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With Stratus, Elementor is the ultimate live page generator for WordPress. Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin for WordPress for free. Build unique pages in WordPress without writing a single line of code.


Woo Product's awkward Woo plugin has been eliminated as we have a full Woocommerce integrate-on. Separate thick options added in user-defined mail modul for sensitive equipment. Tab and accordion plugin enhancements to allow the use of shortcuts from third-party plug-ins. The Lightbox has been added for all user-defined messages that list moduls. Add an optional setting to specify the standard line padding width.

Import and export of Live Composer codes. Live Composer Woocommerce Integration. Edge style for pushbuttons in the postmodul. Optional to remove preset from memory cartridges. The ability to customize SVG symbols has been added, and the appearance control for many standard models has been enhanced. Defective shortcuts in the article previews.

Open Graph Yoast tag will not appear in postings supported by user-defined template. Lack of colour slide controls for the text shade blocks in the Text Engine. A few user interface manipulating features that were buffed also stripped raw Google fonts invocations. Problem #839: Apply a filtering to the Viewer option (useful for 3rd parties developers).

Most of the changes in this release are internal changes to the Live Composer modules that allow you to add modules to the Live Composer package. From WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Power > HTML/CSS Web Content Server, you can turn off the Live Composer Web Content Server Publishing function. You can turn off the Live Composer live composer with WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Power > HTML/CSS Web page settings if you experience issues with the live composer that caches.

Livecomposer now has a basic object-based snapshot memory now. In the WP Admin > Live Composer > Performance > HTML/CSS Customizing, you can clear or deactivate the entire content creation process. Problem #722: Module 'Image' Displays only messages to site administrators. New developer filter added to add user-defined HTML before and after each heading or footing.

New developer filtering added to add user-defined HTML before and after contents. Problem #684: Enhanced filtering that allows user-defined codes to be inserted before and after each modul or section. Problem #638: New Advanced Search Engine Options page to see how much it costs to advertise the site in Google for specific search terms (you can disable this page if you have one of our advanced search engine plugins installed).

Modular presets: Add an optional feature to update templates only after reloading the page. This can be useful if you have too many moduls with the same default on the page. Refer to WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings > Workspace. Issue #661: Improve developer filtering to include customized HTML before and after each modul or section.

Problem #642: Added new filter for developer to add user-defined HTML before and after each modul or section. Problem #626: Ability to disable the advertising message window in Live Composer. Modular presets: Do not copy the headline' lead URL into styles preset between moduls. Problem #621: Fader Modulgalerie:

Display images from" is restricted to a few items. A new speed dialer. Additional border selections have been added to the CONTENT component. A defective shortcut in the Live Composer config notes has been corrected. There is no picture hidden in the Infobox preferences. Problem #578: The preferences group wrapper is not hidden in the Reaction panel.

The message that is displayed when LC is present but the configuration has never been stored has been corrected. The meta modul has been upgraded to disregard privacy taxes (compatibility with Yoast WP Pro). Perform the'std' checkbox in the User Defined Preferences window as required (required for the CPT expansion to work properly). Animation for the ICON-Modul added. Insert Instagram into the STAFF engine as a soft choice.

There is a defect in the processing function for the reference for processing archived lists. Mail Module displays an issue when the media mail types are chosen. The WooCommerce module - adjustments for the track and the pricing item are defective. Gallery module - styling -> number -> location is not functional. Lattices of mullions with brickwork will not update the lattice correctly when changing the option.

Chevron doubles in navigation module. Issue with controlling margin setting. Ensure that deactivated moduls (WP Admin > Live Composer > Settings and Feature Control) do not appear in the module lists available via dragging and dropping. You can use it to activate/deactivate/sort/rename registrated module. Permanent header lines span the work area while the page is being edited.

Henceforth, solid / absolut track will look like a normal track when you edit more. Modul options: Added new maximum width settings in IMAGE-Modul. The new Live Composer deactivates Lite and the former version of the plug-in as well. All user-defined scripts have been deleted from the module's default settings. Corrected issues where style choices were not applied afterwards.

Corrected the endless ribbon when all contents were shown in the article archives list. Modul options: Added a failsafe modus for the HTML/SHORTCODE engine. You can use it if the complexity of the short or JS codes interferes with Live Composer's page manipulation capabilities. Update strings for the page creator. Error fixed: The edge radii do not work if the frame width is reset to 0. Modules options:

The ''Nofollow'' options for the module INFOBOX and the module INFOBOX have been added. Modul options: The Edit Template pushbutton has been moved from the Header/Footer and Meta-Box Edit Screens. Improved contents exporting to the user defined domain named. for_search. Now, contents can fully reproduce the pure HTML edition of the LC page. Henceforth, moduls must define the attributes file exporting contents for the Frieden that contain searchable/exportable contents.

To allow designers to display their own user-defined post styles in the template drop-down list, include the filters 'dslc_archive_template_cpt'. In order to ensure that new Page Builder editors know how to create and modify pages in Live Composer, we have added some useful page creation tools and the Page Builder page on-screen page editor tool.

