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Expanding Dwarfs (and Kingdoms) - Section 1 - Lumelle

There was nothing Bilbo could have done differently." Neither did he deplore coming back to participate in the slaughter or struggling on the way to Thorin, even at the peril of his own life." It' not that Thorin ever consented to an elf healing man taking care of him, regardless of his success.

However, with or without fairies, Thorin was now completely cured, as Óin said to him. For Bilbo himself had not seen much proof of this; the one day Thorin had seen him, he had been shortly after the slaughter, with both quite less for the clothes. But Thorin was pretty preoccupied with getting everything going again, so it was only logical that he didn't have enough spare t o look for a recovering intruder.

Bofur jumped on his bedside to shook him out of such stupid thoughts, while Fíli and Kíli complained that they were horrible boyfriends because they made him think so little of themselves, and of course they would come, they would have had to be creatures to keep him away.

He had been very moving and embarrassed all at once and let Bilbo be quite shocked at everything he had to say. Trying to figure himself out, he pointed out how Thorin was concentrating on the things he had to do, and really, he wouldn't have blamed any of them for doing the same thing.

Both Fíli and Kíli had a curious look in their eye during his statement and then apologized. It had been three nights ago, and he hadn't seen Kíli since. Rather, Bilbo was hoping that he had not insulted the young midget, although the others had reassured him that this was not the case, and were still relentlessly interested in coming back again and again.

Feli had been one of those who had once again told him that Kili was not angry at him at all, really not, he was not, something had just happened that Kili had to do. Thinking that he could probably rely on Fíli, Bilbo was still unconvinced that this had nothing to do with his little outbreak.

However, the even more peculiar commentary had been Fíli's information that he had talked to Thorin, and the queen had expressed regret that he had not attended Bilbo more often, stating his obligations as a cause. That'?s not what he said to Fili. Thorin himself came the next day, dressed in the sumptuous garments of a royal man, although the insanity had fortunately disappeared from his sight.

Thorin had much more important things to do than take care of an adult hopbit whose primary passion was being bored because his injuries did not allow him to stand up and look for more than a second. Apparently, it was a mistake to say that when Thorin's face went dark.

" And Bilbo sighted. "Although Thorin groaned, the line of his shoulder slightly eased. "Bilbo said, "But the hill rightly belongs to you." "Even if you had died, Fíli would have taken power, not Dáin. "I know, but words alone don't make them remember much of real blood lines when the Erebor golden light still glows in their eye.

" It was Thorin sighing again. "Bilbo was hesitant. "Thorin stretched out a palm to reach out and hold his, a short gesture that was unexpectedly soft. "Thorin''s lip shrugged to a spirit of smiles. "For although it was certainly the true fact, he was not stupid enough to believe that Thorin would ever thank him for his treachery.

" Throrin shaken his skull. "Said Thorin. "Said his eye was sincere when he saw Bilbo again. "Thorin''s lip shrugged again. "The best of kings is only as good as his choices, and all too often they are no better than the knowledge of those who counsel him.

" And Bilbo sighted. "Bilbo was almost amazed at how quiet Thorin's voices were. "You' re one of the company, Bilbo Baggins, and if you never touch a single digit again, you'd still have a place in my hall as long as you lived. If you are ready and able to go home, we will make sure that many soldiers join you on your way.

" And Bilbo had a weak one. "By the way, by the way, do you know where Kili left for, by chance? "Thorin''s eye became softer. "Said Thorin. "Bilbo was very pleased to see that his taunting was seen as such, based on Thorin's soft grin.

" Throrin again touches his hands. "Bilbo looked at him carefully and then constricted his narrow eye. "Thorin got up and smiles, and it was his real grin that Bilbo could hardly believe could ever be on him. "It was the guilt for that smiling, really, that dumb smiling and nothing else, because there was no other excuse why Bilbo would have been so ripped open without an answer while Thorin went away as easily as you want.

