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" Lovely" is a fresh and modern WordPress theme, which can be a perfect basis for a family homepage, a health and lifestyle blog or even a small shop. Beautiful - Topic WordPress Topic "Lovely " is a cool and contemporary WordPress theme that can be a great basis for a home page for families, a lifestyle and healthcare blogs or even a small store. It' very easy to setup and use with most of the customized settings available in the configurator. Today response grids are a common feature and "Lovely" makes good use of them to maintain their unmatched appearance across the entire bandwidth of Internet-enabled equipment.

Bonuses to this design include a few user-defined page styles (including shop), colour matching capabilities, and a high-quality slide control that helps further customise the design. Topic uses WordPress central page, article and category settings to build a website that is simple for even the novice to use.

Since there is no radio button window with many preferences, all available design choices are available from within the WordPress Theme Customizer, which allows page administrators to optimize the preferences of a theme and see a live view of these changes. Add your own logos or modify the page titles and taglines, changing the wallpaper colour, uploading the wallpaper, changing the cover picture and much more.

The topic uses the WordPress function named "Postformats". Please be aware that the images in the preview are for presentations only and are not part of the theme. If you are willing to reinstall the design, you must first up-load the design file and then enable the design itself.

There are two ways to upload theme files: Upload WordPress: Go to Appearance menu > New > Upload. Proceed to search and choose the zipped topic directory "". Click "Install Now" and the design will be downloaded and reinstalled. As soon as the design is loaded, you need to enable it.

Once activated, you should see Lovely Theme as an effective theme: 1. 2 Introduction of WordPress Theme Customizing? Topic customisation screens (e.g. Theme Customizer) allow website administrators to optimise theme preferences and see a real-time previews of these changes. And Lovely has added some useful features to help you load the backgrounds, the colors, the image logos and even create the copyrights yourself.

The Theme Customizer is located on the left-hand side with all the included functions. OPERATIONS: It gives you the liberty to modify the name, tags and logos of your website. In this way, you can modify the colour of the backgrounds and buttons. It gives you the possibility to modify the cover picture of the mail page.

It gives you the opportunity to modify the wallpaper. It gives you the opportunity to modify the text of the copyrighted work. It gives you the opportunity to see a thumbnail of all available Widget's on the page you are currently browsing and to modify or insert Widget's within the available Widgetized Areas. Three plugins that will be used with this theme: 1. Nice Jetpack plug-in for WordPress that will load your website with functions that were previously only available on

The above listed plugs are not required for the topic to work! But if you want to bring in demos, just download and enable these plug-ins before moving on to the next part! In order to reinstall the slide bar, browse to the plug-ins > New > Upload > Choose file. Once you have installed the plug-in, you will see the new soliloquy drop-down list (if there is a new sliders fix, refresh it before proceeding), check your licence code (included in the plug-in folder) and you will get available plug-ins for your setup.

You can now start installing Soliloquy Addons - "Themes Addon". In order to make a slide bar, click on the "Add New" button and name it. You can now begin to explore and build your slide bar with many of the choices and functions that this great slide bar has to offer. Slide bar pictures from the real-time previews are 2600x700px. Configuration preferences we used in the LIVE preview:

Once you have finished building your slide, browse to the posting, page, or wideget in which you want to use your slide. Within pages and articles you will find the slide control "Soliloquy" at the top of the issue. To use the sliders in the Appearance pane, go to Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appearance > Appear > Appear > Soliloquy.

Using Dragging & Dropping, move the Widget to one of the available side bars and select the slide bar you want to display: 1. 6 How to launch? You have two options to begin creating your website with this WordPress theme.

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