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The WooCommerce plugin allows you to set up an online shop overnight. WooCommerce's lightweight themes offer you the opportunity to present the most important advantages of your content in an elegant design. WooCommerce - A light and up-to-date WooCommerce theme from Codestag

The Crux is a neat, attractive, fully accessible and retina-ready WooCommerce WordPress theme. Crux was developed on the basis of StagFramework and provides light yet high-performance functions. With Layerslider ($15 value) it comes to help you create fast, pretty and reactive slider for on the go. Completely reactive and retina-ready, Crux looks good on any device, whether telephone or tablet, adapts to any display sizes and makes things look good on retinal screens.

Optimize your search for best-of-breed information - Crux is coding by following the best search engine optimization best practice, and is 100% compliant with industry-leading search engine optimization plug-ins such as "All on One Search Engine Pack" and "SEO by Yoast". Multilanguage readiness - Crux is translatable and comes with po/mo and is fully WPML compliant. Infinite side bars - Build an infinite side bar with our Hirsch custom side bar plug-in and build as many side bars as you want and view them everywhere.

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Discussing Crux - A Contemporary and Easy WooCommerce Topic

Hello, all necessary Wordpress - Discussion preferences are ON, Woocommerce - Preferences - Products - Reviews - activated and still unable to post a rating. Make sure you are running the latest WooCommerce, WordPress and Crux releases. And if your Theme Backup is still active, you can open a tickets at http://codestag. com/support and we'll be happy to help you find your website.

Hi, First, Happy birthday to the design of such a nice looking theme, great work! - With the reduction of the width of the screens on the products pages, the tab pages "Product descriptions, Additional details, Customer reviews" are not displayed clearly, it is necessary to adjust your style sheet, can this be included in the TO-DO listing for the next upgrade? Thank you for pointing out this strange blurry problem, it is definitely something that has happened lately and must have caught our eye.

This will be assigned to our Ram, my associate and theme creator, and I will get in touch with you in time. While Crux is planned for an upgrade both in visual and technical terms, we have recently been very preoccupied with getting our second WooCommerce ready for submit. This topic should now be allowed every single working week, so you might want to take a look at this topic as well.

I' ll get back to you as soon as I can via Crux. Nice to know that Crux is planned for an upgrade, would you please tell me when this upgrade is likely to take place (if it's relatively last-minute, I'll wait). I' m looking forward to your new topic. Hello Paul, just a quick fix that we've been working on and it seems to be a problem displaying fonts related to the website, the problem probably won't be there when you change browsers.

Thank you for addressing this, we are working on a fix immediately and should do an upgrade within the next working days or later. As for the entire Crux upgrade, don't wait until a few month before expecting it. This was a very much valued topic and we are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our product range.

I' ll keep you updated on the font issues updates. Hello John, thank you so much for getting in touch with me so quickly. When I saw the blurry problem (both on the screen and in the Chromebook) I used it. Thank you for giving me a coarse timeframe for the fix, much better than "coming soon"!!!!!

Hello Paul, we have already repaired the section's respective section's CSS, it will be added to the updates by morning. Paul, just a short fix that the fix has already been postponed. I just took up some more problems with your Skilt theme, I posted a note on the theme page.

You are welcome to open a tickets and we will be happy to help you. The Crux does not come with a box design, so without some adaptation to HTML/CSS it would not be possible to be upfront. Maybe you should review our Atik theme, which is packaged by standard and built on the same simplified approach as Crux.

There is a need for simpler woocommerce topics like these in the rest of the game. If you say that, however, it seems a little easy to come up with the feature s-especially for the bidder. Actually, Atik has more functions than Crux. Maybe we need to get more information about this on the products page. We' ve already moved another fix, please try again, the hint should be off now.

Hello, we just released another WooCommerce template upgrade to make sure the WooCommerce template is up to date. Lately there have been a lot of regular WooCommerce upgrades, we will do our best to keep our topics up to date. In case you still have problems after upgrading your theme to the latest release, please contact our technical team.

We have had a recent fix for the introduced product, but if you still have problems, please open a tickets at https://codestag. com/support and we will be happy to review it. Thanks! Where is the updated coated? And if you think you need help, please open a tickets at https://codestag. com/support and tell me the adress of your website.

I' ll take a look. I re-installed Word Address, Woocommerce and updated your theme. Same output with the presented items widgets. All other ones work. It's something with the section widget that doesn't work. Yes, I see, but since the presented section in our demonstration works, I have to guess that there is a problem with you, and I'm worried we can't help without taking a look at your work.

You can still open a tickets at our supported desks, which you can use independently of your past supported period. Please open a ticketing and we will take you through the process. 2017 CRUX - A WHORDPRESS 2017 crux - a whordpress template by codestage at the bottom will print without space in my web page???

Please open a question and I will let you know how you can modify this text. It' edited. The homepage of the topic has an unneeded < / a > day, your demonstration also has this issue. Please correct!

Hello, just to let you know that we are already working on it and a fix will be released shortly in an updated version. Hi, the Codestag website does not seem to be working? Though I like the Crux design for my website and want to buy it, I don't see Edge in the supporting browsers for it.

Hello, nice to know you enjoyed one of our topics. Hi, the best topic thank you! Crux WooCommerce is 3.3. I want to be completely sure before the fix. Hello, we are currently debugging it and looking for bugs, an upgrade should be available within 24-48h!

Hi, first of all, happy birthday on your very beautiful subject. I still have some issues before I am sure that we can use it: - Is it possible to try the topic to check interoperability with our system, server and store? - Will Wordpress's free subscriptions be enough to use your templates once we've purchased them?

Hello, please go to Aussehen > Anpassen and you can find the preferences there. In case you still have problems, please post a problem on our Supportsite. The Topic radio button still displayed on the Item Details tab for the topic is therefore no longer available. The Customizer? controls all theme options.

In the meantime, none of your adjustments are gone, all are still there, just shifted into the customizer. Hi Thomas, we don't have a licence validator in the topic. The latest theme updates now include a new ''Theme License'' table on the Dashboard. 4th release on changedload, but I can't get it. Current theme release is not compliant with Woocommerce 3.4.

no 3... and also Layer-Slider latest release not contained.... If you see another problem, please acknowledge. Blogs page on the website I am supporting shows only the 10 most common posts. On our Supports page, please generate a tickets with the email address you used to purchase the topic and one of our members will contact you as soon as possible.

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