List of Wedding Theme Ideas

A list of ideas for wedding themes

A fancy bride who was never one to go the normal way? You can use a list of wedding themes to narrow down your selection of wedding themes for the big day. The theme ideas for January and winter weddings may include:. One, can your farm accommodate the number of people on your guest list?

Top 30 My Wedding Theme Ideas - Micah The Missus

The modern Philippine chicks are now choosing a wedding with a certain theme. The irony of the matter was, our wedding was out of the question. All we had for our wedding was just a colour theme of prune, golden and champaign because these are my favourite colours and I think they are quite stylish and stylish. If we could do our wedding again, I would definitely choose a certain wedding theme.

One theme makes a wedding more intimate, co-ordinated and definitely more attractive! So, how do you come up with a wedding theme? In the first place, the couples should determine what kind of wedding theme suits their personality and life style. As soon as they have chosen their theme, it is much simpler to co-ordinate the invite, the style, the favors, as well as the flower, the dress, the meal, the score and all the other elements needed when it comes to a particular theme.

Beneath are some possible wedding topics and ideas I have collected on-line that you can use for your own wedding. It is a lovely japonese plant that can vary in colour from light rose to light rose and deep rose. I would suggest that you keep your wedding detail easy and clean because kirsch flowers are inherently tender.

When you want the welcome to have more of a Jap wedding ambience, put your Christmas lights in the room. They can also be served rose coloured toasts and a kind of kirsch as a characteristic beverage for your wedding. She has a w@like nurse who has this theme and for favours, she purchased Bodynebel body shop, Lotionen and Duschgele in varieties of Kirschblüten.

A sleazy fancy theme should have the selected wedding detail traces of use or new objects are troubled to attain the look of an antique. Some of the favourite wedding detail you can use are cushions made of vinyl sheet or weave, vinyl bed linen, vinyl blankets, vinyl candlesticks and everything that carries a rose.

It' a smooth, relaxing, feminine, romantically styled way that looks warm and cozy. Sometimes Shabby Chic is also referred to as coaching stile. The majority of married couple prefer this wedding theme because of its relaxing and tranquil ambience. The Philippines has many lovely sandy shores where you can celebrate your wedding on the shore.

Decide for a religious celebration + beachside welcome or a beachside celebration + beachside welcome that is somehow chill and romatic, especially if you have a wedding at dusk or dawn on the beachside. Others, who do not have the luxuries of times to schedule a wedding outside the city, can also take the shore to their desired location (garden or indoor) by integrating shore or sea related decorations into their receiving location.

Use a colourful whale to collect ideas, for example, or see what colours you can find on your reef. You can be stunned by the stunning colours of the great diversity of marine life, marine life and marine life, so integrate them into your wedding papers and decoration.

One interesting concept that can be used as an icebreaker at hospitality desks is the exploration of facts about the great ocean and sea. However, there are many other considerations that you need to consider when you plan this kind of wedding such as the daytime, you want to have your wedding, tidal calendar, kind of weather that usually happens around your wedding date, local amenities that you can use to proceed with your wedding celebrations when it rains.

One way or another, beachside marriages can be very romatic and unforgettable for the bridal pair and the guest. Simply be sure that you are planning well for all the options in advance and you should have a wonderful wedding anniversary. There are many ideas when it comes to making a party basing on a butterfly. Whether you want to go with a plain, all white wedding theme or perhaps have a colour theme for a particular type of butterfly, you can do it.

Game with ideas until you find something that suits your personality and wishes very well. Either way you look at it, a Butterfly wedding theme can lend glamorous elegance to any wedding. This wedding theme combines the lively scents and colours of pink with the lovely colours of the rainy arc to create a relaxed but one-of-a-kind feast.

According to the rose (species and colours) you use, they can create either a simple or a relaxed ambience. This special floral theme allows you to concentrate on a relaxed environment by using the colours of a tropical arc (soft nuances of rose, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples) together with corresponding oranges.

