Lightning Browser

The Lightning Browser

A simple, fast web browser, Lightning focuses on design, security and efficiency. Easy web browser with the following functions: Favorite alternatives to Lightning Browser for Android, Windows, Android Tablet, Mac, iPhone and more. It is the best Android browser I have found by far.

Fast web browser

The Lightning is a lightweight, high-speed web browser that concentrates on simplicity, safety and effectiveness. because I wanted something better. The Lightning user experience has been designed with care so that you can surf as effectively as possible. All tabs and bookmarks are tidily stored in side drawer, just a drawer away, enabling maximal display with minimum browser stain.

Darkness modes, Bright modes, Color modes, Night modes..... Whatever, whatever you want, there's a modus for you. Quick - By using the WebKit Rendering Engines integrated into your Lightning unit, Lightning can provide a fast and easy viewing environment. ? Disclaimer - Use Incognito to surf without footprinting, Orbot to be downloaded and TOR proxies to masquerade your identity and your position, StartPage or DuckDuckGo for your web browser, or deactivate any setting that you think might compromise you.

Lightning will try to help. Functions - full image, verify. Reverse rendering, verification. Checking all the popular Internet sites you want. Suggestions, bookmarks, histories, user agents, read mode, whatever you need, Lightning does it. ? Open-source - Like Android Open-source, so is Lightning. Personally, I believe that the best piece of code comes when a community comes together to develop the best one.

Free - View the AdBlock and Unlimited Tabs versions for free.

An easy Android browser with advanced naviagation

NET: necessary for accessing the web. This is used by the browser to stop resource loads if resource loss occurs when losing remote connection to the server. DESCRIPTION _EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed to be able to retrieve data and bookmark images. If you need to use locations like Google Maps, you need to activate the checkbox "Location access" (default disabled).

Required to enable WebRTC assistance, requiring the WebRTC assistance checkbox (disabled by default). CAMERA: required for the WebRTC assistance, requiring the activation of the WebRTC Assistance checkbox (default disabled). modify_audio_settings: required to use WebRTC to support WebRTC, enables the "WebRTC Support" checkbox (default disabled).

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