As Thorin could not quite suffocate a groan, he arrived at his rooms at the end of the morning. Take the crowns off his heads as the doors behind him shut and gently put them on a small near -by desk. Then he went on to his little flat and lost his outfit.

They were not the sumptuous kingly dwellings which Thrór had inhabited in his day; they had been ripped out by the worms for their precious stones and jewels, and once again Thorin did not even want their coming back. Rooms that he had taken himself had been hurriedly cleared in the part of the hill that once housed important visitors, one of the more refined suites there, quite regal but largely unaffected by the worm's ire.

" When Thorin found the shape that was sitting quite comfortable in one of his stools, he only lifted his forehead. "Fíli shrugged his shoulders and played with the small ring in his hand. "Thorin went over to the crate that kept his pipe green, the little that was remaining of it. In between the ruins of Laketown and the long negligence of Erebor, both their goods were gone, and although he assumed that he could have required a little more comfort for himself, that was not the kind of kingdom he wanted to be.

" And Fíli kept an eye on the ring he held in his hand. This was a straightforward thing, a little more than a plain golden arc that went well with his mind, but Thorin thought he saw much more than the actual material itself. "When he looked at his sister's boy, Fíli finally looked at him, his eye was almost sparkling.

"I' d rather like this Thorin. I' ll just let you hit me over the head if I ever seem to be falling into the disease again. "The look that Fíli now gave him was that of a serious grown-up, not a young man still gambling in adventures. But Thorin was only thankful he was still here to see this altered midget.

A whisper was already heard, in sounds as near to reverence as the gnomes could, as Fíli had held in war. Thorin would have thought it was a simple fighting story if he hadn't been there himself, if he hadn't seen the magnificence of the soldier his cute little twin became.

They named him Fíli the Golden, because of his coat and his defense of the gleaming Erebor, and Thorin could not imagine a gnome better qualified for such a name. Yes, Fíli was made of pure golden and mithril and all valuable things, and as much proud as he wore when he sat at last on the seat under the hill, there was even more knowing that one day he would go to entrust him into the hand of someone so powerful of mind and souls.

Fíli would not take the golden insanity, regardless of whether it was the proceeds of the Erebor mine or the wealth of the sheds. "Fíli stopped. "Now Fíli turned practical. "At the simple suprise on Fíli's face, Thorin groaned. "Fíli's voices were lowered, his eye on the ring again.

" So he took a breath or two of his tube and turned it over in his skull. "Fíli shuddered his skull. "At least in Thorin's view, that was a plus for her. "Fíli glanced at him again, almost in despair. "Fíli squinted in astonishment. "Said he was shaking his skull.

You' re right, if I deny him his wish, he would run away and get into difficulties, and then your mom would smash my face with her favorite ax, and I would just love it if she ruined it on my tough forehead. "In Fíli's eye was something like despair, and it ripped Thorin's hearts to know that he had brought that emotion there.

Somebody's fire, perhaps Fíli, began to fade, and he added some firewood as he pondered his words. Filili said nothing and waited for him to move on. Throrin gazed for a second at the fire again, before he did, not quite prepared to face his neep.

" Most people would have been shook if he had spoken so repulsively about the Arkenstein, but Fíli did not respond. Although he had seen Thorin's insanity at the time, he had seen the depth of it. "This is the man I know, the uncle," Fíli muttered, and Thorin was not quite sure whether the words were for him.

"This is the prince I would be following. "Thorin turned around again and sighed exaggeratedly. "And yet Fíli grinned with pleasure about his imminent demise, because these young men really had completely no regard for their own father and father. FíliÂ?Â? s bristles were gold in the fire light and there was no visible bleeding, so Thorin was rather satisfied at the time.

Though Bilbo did not look up from the books he had gotten his fingers into, he did hear the doors open. "Now that he was one he hadn't listened to in a few short nights, the sound of his mouth made him lift his glasses. "Kili! "Bilbo grabbed a marker and took care not to exacerbate his injury too much.