Rosenkonfetti will give your table a special note of romance. You like the old-fashioned wedding concept? Let's schedule a wedding with elegant and retro style. Viktorian marriages are a great option for a horticultural wedding. Serving some cakes, teas and the old earth charms with this viktorian motif.

As you plan your viktorian wedding you will want to find a proper backdrop for your home such as a large courtyard, parkland or gazebo. When you can't have it outside, select a Victorian-style villa, inn or chapel overlooking lovely garden and an elegantly long porch where visitors can "walk".

Select for the décors items that look stylish and stylish. Remember that the viktorian styles tend to be ruched and female. Substances are often velvet, damask and needlepoint, and the most common colours are aubergine, bottled greens and reds. Would you like a rural wedding with a rustic touch and a bucket of charme?

When you yearn for an ambience of relax, convenience and rural charme, think of exceptional rural wedding ceremonies in old-fashioned rural homes. Marriages with country-specific themes can take you and your guest to an easier place, if only for a second. You should consider doing something special for uncommon rural wedding receptions. Handcrafted, local courtesies will be offered to your visitors.

Candle light, sparkling glass, a lovely ambient atmosphere - this is what a wedding theme is all about. Ranging from gentle, subtile colours and exquisite tunes to sophisticated decoration - magical marriages make your pulse beat faster. So, what makes a wedding theme truly special? A few may tend to reds or pinks reds; mellow, tender floral notes; sparkling aromas of sparkling wines and sparkling wines; beads; large ribbons; organic and crystal material; romance soundtrack.

You can see that there are many different romantical varieties of the wedding theme that harmonize well with "romance"...and it doesn't have to be just heart and flow! What about a "Love" wedding where you use the words of your heart in different tongues - on favorite tag, place setting... even on your invitation?

When you decide to decorate your theme wedding, think of a bizarre woodland situation. It is a nice suggestion to have a colourful figure of a fungus with some sparkle on it that you can make. It is not an accurate composition of an Eastern wedding. Instead, these Asiatic wedding ideas give you a general notion of some Asiatic (mostly Chinese) tradition and custom that you may want to incorporate.

One of the best things to keep in mind is that the wedding colours for an Oriental wedding are usually either gold or gold. In one way or another, I think everyone played with the notion of celebrating an outside marquee wedding. Greenery, space and the liberty it gives us fill us with our own ideas of how perfectly our wedding could be.

However a wedding outdoors comes with its own challenge. To have a wedding in an outer canopy can be very romatic and funny, but it requires a great deal of anticipation and co-ordination. On the one hand, camping marriages are usually more costly than indoors. In the case of an indoors wedding, all these articles are delivered from the place of your choice.

Thus, be ready to plan more for an outdoors wedding and be sure that you will get appraisals (in writing) from various wedding vendors so that you could make wise choices. They should also consider the climatic condition around your wedding day and have backup schedules in case of poor weathers. Every one of the different tropic island in the galaxy has its own culture tradition and custom that makes its wedding ceremonies special and very interesting, and you can find sites on the web that refer to the wedding tradition of the different isles.

Vernal wedding colours usually resemble tones of pastels coupled with the vivid colours like the light yellow and red of the bulbs or the dark lilac of an Irish. It' easy to make an attractive wedding colour theme by combining two or more colours such as pink and green, warm orange and pink, or dark violet and vivid (or pale) yellow tones.

The most important general principle when it comes to ideas for a wedding in early autumn is to keep away from the deep, saturated colours normally associated with autumn and autumn (bordeaux red, squash orange, gold yellow, abundant blue tones and violet). Keep your wedding colours bright and breezy to mirror the rejuvenation of your wedding year.

Prepare yourself when you are celebrating an outside wedding and select a venue where accommodation (and A/C) is available where possible. At the end, just keep in mind that summers wedding ideas provide you with a fresh feel that reflects the time of year, plenty of bright skies and luck. When you feel a little more courageous and adventure-seeking or when you are a big Jack Sparrow enthusiast, you should consider this topic.

