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Choose a quick downloadable WordPress template for your website. Nice lightweight & inflatable WordPress themes.

More than 20 fastest WordPress topics (Edition 2018)

Therefore, a quick WordPress theme is an important part of your website, and especially if you use it for a commercial use. Therefore we have made the following choice of some of the quickest WordPress topics. Then we took the topics from our other listing - Best Topics of the Year - and sent them through Pingdom.

Then we have sorted the topics according to their achievement. This is the quickest WordPress theme for message pages or blog posts with a cheerful look. Characteristics: quick reacting and attractive styling, easy and quick load, AdSense optimised, built-in reviewsystem, SEO-friendly, newsletter/widget shapes, infinite colours, four different loadings. An advanced and easy WordPress theme with a one-page lay-out and multifunctional styling - you can use it for both business and creativity.

Special features: Spot colours, full Elementor support, SiteOrigin and more, Life customiser, Subscribe to newsletters, call to campaign, fast reacting materials creation, WooCommerce enabled, Jetpack integration of product family. A fantastic vintage-like theme for the photographer, with a contemporary and memorable look and feel driven by the visual. Key features: reactive designs, fully SiteOrigin Page Builders compliant, WooCommerce compliant, real-time customizers, optimised for performance, portofolio page, widgettized footer, advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and preparation for translations.

It is a WordPress templates that can be used for creating and maintaining vibrant message sites and pro web publications across all genres of contents. WordPress is a fully reactive and highly rated wordpress publication that is perfect for processing a lot of media and at the same time delivering good results to give your precious readership and website users a great ease of use and a great viewing environment.

Featuring: fully widgetized cover page, fantastic user-defined widgets, many widgetareas, one or two sidebars layouts, boxed/broad layouts, optimized sidebars, RTL and REO readiness, socially and movably available. The Zillah is a free, easy topic for contemporary blogging. With a minimalistic and very sleek styling, a full width slide control, large pictures, a clear look and stylistic type.

It' s a great multi-purpose web site for bloggers and writers who are looking for a great yet easy way to get their web site up and running. Functions: fast-reacting layout, fully SiteOrigin Page Builder compliant, customizable via web browser, optimised for performance, user-defined background, widgettized footer, advanced search engine (SEO) and translation-ready. Welllife is a contemporary and neat theme for periodicals.

This topic is loaded very quickly, with 99 in Pingdom. Characteristics: reactive and lightweight designs, optimised for performance, three headerstyles, Google AdSense integrated, four galleries and videos, several plug-ins incl., extended review/evaluation system, videoslaylists. This is a great universal WordPress theme that is also one of the quickest WordPress topics on the market.

Initially designed as a one-page theme.

Key features: reactive designs, fully SiteOrigin Page Builders compliant, WooCommerce compliant, real-time customizers, optimised for performance, portofolio page, widgettized footer, advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and preparation for translations. Like the name says, this theme is stylish. It is one of the quickest WordPress designs on the market, has neat coding and reasonable size for all the pictures it uses.

Functions: Portfoliopost style, highly reactive design, sub theme prepared, widgettized home page, optimised content for search, fonts symbols, theme customisation, translatable. The Avada is a drag-and-drop theme that downloads very quickly and has simple ways to customise everything with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's simple to use and use. This theme is versatile and offers you many different demonstrations.

Characteristics: Twelve demonstrations, drag-and-drop Fusion Builder, limitless number of themes, fully reactive, highly configurable, highly user friendly interface, high-performance administration panels, retina enabled, short code generation. This is an inventive and brilliant theme for restaurants and caf├ęs where the navigational menus look exactly like a restaurants menus. This opens up like a diary and you can take a look inside to see what you want to "try out": the topic works quickly and immediately.

Functions: quick to respond and portable, Retina-capable, easy menue management, useful topic settings, OpenTable reservations, 600+ Google type. Contemporary WordPress theme, equipped with many sophisticated functions. It is versatile, and despite all its characteristics, it still charges very quickly. Functions: Infinitely customisable, shortcuts, drag-and-drop page builders, page layouts, navigational choices, quick response and retina capability, WooCommerce integrated.

Breathtaking and nice WordPress theme with a multifunctional look. There are many different layout and demo possibilities, all looking contemporary and classy. H code is performance optimised and comes with WP Total Cache and some other premier plug-ins. Feature: optimised for WP Total Cache integration, 31+ multipage demonstrations, fast response and retina-ready, Visual Composer and Slider Revolution integrated, WooCommerce enabled, infinite colour choices, high performance short codes.

It is an elegantly contemporary theme that stands out with its well thought-out design. The system has full-screen slide controls for a beautiful viewing effect. It' a multi-purpose theme, and it has its place among the quickest WordPress topics on the shelves. Functions: four portfoliolayouts, WooCommerce-enabled, high-performance page-builder, fast response, retina-enabled, full featured videos, various logos and menus.

