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Check out live backgrounds for Chrome with the live home page. The strength of Google Chrome is its performance and adaptability. Previously, we had divided how to turn the new Chrome tabs into a to-do lists application. Wherever we divided the chrome expansion, which will make you more prolific, and among these, we liked the chrome expansionomentum. I' d like to show you how to take your new tabs to the next step by simply clicking "Live Wallpaper" or "Live Theme".

New Chrome expansion that inserts Live backdrop against the backdrop of the new tabs and also makes you feel prolific by allowing you to easily insert your everyday work. The Live Home page contains over 100 live themes and themes. Although the offical site says "more than 500" - others contain statical images andbacks.

You will be redirected to the Preferences to select your design. You' ll get a great choice of live and still moving background. Remember that live moving wallpaper performs better than live wallpaper. The live moving wallpaper is a GIF image and the live wallpaper is more like a film.

Also make sure that you do not use a GIF blocking expansion. For live wallpapers you can select the level of detail. The best performing version of the 480p, the good performing version of the 700p, and the 1080p version only affect your system's output if you have little memory and little processor. Browsers with the highest hunger for RAM are Chrome. You will see that you get a minimalist timepiece so that you can always keep up with the world.

To toggle between watch and abbreviated dialing, double-click. Next, you'll get the To-Do lists Widget to keep an overview of the jobs to be done. To change the size, move it, or even change it to the timer, deactivate the timer and expand the to-do lists. Just want the watch and the live wallpaper, deactivate everything else.

Getting live backgrounds on your new tabs is a good thing. Together with the to-do sheet, you can include the to-do items you need to accomplish throughout the entire workday. These same functions are also available in the Momentum chrome extender. AutoAdditions adds nice backgrounds in high definition. No live backgrounds, though.

Well, I like it when the watch is big and always informs you of the times. There is a Chrome expansion that shows you on the new tabs how much elapsed until now. Chromium prolongation motivations. Your watch continues to tick and shows that your current performance is over.

The Live homepage is a good substitute for Momentum. Love that chrome prolongation. It' a dignified substitute for our existing new Chrome Expansion Momentum tabs.

However, the Live Home page can cause problems with the power of entry-level PC hard drives.

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