a little coke-fueled, so a little mad.

On the slim side, its body mass dropped to less than ninety lbs, which is incredibly low for a 5'10" outline. One of Popeye's most perilous opponents is the very large and thin Sea Hag. Warhammer' s Dark Fairies go very well with the trope, as they are a race made up exclusively of evil callous sadist and have the slim, sleek build that all fairies have in common. What makes Warhammer's Dark Fairies so special is that they are a race of evil callousadists.

The Dark Eldar are half slim and mediocre, half spikes of the villains. Dungeons & Dragons third issue gave this feature to those character with the mastery of Willing Deformity large and stump. Here, the mean value comes from the premise of bad orientation, the belief that those who are willing to go fasting on half their normal weights or stretching on the frame are likely to have a few bolts loosened, and especially the fact that the deeds were established in the Book of Bad Darkness.

The Chzo Myth: The Great Man; more than two meters high, skeleton-like in construction, but much more powerful (and faster) than "he" looks.... Graf Veger from the Jak und Daxter range is big and slim. Team Fortress 2's Spy is unbelievably rude (he shagged the scout's mother and likes to brag and browse about it to the scout, which could give you pity for the greatest idiot in the match, the undeniable scout) and very big and slim, which makes his Badass-in-a-Nice outfit even clearer.

Mitsuhide as well as Mitsunari by Sengoku Basara are Ax-Crazy White Hair Black Hearts, which also look big and almost skeleton. But in Mitsunariïs case it is because he is too preoccupied with being afraid to feed, while Mitsuhide is probably exactly the bad thing. Everybody is big, slim and lanky, this is due to the ways their Klan goes, on which they have to bear the pain of ritual, which let their body decay in order to cope with it.

Bad wizard, ritual guide, pasta guy. Thin men in XCOM: Enemy Unknown are quite slim, and in classic and unfeasible trouble they are infamous for their rookie number. You can describe it as a marginal, stick-shaped solid. Pheromosa only weights 55.

Darkspawn envoys of Dragon Age II and Dragon Age: Deputies - especially Big Bad Corypheus - are very big and thin. Säid of the Secret World may be more of an antihero than a real bad guy, but he is certainly unfeeling, sour, predatory and quite surprisingly voracious. Mum in Futurama is nasty and thin, but is wearing a choice of "fat suits" when she wants to appear as the friendly housekeeper.

Undermined with Dr. Orpheus, who is big and thin (and otherwise looks like a stereotype necromancer), but is actually one of the most beautiful people. The Lean and Mean team also works for robotics. A Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! installment shows an nasty (and creepy) museums curator who's pretty thin.

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