The Newsmag is a feature-rich theme for journals and message-sites. Clearly designed and gently scrolled, it has a rotten load effect and many promotional enhancements. Functions: more than 60 different page designs, 22 user-defined Widget, 27 user-defined Visual Composer pads, WooCommerce integrated, Google AdSense integrated, ratings. The theme has a basic journal lay-out for general newsgroups.

NewSOnline loads very quickly because it has a light weight coding and designing tools. Functions: quick response and retina capable, performance and recovery optimisation, AdSense integrated, extended type option, clipping, parallel scroll, search, social networking. The philanthropic industry is one of the quickest WordPress topics developed for non-profit organisations. Notice how quickly this topic jumps from one section to another and how quickly each page item is loaded.

Functions: three different contents controls, user-defined colour change function, event calendars, user-defined page laysouts, demonstration contents import. Stylish and refined theme for stylish and high-quality dining. This theme charges incredibly quickly and comes with clear styling and matching picture size. Functions: highly reactive lay-out, retina-capable, self-explanatory page creator, translates into seven different tongues, realtime WordPress customizers, revolution scrollbar.

It is an inter-active and contemporary theme conceived as a one-sided theme for small companies. Surely one of the quickest WordPress topics. It has a cheerful, colourful and very intuitive look. Featuring: customisable home page contents pads, slide-in effect, built-in contacts forms, user-defined pads for members of the teams, theme option for simple management, user-defined theme widgets with additional functions, infinite colour scheme.

This is a speed-optimized topic for journals, message sites and Blogs. Design looks neat and comes with appropriate picture size for fast load. Characteristics: Streamlined and fast, optimised SMS and responsiveness, ad administration, integrated verification system, extensive snippet assistance, lightweight coding, customisation capabilities. State-of-the-art design that offers full website versatility.

Generally speaking, this is the topic that best suits them. Characteristics: Over 150 pre-built items and 200 artwork samples, pallax and videoclips, one-sided, visual orientated product line layout, various demonstrations for different uses, WooCommerce enabled (including minimum designs), many typographic and colour choices, drag-and-drop page creators. This is a sophisticated topic for magazines that can process a large amount of contents and many postal sizes.

Functions: Homepage builders, user-defined widgets, limitless colours, advertising space, full localisation, AdSense optimisation. This theme, which was developed primarily for law firm sites, has a clear and neat look. Because of the theme's theme layout, everything is loaded onto one of the quickest WordPress motifs. Functions: fast response time, adaptable with different colour scheme, compatibility with all common browser, user-defined Widget, adjustable homepage, multi-language supported, user-defined administration area.

The theme contains a fistful of pictures that connect smoothly with the text and the theme itself. It' s designed for face-to-face blogs, travels, business, fashions and many other use. Functions: Supports videos and sounds, customized Blog author Widgets, full Jetpack plug-in plug-in implementation, page with customized theme choices, shortcuts, location functions, predefined colour scheme.

This is a singular topic of blogs. Most of the designs are mainly pictures and imagery. Functions: Four post-raster layouts, four post-raster layouts, fully reactive, retina-capable, SEO-optimized, four functions. Light, clear and stylish designs for imaginative portfolio. This theme is really quick to load as it is not supplied with too much fill.

At the same to look very fashionable and stylish. Her work will definitely come first through the theme's sizing. Functions: fully reactive, multi-page layout of isotopes and brickwork, six page styles, translatable, font awesome, retina-capable symbols, three blogs, fully customized. Because this theme is optimised for performance, it has a versatile look and fits any type of company.

Functions: highly reactive interface architecture, many drag-and-drop adjustment possibilities, SEO-enabled, limitless headers style, extended community release, 55 web page service and web interface symbols, optimised for performance. Foundly is a very quick theme for newspapers and periodicals, with a minimalistic yet contemporary look. This theme provides a clear and beautiful contentscape.

It is also available for AdSense - there are different advertising space for ads. Functions: reactive desing, two different demonstrations, several layout, Sozialmodul, optimized fot signage, AdSense prepared, lightfast, Live-Customizer. An attractive and cheerful theme for journals, blogs or web sites, with a clear look and colourful icons and type.

This theme is prepared for promotional and provides a refreshing atmosphere on your website. Functions: fully reactive, multi-layout, customizable widgets, mail and page builders, categorical builders, rating and review, WooCommerce integrations, fully customized, great portfolio, many mail and page styles. This is a beautiful multi-purpose theme for small companies of all kinds.

This theme is monetization-friendly as it was developed with an eye to affilate merchandising and provides a number of attractive landing pages. Functions: Velocity, reactive themeing, customizable colour choices, multi short codes, e-mail subscriptions forms, auto page generation, theme customization. This is a massively multi-purpose WordPress theme, with beautifully designed and packed with advanced functions, designed to meet all your commercial objectives.

Key features: fast-response designs, optimised for performance and SoEO, Google AdSense connectivity, various style choices, AJAX store, retina-enabled symbols, infinite color, wallpapers and side bars, searchable content, multi-port style, advanced backdrop for videos, WooCommerce-ready, Google AdSense-ready, tonnes of home page demonstrations for different uses, 250+ customisation capabilities, 300 slider and layout-blogs.

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