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The free Live Composer Page Builder ( has a drag-and-drop feature for creating custom headers and footers. Live composer / Live composer - site creator: Download free Page Builder plug-in for WordPress

Write your own pages in WordPress without having to write a line of text. The Live Composer is a frontend WordPress Page Builder plug-in. Frontend means that you are creating the page directly on the page, not in the administration pane, so you can see exactly what the page will look like when you are creating it, with live feedbacks to any changes you make.

Look for the Live Composer Page Builder and reinstall it like any other WP plug-in. What can I do to enable Page Builder on a page? If you are visiting a page, you will see a small yellow "Activate editor" icon at the bottom right, click on it and the page will be reloaded in LC-modus.

Most of the time this is because the homepage is not a WordPress page, but a user-defined page created by the index.php of the topic. Post a new page and make it your home page ( WP Admin > Settings > Read > Title Page). Does it work with any WordPress topic?

You should use Live Composer with any WordPress topic that has been built according to the standard. You' ll also find some free and premier topics that have been specially designed for this plugin: If you are starting from the ground up, we suggest you try a free Blank Thread.

Which is Live Composer for WordPress?

In the past, Page Builder had a bad dream about building landing pages and adjusting WordPress topics. Those beginner-friendly Page Builder plug-ins enabled anyone to build their own layout without programming or web designing expertise. So the only problems were that these Page Builder plug-ins were a little costly and the interface was a little more complicated.

Particularly with new and open resource site owners like Elementor on the scene, webloggers and webdesigners now have free and even better choices to the costly site owners. Livecomposer is the newest member of the WordPress Page Builder series. There are some specific functions in this plug-in that make it unique.

So if you were looking for a great free Page Builder plug-in for your website or blogs, Live Composer might be the right choice for you. Live Composer - What is it? Livecomposer is a completely new Page Builder plug-in for WordPress. It is an open resource plug-in, i.e. you get free use of the plug-in.

Engineers monetise the plug-in through premier enhancements, topics and fee-based client service. The plug-in provides many functions in top level functionality, such as user-defined target page creation module, blog creation module, mail type, gallery and templates to create and reuse your own design.

There are some more advantages to the plug-in. These are some of the best Live Composer functions in a few words. Livecomposer is an open-source project. There is a liveditor in the Page Builder that you can use to modify your page layouts using a frontend user exit while you are viewing the changes in your page layouts.

Included with Live Composer are a number of tools for creating custom layout, which include button, tab, accordion, slider, and more. Enhancements can also be made to the Live Composer to include additional functionality. It offers a compilation of free and premier enhancements such as animation, embedded videos, and Gravity Forms integrations.

Live Composer also comes with the option to store your design for later use, which is another useful function. Its template system allows you to create, print, export your themes for use on other sites, or even for sharing with others. Just like any other page builder, Live Composer can be used to do many things to help you create your favorite web site.

Page Builders are most commonly used to build land pages. Thanks to its 30+ module library, Live Composer is also able to generate custom pages for your promotion, application and more. Whether you're looking to build a web site to present your best work or build a photo site photo gallary, Live Composer will help you do the trick and build a custom web site that looks exactly the way you want it.

The Live Composer provides WooCommerce postmodule functionality. This means that with Page Builder, you can simply design your own style shop floor plans and products without having to depend on your standard themes or hiring a developer. When you want to append a blogs to your existing website or want to design a new look for your existing one, you can simply use Live Composer to design a custom web page design to present your entries.

The Live Composer is a developer-friendly plug-in that urges webmasters to use the plug-in to create and even market their own Live Composer WordPress topics. Contrary to other site builder, you do not need a development licence to create designs with Live Composer. Livecomposer only works on already released pages and articles.

So before you can make a page, you need to make a new page and post it. You can then open the Live Composer Notepad to customize your page. In the frontend editors, you can simply drag and drop items from the bottom tabs to make your page. Allows you to add new lines and modify the width of your contents block to make column widths.

Livecomposer also includes a range of pre-built template files for the creation of different kinds of page section, such as blogs, portfolio and page overlay. Or you can create your own custom skins using Live Composer and begin adapting the skins to your needs. In addition, you can purchase high-quality designer features such as line symbols and predefined header/footer styles to facilitate your page creation work.

Whilst you can use Live Composer to build your own custom land pages and website layout, your latest WordPress topic may restrict the extent to which you can use Page Builder to customise your website layout. But the best way to avoid this is to find a topic that fully embraces Live Composer.

Many WordPress topics have been created with Live Composer. The use of such a design allows you to simply adjust your design with the Page Builder and generate new layout without having to employ webmasters. Take a look at our Live Composer WordPress Topics to find a topic that matches your website.

Live Composer is the right plugin for you? Although Live Composer is still a new rival, it is much better than most other free Page Builder plug-ins available on WordPress. This page builder provides many advantages for price-conscious Blogger and Web designer to the favorable cost of Free. Live Composer still has a long way to go before it can be likened to other mainstream site composers like Visual Composer and Elementor.

In many ways, Live Composer is a long way behind, especially with add-ons and ready-made layouts. Think about it while trying this Page Builder.

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