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Upgrade to the latest Live Admin. BAUGFIX: The live theme preview was not loaded correctly. Live - Wordpress theme from Wolf Themes Live Music

Live! is a professional Wordpress theme for musicians. Professional or not, this theme contains all the functions you need for your tape or your record company to present, advertise and advertise your work on-line. Whether you are a Wordpress novice or an experienced musician, you will find exactly what you need to make a decent music website to establish your profile on-line.

Several playlists - Extended playback of your favorite songs via your iPod3! Shop - prepared to resell your tunes on-line! Based on the WolfFramework, damn neat, sound and respectful of Wordpress norms. and much more! The necessary plug-ins are contained in your theme pack and will be activated when the theme is activated.

The design is plug-in-kind! Photographs are not part of the theme and are licensed under the terms of the Commons license....

ANNOUNCER LIVE - Wordpress Interactive single-sided parallax by designerova

Live is a breathtakingly original and interactively designed creating theme with infinite front and back parallel levels on a completely reactive design created with the Bootstrap Frameworks 2.3.... Parallel laxes can have an infinite scrolling effect both vertically and horizontally! Fast responding design is 100% robust and has been proven on all portable gadgets, plus iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.

Our commitment is that the design will not be damaged on portable equipment. Corrected the wallpaper of the splitter section when outputting portable equipment. Introduced the WordPress indigenous methodology for inline CSF induction. Refreshed wallpaper parallel axis with position-based roll triggers. Unrestricted parallel axis and elemental animation is possible. Both horizontal and vertikal scanning of parallaxes is possible.

Javascript skills are not required to process these parallel axes layer. Contains also the helper plugin to configure the scrolling index - just copy and past the value! This is the first theme to be published on our Interactive Foreground theme collection, known as AXA with Skrollr JS Perallax Library. Live previews are from DreamsTime Free Collections and Flickr CC, which can be downloaded by Paulo Margari, Mark Sebastian, Elizabeth Brooke and Cuba Gallery's Flickr Stream under Creative Commons licence

Flickr Creative Commons does not distribute pictures with packages that can be downloaded. The pictures used in the live previews are the copyright property of their owners on Flickr Creative Commons.

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