The Custom Post Types feature now also includes a shortcut that opens the chosen Live Composer post for processing. With the new Live Composer Page Builder fix we have modified the save path of the welcome page. It is now Getting Start and is found in the plug-in preferences. We' ve chosen to make this display always available because it contains important information about where to find Live Composer documentations and how to get our one-to-one e-mail technical assistance.

The tutorials are a great thing, but are mainly used by themes designers to show the Live Composer Layouts Builder to people. Also, we want to shortly enhance the architecture of the Modular Option Panels. Brands: We commissioned an awesome young illustrator from Japan to create a new mask for our web site creator, our Drag-and-drop site.

The front-end website builder is now fully compliant with this new analytics system. Apart from the incompatibility that we have enhanced, the File Web Site Builder will generate web site builder files for the purposes of Young's search engine optimization, it will now contain HTML items instead of simple text so that when Young searches for headlines, pictures will find them.

For your current pages that have been generated by the Website Builder, however, you will need to enable the Web Builder and our Planting Page Builder will then generate this page again and display the Publish Changes icon, click it. Previously, the alert feature was quite easy, the end of it is up to the end users to exit, but it would reappear when the page was refreshed.

However, it was not compliant with our Layouts Builder because the Picture Size Adjustment feature in Visual composer requires the pictures to be on the same servers to adjust their size. Now the frontend site builder will use the Photon features to control the viewing of scaled down pictures. There is a new kind of options added to the Front-end Website Builder, its text shadows added to several moduls (text, content, HTML, title, meta, excerpt, icon) and we will add it to more moduls in the coming versions.

There is a small toolbar with the text "Currently Editing" above the option bars (left side) when you edit a line or a module: Blogs Module" to let you know which modules you are working on. When you click on this button, the web page is scrolled to the currently edited page and the edge around it flashes to indicate what it is.

When you want AJAX-based page numbering ("load more" click and more articles appear), you can do that now by simply setting the page type to "("Load More")". It is available for all post-related Page Builder module. To include postings that include post link in your blogs, you can activate them under Styling > Post Elements, where you'll see "Social".

Is a new function that allows designers to create new custom images that will be available in the graphical drag-and-dropditor. The currently used dataset is displayed for each symbol item in the top right-hand corner and you can click to modify the dataset used. When you use the layout builder to stream the archives/category pages and want to view the categories descriptions, you can now just insert a text block and insert the short form[dslc_category_description] to print it.

In order to use this feature in your own module, just change the text_shadow setting. When you apply a standard value to the item, use the common order of the "horizontal vertically blurred color" parameter. It is used to obtain the number of shared items the actual post/page has on twitter, facesbook, and pointerest.

Formerly, the text domain name for the optical componist was ds_string, but for the speech packages to work, it must be identical to the plug-in's directory name, which is Live Compposer Pagebuilder. When you have your own translations of our front end page editors, the filename is something like dslc_string-sr_RS that no longer works, just rename it to live-composer-page-builder-sr_RS (the part of sr_RS depending on the source code).

Many of our front-end Website Builder site builders often click the Submit Changes icon to ensure that they don't loose the information they create when something happens to them. However, if you are working on a live page (visitors have full control over it), this is not something you want to do, you only want to post when the page is up.

It is also useful if you are working on a page but need to stop for some reason. What if you have to stop for some reasons? Saving the changes as a design allows you to securely deactivate the visible editors. For those who have seen a slower reaction during construction (change of tab pages, load modules options...), there should be a significant increase in reaction times.

More than 5000 line of coding that drive the page creation proces has been revised, much of it enhanced and some of it re-written. Frontend Site Builder are no longer restricted to 100% width of the area. Frontend moduls now have the same width option as modul areas and thus allow a more flexible layout design.

It is the same cut as for modular areas, just click on the symbol and adjust the width. If you are a developer using our Page Builder - The General page is no longer necessary. When there are no items on this page, it is not displayed. Annotation mask - optional text element modification ( "Leave comment", "Name", "E-mail"....).

Added orientation and margins to upper tray and cell phones navigation panel. Designed for Page Builder developers: "Added the ".dslc_content_width" flag to modify the width of the page editors contents. Designed for Page Builder developers: Post options framework" now has an optional date format. Fixed a problem with text changes that were not saved because the modules preferences were not yet load when you clicked OK (if it was fast).

If you now click on "Edit content" to change text, the action "Confirm" and "Cancel" will be deactivated until the modules preferences are load. In-line CSS is only added for non-standard options only. Designed for designers who use the drag-and-drop Page Builder. Chekbox options are now available for lines. If nonvisual component contents are retrieved, they are broken with 2 dividers ( #dslc-theme-content and #dslc-theme-content-inner).

Designed for themes designers who want to design the contents section when using the Live Composer Builder for the headers and footers. You can now switch the browser to a " Hamburgers " pull-down menus on trays and mobile telephones. The free starter/blank topic also allows you to create the header/footer using Live Composer's Live Translator graphical text processor.

