List of Wedding Themes and Colors

Wedding themes and colours list

Every season our design team draws inspiration from colour and fashion trends! More ideas about colours, marriage and wedding decoration can be found here. But somehow gold wasn't even on our list.

Most popular wedding themes and colours for 2017-2019

When you are just beginning to start planning your wedding, you might be wondering what is the most favorite subject or the most favorite colour for wedding at the moment. Favourite topics: Topic marriages seem to be on everyone's lips at the moment. However, by far the most favourite topic we found was NONE!

If you have chosen not to have a topic, or if you simply have no clue if you really have a topic in your head, that's fine and apparently more loved than you might think! For my own part, I had no subject for my wedding. In retrospect, I assume my subject was some kind of "Hollywood glow hits rustic"?

My topic was "ME", I suppose, and if that's what your topic is, that's fine! Rustikal has been a big topic for several years now, so it is not surprising that it has taken second place. Actually, I thought this would be the number one topic and was amazed when I took it to second place!

It is one of those topics that is probably here to remain for a while, whether you like it or not. lf you haven't been careful lately, you may not have realised that Disney is a big wedding issue right now! But the most loved Disney topic at the moment is Beauty and the Beast.

In fact, I have already presented two real marriages on the blogs that had the beauty and beast wedding special. One was a red-gold colour history, the other a soft rouge and golden. It' s astonishing how different and yet similar this subject can be, according to which colour history you select!

Second place topics: One of those themes is vinyl, which can really go in any direction, according to your interpretations of it. In general, it seems that when folks say "vintage" as a wedding subject, they are inclined to mean old fashioned like grandma's old toilets and old pieces of music. It is one of the topics that is often exchangeable with rural.

The subject is very different for different individuals. All these are popular designations for this topic. It is my favourite, and if I had wanted a topic for my wedding, it would have been, with my hand down. It has such a sparkling, radiant glamour that it's difficult not to like it.

And I was so sure that Golds would be much more loved than Sils. As I was buying for my wedding, it was so difficult to find wedding crap in sterling - it was all in bullion!

But somehow there wasn't even enough bullion on our list. I' m not sure if this is because of the fact that folks just forget this colour or not, but sterling was the number one colour! Again, a relatively unexpected colour for one of the colours above, isn't it?! It can look totally stunning when done right for a wedding, but it is a very vivid colour that can quickly become stunning when done too much.

Lila is a top wedding option these nights. Had personal Pop's of eggplants in my wedding and I thought it would be a good one! However, again be wary if you begin to look at ultra-bright tones of this colour as it can be as stunning as kingzure.

Whites for marriages get a little old, I guess. At their wedding, most people I speak to have a kind of ivories. Normally it's the gown, but I really enjoy the fashion I've seen from marriages that are almost entirely ivories, from the gown to the pie and everything in between.

It is a very smart colourway. Specially used for bridegroom dinner jackets, greyness quickly conquers the wedding scene! Increasingly, more and more girls are choosing to wear plain colours such as greys, taupes and brown for everything from dinner jackets to bridesmaids' gowns and decorations! Actually, I was quite amazed that Rouge wasn't higher on the list!

It seems to me that so many marriages these past few weeks contain blushing in one way or another. No wonder this colour is so beautiful! And if you think about using rouge as one of your colours, you should also add some metal pink-gold to the mixture! Sure, I mean, it's a lucky colour and I don't mind, in itself.

However, I did not expect it to be a TOP colour either. Well, I adore the notion of a bunch of sunflowers. Just didn't think it would be that much of a hit. But the more I look at that... you really can't help but be lucky to see that colour, can you?!

Well, I suppose it makes a lot of so-- what else would you want to be on your wedding anniversary besides happily? What a lovely, enigmatic colour. Sorry, back to the point where we were - I think marine clothing for men is such a nice concept, and slightly less widespread than either gray or blacks, it seems.

Your subject and your colour-history?

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