There are not too many pairs who have used this theme, so it is still one of a kind. Because Pirates of the Caribbean films are so loved, there are tens of places that offer parties and favours that would be appropriate for a wedding with pirates. I saw pirated markers and lead markers that you could buy at the National Bookshop or any other bookshop that had these articles.

It is also possible to personalise the pen with your name and wedding date. The pirate was not renowned for their Tischmanieren, so a buffet-style supper with this theme would be more appropriate than a sitting down supper. Than list the facts at the bottom of the page. They can also be used as wedding gifts.

Christmas wedding ceremonies usually have Christmas Trees as part of the decoration - so why not take it to the next stage by using lots of greens in your decoration? Decorate table centrepieces and favours with large and small moulds; make your wedding gateau look like a nicely adorned Christmas tree; and use lightly lit and adorned flowers as decoration.

The one thing that you should do first is to decide which artists you would like to designate with this singular wedding theme of visual arts. As with a "typical" wedding, you could have your wedding and/or your welcome anywhere very well. Here, however, is a peculiar turn on the subject of artists... your wedding in a museums, an arts galery or a painter's atelier!

No matter where your wedding is situated, you will want it to look like an artist's atelier ( even better if you find one for rent). Imagine colours, colours and canvases in your designs. If you are thinking of a wedding with angelic motifs, think of fleecy blankets, sweet angels, Greek pillars and urn and of course angelic leaves that you can use as a decorative element.

The colours should be smooth and dreaming, like a slightly powdery pink and ointment colour with golden undertones. Discover the essences of a heavenly wedding ceremony with this starlit wedding theme for the evening. Search for themes that mean a Stern wedding theme. Desires become real wedding gifts: - Some simple favors are star-shaped: key rings, biscuit cutter connected by a band, biscuits, bar soap, chocolate, etc.

  • Sternförmig h Schwebende Kerzen make beautiful favours. - Consider using heavenly motifs on the back of your deck of deck card as a thank you gift. Parties on the basis of sporting theme marriages are an interesting idea and are well suited for many decoration possibilities. Simply select your favourite type of exercise or your favourite crew and then use the available colours and icons to create your wedding theme.

The invitation, decoration, favours, pie designs, colours and often even choice of dishes will all be geared to your favourite game. There is a wide choice of different types of sporting activities for those who like the concept of a wedding ceremony related to a particular activity or activity. Unofficial courtyard wedding is different from open-air wedding, which takes place in privacy, in the meaning that you invite your guest to your home.

Is there anything more beautiful for a wedding than your own private courtyard, adorned with your favourite pieces of home furnishings and already full of cosy recollections? However, before you are planning a courtyard wedding, there are a few things you need to consider. Firstly, can your farm include the number of persons on your list?

Frequently courtyard marriages are scheduled for marriages with less than 100 people. Have you got a place for people who can move in poor conditions, such as a barnyard or shed, or will you move the wedding to your house? As soon as you have determined that you can host a courtyard wedding, the plan begins.

When you already have a colourful yard, all you have to do is polish it up for the big one. Bring these items from the invitation to the table and napkin to thank you. A little bit of creative work will turn your wedding in the back yard into a treasured experience with a warm, cosy feeling.

Another variant of a wedding with the theme land is a theme of a barnyard. Its main concept is an ambience of relax, simpleness and rural charme in an old-fashioned rural house setting. Decorating a shed is not as simple as decorating a lobby or a yard where marriages often take place. When your wedding takes place at nights, lamps hanging from barns would create a romantically sheen.

Whilst a barnyard can look like an empty pallet for wedding decoration, most barnyards have rental limitations regarding the type of decoration that can be used. Targeting a low-budget wedding means you can do it with this theme, especially if you can do the style yourself.

They can dance a lot at the wedding party, too. It is the masked feeling of a grill theme that distinguishes it from a theme for a picnic. What is the difference between a grill theme and a theme for a meal? Another popular barbeque element is the colours pink, green and green, colourful crockery and flower arrangements - as well as a lot of eating. So, to make the decorations for a wedding on the grill, it is of course necessary to begin with the tablecloths.

