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This training teaches you the basics for building and designing a modern, mobile responsive website. Find out how to host your e-course on Squarespace! QUARESPACE is used to design and create amazing websites.

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Squarespace Website Builder's drag-and-drop functionality allows you to professionally and completely customize your website for your small company or people. This course shows you how to quickly develop and deploy a website with Squarespace. Find out how to customize your website, how to insert pages and navigate, how to manipulate the contents of pages, and how to start your website.

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Enhance your web design experience with Squarespace

When you join this course, please be aware that a Squarespace login is needed to join. You can register for free if you do not have a Squarespace user name and password by clicking on the free registration button in the enclosed resource list. I hope you learnt something new about Squarespace. In order to further your Squarespace adventure, I recommend that you visit the Squarespace Summit, which is referenced in the enclosed resource.

Four good reason to learn code, even if there is room.

With the emergence of utilities like Squarespace, more and more folks are asking if getting to know coding is still a rewarding undertaking. Furthermore, as a service (also known as SaaS, i. e. delivering remote software), like Squarespace, provides some enticing benefits; not only are the websites a breeze, but they also offer web site hostings and supports and are continually upgraded for greater granularity and availability - all for a low per month charge.

If Squarespace exists, why learn to encode at all? Possible responses - like a good piece of coding - refer to things that may not be obvious, but that make the big change in the world: what you need, what you like, and what will best help you at the end of the workday. Streamlined drag-and-drop interface such as that of Squarespace are useful for beginners and those who need a solid amount of feature set from their on-line experience.

Yet comprehension of coding gives you unlimited possibilities and full command of your work. Just think, you have used a SaaS vendor like Squarespace to create your website. Identifying codes allows you to be independent. Once you learn your own coding, you increase your capacity to act as a valued contact person, regardless of your part.

Even though pureists could (and often do) fight all the time about the might and glory of impeccable programming, and how it makes the outside into a better place (it does), it would obviously be false to say that everyone would be best suited to programming their own website. Squarespace offers a great option for many of them.

In the end, the decision whether you want to learn coding or use a tool like Squarespace is about identifying your own needs and objectives. No matter if you create your website from the ground up or via drag-and-drop, your futuristic visions belong to you alone.

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