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Listify Theme for WordPress - how to set it up like a professional! Particularly when it comes to the Listify set-up! Now I' m assuming that you have bought the Listify theme and are finished with a recent new WordPress installment. Stage 0, is the Listify theme set up and activated! As soon as you have activated the design, you must reinstall the required plug-ins.

One thing I would have liked to see after the topic was activated was an automated redirection to a "Setup Guide" or a "Welcome Page".

WP Job Manager and WooCommerce are the only plug-ins that are used. Listify allows you to manage your offers entirely via the WP Job Manager plug-in. The WP Job Manager provides a set-up assistant, but Listify suggests skipping it and creating the pages later.

This could be because WP Job Manager generates pages for creating, processing, and list jobs; manually creating pages gives you the freedom to generate pages for lists of your choice - such as lists, restaurant, services, and more. You' ll have to make three pages: List Submit: Make a page called'Submit Listing' and insert the link [submit_job_form] and post the page.

Please note: The Submit List and Edit List pages are only necessary if you want to allow other members to post and administer their own offers. Maintain Listing: Make a page called ''Edit Listing'' and insert the link[job_dashboard] and post the page. Lists: On the Quotations page, the system will display the tenders that have been posted.

In order to make this page, please insert the shortcode[jobs] and name it lists. Define the page templates'Listings' and make them public. After the pages have been generated, you need to refresh the WP Job Manager preferences. Simply go to List -> Preferences. You can customize the WP Job Manager preferences here.

Now you can keep the defaults under'Listings' and'Listing Submissions', but I'd like to point out some preferences you might want to adjust: See the list of submissions: Length of the listing: Clear this box if you do not want quotations to have an expiry date.

Below'Pages' you have to select the list pages you just made. Use WooCommerce as an e-commerce basket on your lists website with Listify. Again, Listify advises not to use the Set Up Assistant, and the cause is the same. Because there is no traditional shop on your listing site, you probably don't need all the pages that WooCommerce creates.

Simply skiip the first stage to avoid creating pages. Make a new page, insert the short code WooCommerce My Account[woocommerce_my_account] and post the page. Their ad site needs a really stunning homepage. Once you have determined that your favorite sites are listed, this setting will be placed prominent when you load the home page.

You probably saw the same thing on Listify's homepage demonstration. In order to build the homepage, build a new page and use ' Home' as the page style. As shown for example in the Listify demonstration, you can insert a categorie picture raster and current offers. I can' t see the List Categories section even though I added the Widget?

The reason for this is that you have not added any offer catagories. Now try adding a few offer catagories and adding offers to the one. Now when the page is finished, select this page as 'title page' under Settings -> Read. Make another blogsite and post it as 'Posts Page'.

Four Listify menus are supported: is the top navigational toolbar and the perfect place to insert the sign-in options (or the My Account page). Enter your key points in the submenu. Listify defaults to adding the'Browse category' item to the Secondary menu.

This is an additional item that can be shown on certain pages via the'Show additional navigation' item in the page preferences. It appears below the page name. Added at the bottom of your page, the soziale MenĂ¼ is the perfect place to link to your profile.

This is because Listify shows symbols for softwares when the corresponding link is added to the menus. As an option, you can link to the "Terms and Conditions" page or the "Privacy Policy" page in this menus. You wonder how you can assign a symbol to each of your menus?

Activate the CSS Classes checkbox under Aussehen -> MenĂ¼ ->'Bildschirmoptionen'. The Listify program will load icons so that you can use the name of the icons as a category to show the icons next to the menus. As an example, to show a Clipboard symbol next to the Listing menus, specify the IP tray as the CSS category for the CSS list.

Listify's theme features a three-column pedestal. Switch to Appearance -> Widget and insert a widget underfooter column 1/2/3 to show information in the bottom line. Calling an activity directly above the bottom line is also part of the bottom line and can be modified via an item under Look -> Customize -> Header.

Here, too, there are other choices that will help you manipulate the copyrighted text and include a 'As seen on' section. Let's get to the most important section - How to list! Offers are the center of your website. But before we move on to a quote, let us prepare a quote group.

That saves us the hassle of editing the entry after you have created the catagory. The creation of listings is quite easy. It' like making catagories for articles in WordPress. Visit Listings -> Listings Categories and insert new catagories. In order to generate an advertisement, go to Offers -> New.

Categorise the offer under'Listing Categories'..... and publicize the article! You should make your new entry. Your website user can submit an entry from the front end via the "Submit Listing" page. In order to include the offer site on the chart, you must include the geographic position co-ordinates in the offer.

They should get all this information by searching for the place of the offer. Failure to include this information will result in the site not being highlighted on the Offers page of the site maps. Now we have already set up the page with the offers, and if you are satisfied with the look, it is good for you!

To view the maps on your website, you must first generate and specify a Google Maps Geocoding API to use. You can go to your Google Developers Console API Manager and build a "New Project", you can optional insert extra items in a side bar on the Offers page by selecting Widget under Look -> Offers -> Offers -> Offer Archive.

When you go to the "Submit Listing" page, the submit page should be displayed directly. However, if you see it on the Listify demos page, there are 'Purchase Packages'. WooCommerce creates these shopping cart packs as WC Paid Listings plugins. Specify the pricing, "Listing Duration" (if applicable), and release the item.

In addition to the fact that you can adjust the theme's wallpaper, there are many other ways to adjust the theme's look under Look -> Adjust. When you are satisfied with the standard look, you can keep the design adjustment preferences unchanged. In order to customise the design beyond the available features, such as the creation of user-defined Listify template, you must consult a design engineer.

Here is a brief overview of the steps you need to take to set up the Listify theme: Certainly there are some plugs (recommended by Listify) that allow you to increase the amount of features you can include on your website. Those of you who have used Listify to build your website are free to publish any information that may be helpful to our users.

For those of you who need help to set up Listify, we are here to help. This is how we set up the Listify theme on your website.

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