For outdoor receptions, consider a campfire after dark to create the conditions for a grill-type wedding. Nowadays, in these times of contemporary fashions, wedding dresses, wedding rings and jewellery in Retros styles are in great demand again.

Try a wedding in Retros mode and it can be a lot of pleasure - just as stunning as the most contemporary wedding styles. A few of the wedding's singular ideas can only be found by taking a look back at the styles and fashion of bygone times. Based on the theme of the wedding dress invitations, every individual facet of your wedding should be designed as such.

Most importantly, make a note to recreate a pure vintage feel for your wedding. They can also integrate ancient lepidoptera pins, floral pins, bead pins and much more into your wedding decor. Infinite items can make a wedding classics, but they can be contemporary and contemporary, and not "theme-y".

So if you almost as much enjoy travelling as you do, why not schedule a wedding touring? Choose which elements of the journey you want to concentrate on as a theme. Is it a particular aspect of travelling, such as a cruising trip, that is at the centre of your wedding theme?

Add the theme of the wedding to the announcement and invitation. When you plan a wedding with a cruising theme, make an invitation that is similar to a trip pack and an invitation to an event that is similar to a boat trip. Bring the ambience around the theme. No matter whether your wedding takes place inside or outside, select decors that give your wedding guest the feeling that they are part of the universe that you are trying to replicate. Your wedding will take place in the interior or exterior.

If you are planning your welcome, add the theme to your meal, the taste of your pie and even the favours you give your people. The great thing about this holiday is that soft flakes of snow and glittering snowflakes are usually found in most snow motifs...and they are simple to work on and improve.

To begin with, you can select winters wedding bouquets as your theme, using floral styles and colours as your inspirations for centrepieces, favours, pie styles and wedding dress. They can also decide to concentrate your wedding theme on the colours of Christmas. Imagine clear crystals, clear whites and icy blues as in this imaginative wintry wedding concept - the Crystal lce Palace.

The other colours that match this time of year are middle-night blues, blue-green, ruby-red, pinot noir, golden, silver and last but not least - jewel shades of ruby, Sapphire, Smaragd and mauve. When using flower arrangments to enhance your welcome desk, select and fill your vase with crystals or icebluegels.

As you can see, there are a multitude of choices available to help with planning a snow wedding party. Please take your moment and discover the corresponding items on this page for many magical ideas. Schedule your wedding ceremony around this delightful wedding concept with fairytale motifs. Would you like an open-air wedding set amid flower and bird life?

Don't you want to be taken to an enthralled country on your wedding anniversary? And I think the best place to celebrate a wedding on the subject of fairies is in the open air. An event location with a large orchard, a butterfly reserve, a botanic gardens or even your courtyard will be just right. Choose your colour scheme for your wedding.

Since this is a summer wedding, you can use pink, lavender and candy. In order to emphasize these colours, you can choose to bring in a hint of sterling silver as well as a hint of golden. This theme is varied from Punkrock, Glamrock and Rock &roll themes. So if you can think of going down the hallway to Coldplay's "Yellow" or dance with your man to The Police's "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" for the first night, you might want to consider a wedding to skirt.

Underneath is a moodboard of what I think constitutes a wedding with skirt theme - the major colours are blacks with whites - dark edge on the pie, dark top, dark accessoires. It should also be an Eclectic mixture of nonchalant and informal features for the wedding couple and bridegroom and wedding outfits.

If we say Filipiniana, the main focus of the element is on things with Philippine origins or those associated with Filipinos or the Philippines. The wedding particulars used are those that enhance our Philippine civilization. Further used detail are material from abaca, sina may, caps, etc. Babboo. The use of Philippine in your invitation, stationery, solemn promises and speech would also accentuate to your guest the Philippine theme of your wedding.

Courtesies can range from candle to soap, eatable and drinkable, graved and embossed. 30 marvelous ideas for the wedding theme. To be honest, I must have jumped over some because there are no bounds or limitations to the choice of a wedding theme. So you can pick whatever your imaginative minds can design, or you can shuffle and customize the ones I list above.

Enjoy designing your theme. Here he is to the wedding!

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