Logo Design


Grab your individual logo design. Rent a freelance logo designer expert service and finish your logo project and deliver it remotely online. Simply answer a few questions so we can get to know your brand and get a design that suits you.

Which can I work with?

Which can I work with? How many different size are available for my logo? These are high definition formats: Can I do something with my logo? The free copy of your logo makes it easy to use on your website, Facebook logo or e-mail sign. You should use the high-resolution option for your logo on a visiting cards, at the shop windows, or on a car for example.

What does a logo cost? First, it allows you to design your own free logo. Second is a professionally used high definition logo for $59 and third is a full custom logo design for $199 by our designers. Is it possible to change my logo after the download?

Yes, you can modify your logo (font, form, resize, color...) and redownload it. Once you have chosen the High Definition setting, you can still change it, but there are some limitations, such as the addition of a symbol or logo. May I update my logo? Yes, if you find that you are restricted by the use of your free logo, you can click on the shortcut sent in the e-mail that contains your logo and choose the high definition one.

I have the right to the logo. Is it possible to protect my logo by copyrights? Our logo is open to the general public, but is not exclusively available so that you can use it for your daily work. Free Logo Notepad offers many customisation possibilities so you can design the logo that's right for your company.

The logo may be protected by copyrights, but in this case please consult the Trademark Protection Agent in your own jurisdiction to begin the proceedings. Is it possible to call the Technical Assistance Team? Therefore, our technical assistance is provided by e-mail and we look forward to your queries, so don't delay. Please get in touch with us by going to the page:

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