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On the face of it, some might think that there is not much distinction between a logo and a symbol. What is your product group? Publishing a work in the right categories will attract the right designers/specialists, so it's important to know whether you're looking for a logo or just a symbol.

Let us redefine symbols and logotypes and we shall pinpoint their fundamental use. A symbol directly symbolizes (or shows) an ideas, a conception, an intervention or an activity. Symbols are used to graphically display or summarise a process and forward it to the end-customer. Symbols are often used in an application (or app) to show what the application is doing, and are a critical part of the UI/UX interfaces.

They' re more often used for fast-response web designing promotions and help the users find their way around the site - remember how a home icon leads you to the home page. Let's take a look at what well-known icon can tell us about the icon's characteristic features, what distinguishes it from a logo.

For example, a musical notation symbol gives the impression that the use of the musical instrument it depicts is music-related. For example, take the icon that starts iTunes: Though the above icon is not labeled'iTunes', first-time adopters will have an inkling that the icon is a piece of software that has something to do with listening to your work.

The icon is easy to recognize by the Like icon on your iPhone. This symbol consists of a clenched hand that holds a finger up, or quite literally a finger up. "This icon is ticked on the site when a member wants to forward a consent email to a posting or comments, or just "like" them without having to say anything.

In order to make it more recognisable, he uses only two colours: grey and grey, which can also be found in the Facebook logo. The DropBox icon for the DropBox is another good example. Essentially, the icon is an open-ended, light-blue container that essentially tempts the users to simply place their data in the container, and they can take it with them and retrieve it from anywhere.

When you have DropBox on your computer, this is the icon you need to search for and click to get to your file. This symbol is part of the DropBox logo. Hamburg is a symbol that is often used for the navigational bars of a website. It is mainly used in fast-response designs, where sites are focused on smaller equipment and display size.

A icon does not always have to be an energetic web designer icon, it can also be a designer item that can explain what promotes a trademark. They work on web sites to show what the enterprise is about. Thus, for example, mixpanel emphasizes its fields of activity Navigation, Inquiry, Email, Medias and Analysis through the use of recognisable symbols.

Symbols are descriptive descriptions of functions. Some of the best icon find a descriptive image using a thumb-up, empty open boxes or a touch of music to communicate the main purpose of the program or item. Logo is a recognisable icon used primarily to depict a company or organisation. His depiction of the company can be straightforward, concealed or abstracted.

The logo must be immediately associated with the business it is representing. Taking up the way of thinking and the corporate identity of the entity, its value, it is a graphic synthesis of the "brand" of the entity. Judging by justcreative.com, an efficient logo should be easy, catchy, timeless, diverse and appropriate. A logo can be a logo mark, a logo or a combo.

MasterCard's logo symbolizes the trademark through the use of color and the logo mark. This would not work as a symbol, since the combined use of two groups does not tell the public anything about the company's services as a cash cards system. Coca-Cola' s logo is eternal and unforgettable. What is the quality of this logo?

Since 1885 it has been the logo of the enterprise. Though this logo has developed over the years, it is still immediately recognisable. lt can be left alone to so much about representing the franchise. It is a classic logo for silhouettes and was developed to eliminate the lettering under the name.

In spite of its simplicity, it is not an icon because it is not related to the performance or acts of the mark. Gold bows are an icon of the stamp, but not an icon. Logo mark is eternal and immediately illustrates the mark, but not the action it takes. In order to get a better idea of the differences between a logo and an icon, we need to delve more deeply into the technological properties.

While there are no real design demands for an icon, if it is an application icon for an organization, it should be placed in a rectangle (i.e. it should be "square"). There are not many technological needs for an icon, and since it can display an activity on a website, it can be any-sized.

A completed or sketched can be the ultimate artwork itself. Whilst logo's have no size limits. For this reason, logo themes allow more creative thinking than icon themes. Symbols should never lose their clarity when displayed on different monitors. If you create symbols for a particular tag, make sure they are consistently created so they belong to the same hierarchical structure when used in the context.

They are also vector-based and can be resized to any desired format without sacrificing image clarity as they must also be used in various material related to the company they represent, such as booklets, visiting-cards, websites, banners, signs, etc. Even though some logotypes use a symbol to distinguish it better, logotypes are totally different only because of technological considerations.

When you find a symbol for a logo bewildering and the other way around, always ask yourself what you need the logo for and never fail to consider the technological demands. Explore how you can make the most of the design:

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