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Their WordPress login URL is your domain, followed by /wp-admin/. About Envato Hosted - Terms & Conditions - Help Center - FAQ - Support Policy. Can' log me in!!!

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If I have another bank, I can login to the Kafkaesque Envato secure system. Now that you have reinstalled the Soledad topic bought by the customer who has the Bakery Visual Composer plug-in with enhanced licence, it is not possible to re-enter the licence into his Envato user interface when I try to do this.

Envato does not ask me for a prefix, but asks me to set my back... puff!!!!!!!!!! I' m tired of Envato and his way of working... I manage other ventures that use themes or plug-ins that are on sale in Envato. Henceforth I will try to buy or consult a topic or plug-in in another store or directly with the developers... I can't stay all afternoon with Envato.

That'?s Kaafkaesque. I'm tired of Envato. It is not advisable to share your bank details, so I think you may have some safety problems. It is always best if the customer buys and registers the article and then sends you the file for processing. If you are still not logged in to your Envato Support 8 or Envato Help, please open a Envato Help and Support 8 issue.

However, they may not be able to help you if you use another user's login. The WPBakery Page Builder registration licence leads me to the customer's Envato inbox. Should I call the guy at 1:00 in the morning? He was out all morning today and couldn't get me anything, so he gave me his bank balance to get it himself.

I' m sorry, but I'm really burnt out. The first thing I look at when I build a website is safety, I know, but it should work differently. There are no issues with depositing into my bankroll. I' m having trouble entering data into my user area. Before Envato asked me what code the buyer had sent me.

At 9:00, he sent me the last of the codes. Now ask Envato to clear the passwords. So, if the customer has free space in the morning, he will be resetting the passwords and registering the plug-in... for a job that had to be completed today and I'm working at 1am... Envato safety system doesn't help. I' m not gonna ask for any more help from anybody.

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