Life Coach Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Life Trainer Theme

Since this is a flexible topic, if you like the Health Coach offer, you can easily adapt it to your area of responsibility. It would be the perfect choice for motivation coach, life coach, consulting services, psychologist, speaker, health coach, mentor, training, business and services, education and books, art and culture websites. This is the best Life Coach WordPress theme to create a coaching website that transforms more clients.

Coach Life WordPress theme - LMS ready from WordpressThemes2Go

Create a successfull Life Coach website with test stories, event calendars, members of your teams, video and e-commerce.... Topic demos: Full WordPress theme for any Life Coach or Business Coach website, plus all the necessary tooling you need. Offering a variety of customizable and highly engaging experiences, this high-performance Life Coaching WordPress theme includes slide shows, roundabouts, test drives, podcasts and more.

Design is fully adaptable in terms of textures, texture, layouts, colors, logo and more. WordPress Customizing lets you customize your colours with 10 colour choices, and your type selection is based on more than 600 Google typefaces that can be assigned to 4 different types of content typefaces, image caps, menu items and text in fat.

Simply load your logotype into the bottom and top of the page or just skip it for a name. Pages include more than 8 page styles that allow you to build archive, Visual Composer pages, pages with page bars, contact page, and more. The Life Coach WordPress theme has all the necessary features you need and you can optimally organize its content thanks to custom mail type for every need:

Simply append your own dates, venues and route descriptions, as well as your own link list and buy link list. It is fully embedded in the theme's own system, so you can include slide shows and merry-go-rounds of upcoming shows on any page using short codes or composers. Make stunning and contemporary blogs with full-screen headlines, galeries, engaging video and more.

It will help you simply browse related postings and file your rides, widgets and slideshows, making your navigations seamless and appealing. Visual Composer or shortcuts allow you to apply your endorsement to any page or posting and sort by the appropriate endorsement category. User-defined videopost types generated by the Videolove plug-in included with the Life Coach WordPress Theme allow you to build nice videogalleries that can be filtered by special videocategory taxionomy.

On each page, you can use the appropriate keyboard shortcut or the Visual Composer item to insert video and adjust its look and feel with certain settings. The included QT Places plugin lets you easily expand any contribution by adding card features and creating stunning cards of places, shows and more. Fully built into Visual Composer to build nice pages in just a few moments. With the standard WordPress Customizing tool, and see the changes in real before you save.

The Visual Composer is part of the theme! N1 Page Composer is bundled with the package and integrates with over 100 shortcuts to produce breathtaking pages, fades and more. Builder plug-in, built into Visual Compsoer, with over 1000 user-defined symbols, is part of the Life Coach WordPress theme!

Once the theme has been installed, a tutorial will take you through the process of automatically plugging in the plug-ins and setting up the demonstration content. Now you can deploy the theme and create your demos in less than 5 mins! The Envato Toolkit allows you to easily link the website to your Envato accounts via API keys for automatically updated themes and plug-ins.

Affordable HTML and incredibly light content as well as quick handling of server-side items make this theme your ideal companion to get to new audiences and look good for Google. Full, clear and full of screen shots, the documentary makes it easy for you to grasp all the functions of this high-performance WordPress Life Coach theme.

You can contact the technical staff or find your answers among the other similar issues in our 7 day a week on-line technical forums. Poedit can be used to translate this topic and switch languages in just a few moments. Life Coach WordPress Theme" provides a sub theme, very useful to make the update procedure much simpler and to protect your custom izations from theme up-dates.

From our SCSS, you can slightly customize the style sheet to make your own special taste. The Photoshop bundle includes the Photoshop edition with homepage, mail and archives (save another $8). Interoperable with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions, with the new GDPR rules.

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