When you' re comfortable with Live Composer Drag-and-Drop Builder, there are just a few things you need to know to get started: If you want a non-default headers or footers on a page, you can specify a particular one in the upper-right part of the page editing window. BG picture appendix and BG picture sizes option for lines are conflicting.

Modules - Option to suppress a modul depending on the unit (desktop, tray, phone). You will find the option at the beginning of the function option for each one. Problem with shortcuts within the contents of tabs and Accordion modules. In order to improve searching and results, the "searchable content" is separated from the normal page editors page source and contains only relevent contents.

For this reason, you will need to re-save your old front-end pages of the Website Builder for this to take effect (simply go to the page in the Live Composer Live Builder Publisher Screen Editing Modus, the Publish Changes page will appear, click on it). Improved performance when presenting modular option on larger pages. Test run on a giant frontend page (70 moduls with non-default settings), it took 7 seconds for the option to appear after you clicked the button to modify a modul.

Generally, the display performance of Builder module related post-related option display (blog, project, gallery...) has been enhanced, regardless of the page format. The JavaScript and the CSS file sizes have been reduced to accelerate the loading of pages. Be sure to adjust to what you need and disable what you don't need to increase page loading time.

Now the administrator downloads JavaScript and JS for the plug-in option and the mail option frameworks only on demand. Authors Archives - You can now configure a page to act as an authors archives page. Project module - Option to select whether to open a link in the same or a new tabs.

Problem with lines with an empty ID argument if no ID was specified in the option, causing error messages in L3Calidation. Problem with a falling down modul while another modul is loading. Tutors - The "Tooltips" item was disabled when the toolbar was on. Pictures that are not displayed on Builder moduls, with default settings that will be used on them.

Optional tool tips ("help text") now have an (x) in the upper right corner to close. Possibility for topic writers to overwrite the dashboard's drag-and-drop update function until they test their design with the latest release. define('THEME_LC_VER','1.0.5. 1'); If you do this in the features of your design. if our website builder 1.0.5.

The Frontend Page Builder extends its effect, you can now also use it to generate archived pages (for example, categories). When used on an archives page, all post moduls display the right categories when they are used. Suppose you use the textbrick with the same style on several pages and choose to modify the style.

You would have to modify each of these text blocks individually, which would take more to do than it should. No longer, you can now set preferences on moduls, and then changes to one of those moduls will be applied to all others that use that preference now. You' ll find the settings for the pre-sets in each modul under Styling > Pre-sets.

Information created by the Frontend Page Page Builder (all information about Builder module on a page) has been dramatically decreased in file sizes, up to 95% of what it used to be. The Live Composer Layout Builder was not fully translateable (to be frank, most of it was not translateable), but that's resolved now, you can correctly compile it into your own languages.

Metamodule - All cateogies/tags were displayed instead only those appended to the message. Many hints in the Live Composer settings of the Live Composer Viewer Builder. Blogs module - General style choices didn't affect anything. Problem with a certain pop topic where the click did not display the page widths.

Dashboard Live Website Builder updated the system integrates composite. The page contents (from the WYSIWYG editor) were displayed when you activated the Live Composer frontend editing on a page without website contents from the website creator. Corrected RTL ("right-to-left content orientation"). 2. In some subjects that the contents of the visually composed piece did not show, the entire underlying rationale of finding out whether to show or not is written anew.

Rod module. Added a new item to select whether to open the soft link in a new tabs or not ("Functionality ? × Other"). Galerien module. Optional to display the light box of the galleries when clicking on thumbnail/title ("Functionality ? Others"). Short code for outputting a user-defined value. Only use the pos_id if you want to display the value of the user-defined box of a particular post/page, leaving it blank for dynamics.

Ability to program changes to the standard options of current VisuComposer module. The primary goal is for themes designers who want to use it in their designs to be able to adjust the standard settings to match their designs. If the currently displayed post/page has Website Builder-based contents, the domain "dslc-page" is used.

The primary goal is that Visual Composer user should be able to access the theme's packaging and create it only for creating full-width destination pages without affecting the normal pages supported by the design. Dragging and dropping the auxiliary elements had an off-set buck in Chrome versus 32, depending on how far the page was being scrolled.

Problem where a modul already added to a page did not get the defaults value of a recently added one. For some topics, the topic style sheet influenced the level of the forms field of the module/line options. Some topics didn't display the contents of the Planting Page Composer, improving the underlying reasoning to find out when to display them.

There were no proper link to the shopping basket and detail in the product area. Added a new feature, Offsets, to all post moduls to specify how many items should be skipped. Great for creating a journal lay-out. Produktmodul - Options to modify the text "Add to cart" and "Details".

The HTML Builder Engine. You can use it for user-defined HTML and for invoking shortcuts (most important for the shortcuts, because the text block parses them immediately, making it impossible to process the short code afterwards). contentbuilder-Modul. Print the contents of the page (from the WYSIWYG editor).

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