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A beautiful and functional WordPress theme. Our WordPress themes are high quality and professional looking. Appearance - Mode - und Modellportfolio WordPress Theme by wwtemplates

Appearance is our new stylish and challenging WordPress theme that has been specially developed for modelling or modelling agencies, but can also be used as a custom model collection. The theme has everything you need to make an excellent trendy statement. What's more, it's a great way to make a stylish and stylish impact. It includes the event page, so you can always let your customers know what you're up to, and it also has an appointments page to make the reservation easy.

To say nothing of the fact that this design is built on Twitter Bootstrap v3 and has a flawlessly neat and current source tree. It will be a great way for your store, so don't hesitate and give your carreer a push by buying our theme!

Distich y Look - A nice and practical WordPress theme

When using WordPress 3.0, please try our new release that includes "Custom Menu" and other WordPress 3.0 functions. You can download MistyLook 3.8RC. The MistyLook 3.7.2 is good for WordPress releases up to 2.9. Chechnya translator by Ales Daniel. Arabian translations by Ferasof. English language Ulli translator files.

These are the different MistyLook theme packages. You can download a Netherlands file from Jozef Schildermans. Please download the Tamil RaviShankar translator file. You can download the Elf translator file for Russia. You can download the Brahim MACHKOURI file for your own use. Patrick Vanhoucke also did a further rendering in France. Donwload the Dansk translations file from Henrik.

Please feel free to browse and browse Ales Daniel's Czech translations. Please dowload the japonese vyv00411 file. Dowload Finish WS Translations file. How to use these packages, see How to use an internationalised design for WordPress?... I' m very proud to publish this new theme "Misty Look". I' m really grateful to the writer TouTouke, because it was only after I found this picture that I finally chose to publish this topic.

Like always, much diligence and attentiveness is devoted to the construction of this theme, and I trust it will be useful and attractive for you. Operates well with WordPress 1.5 and higher. Simply get your picture, name it'profile.jpg' and put it in the directory'img' inside the directory of this topic.

When you need to say something kind about this topic, please do it on your website and take this page back.

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