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Explore beautiful, vibrant and natural lip colours & lips make-up from L'Oréal Paris. Select from a selection of lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick products. Explore all the lip colours in the professional L'Oréal Paris lip care range.

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Highly colored, impact-resistant lip ink. Enriched with pigment. Designers Applikator. Varnish your lip with L'Oréal Paris Infallible Paints/Lip for a rich colour. All in one go, the design dispenser distributes the vivid, opaque colour onto the lip with precision, thus ensuring a pleasant wearing comfort. Comes in 14 highly effective fluid lip colours, from bare to strong.

Per-Tip: Fill out contoured lip with pointed tip. Highly effective colour with saturated pigments. Hint of color that will last all day.


What is the right way to put on matt lip stick? Peel your lip to eliminate damaged cutaneous tissue. In order to get a perfect matt lip stick look, preparation is crucial! It is especially important if you have cracked, dried lip because matt lip stick tends to show the lip structure. Use a lip balsam to hydrate your lip.

Align your lips with a lip stick in the same color as your chosen one. It gives your lip color an external meaning. Select between a normal matt lip stick or a matt fluid lip stick. Dull pencils with lips tends to dry even though they are more reliable and need much less care.

Normal lip sticks can be more moisturizing. If you are using a matt lip stick, start in the middle of your top lip and stroke to the outside edge. For how long does molten lip stick last? In general, fluid lip sticks are designed to last for long periods of use and are an easy-care option to traditional lip sticks. Naturally, if you eat and drink, this will influence the wearing times of fluid lip sticks.

Thus the fluid lip stick also acts as a spot, i.e. even after wearing for long periods of standing the fluid lip stick pigments remains on the lip. Dull lip sticks are ideal for the longest wearing period. L'Oréal Paris' matt lip pencils can last up to 24hrs. Available in a variety of colors, the Pro-Mat unerring fluid lip pencil offers an impressive color and matt finishing all throughout the workday.

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