It wasn't that he ever confessed, or that someone immediately said that he would never again be able to burden his eye by rereading, thanks to his scalp injury, no mater how well it seemed to be cured. "Kili gave him a slightly shy smile. "That was perhaps egoistic of him, but then he relied that someone would come to tell them if Kíli was actually needed elsewhere.

" Kíli's sound caused a kind of agitation that made Bilbo wonder about this guest's name. Aside from Kíli, the only one he hadn't seen at least twice in the last four nights was Glóin, because he took a group of soldiers westwards to officially inform the Blue Mountains that they had recaptured Erebor.

When Kíli walked out of the way, a shape emerged in the opening of the door, big enough to crouch his neck to get in. Kili had brung an elven with her. It was not clothed in formal armor, not as the Thranduil forces had lead to Erebor's goals, but even Bilbo's rather unfamiliar gaze could see that it was ready for battle when needed.

" She had a touch of something sinister in her sound, perhaps sadness, but her eye was smooth as she looked at the smiling Kíli at her side. "Ah. Bilbo Baggins, with you. "You' re the one who cured Kili in Laketown, aren't you? "Óin had added for an elven with some contempt in his vote, but then there was no need for Bilbo to review every single words that had been said.

" And Bilbo furrowed his forehead. "While I know there have been some elven healers, I'm fairly sure Thorin hasn't left any of them so deeply in the mountains, and Óin could see it as a matter of course if someone else treated the company. "She knows Thorin is here.

" "Ah." Bilbo did his best not to be ashamed, really he was, she had probably seen much weirder things in her day, but he still had to combat a slight flush as he was sitting on the mattress and taking off his blouse. "Tauriel's eye constricted as Bilbo took off his blouse and picked up the bruises on his breast.

" Scratching the back of his skull, Bilbo felt a little shy. "Kíli also bumped his head," he added in a useful note. "Bilbo sighted. "Thorin. "Bilbo rose up again, although his eye was on Kíli. Thorin knew of Tauriel's attendance.

" Thorin' s labours shrugged for a minute to a little grin before he got serious again when he glanced at Tauriel. "Tauriel took a big leap away from Bilbo's bed and turned to Thorin. It was a little bigger than him, because despite everything Thorin was big for a midget, her plain greens a strong counterpoint to the royal blues that Bilbo Thorin said had come directly from a meet with his advice.

"You are Thorin Oakenshield, king under the mountain. "There was no open animosity that Bilbo could see neither in Thorin's words nor in his voices, although there was a certain caution in his behavior that did not fit with his customary prejudices against those he did not know. "Thorin' s eye again came to rest on Bilbo, met his eye for a second, before jumping down for a second.

" When Bilbo was implicated, he blushed, and Kíli seemed just as excited, but Tauriel did not react visibly to the barbel. "Kíli made a throttled little noise, but Thorin's lip only shrugged again as in recognition. "You' re not exactly helpful with things, Thorin. "Bilbo subsequently recalled grabbing his blouse and pulling it over his shoulders.

Eventually, when he got it drawn all the way down, Thorin watched him with an illegible look. "Thorin resumed the serious term he was wearing on government issues. "that Kilili apparently insisted on carrying around. "Thorin gave Tauriel a little pitch.

" Throrin was nodding again. "Then, before Bilbo could ask to know what Thorin was saying with this particular message, the emperor turned to Kíli. "Kili. "Kíli was now, if possible, even more tense. And Thorin raised his brows. "Bilbo had seldom seen Kíli really furious before, but in his view there was now a kind of anger that could hardly be overlooked.

"I' m not gonna keep my one like a filthy little mystery just because you refrain from getting your big big royal skull out of your furry ass when it comes to fairies. "Thorin seemed completely untouched by the slander. Kili stopped and squinted when Bilbo got a little throat.

" It was Thorin snorting. "King Thorin. "Tauriel was the one who was speaking now, since Kíli seemed to remain open-mouthed. "Do you, as chief of your line and instead of his mom, give your official approval for our advertising? "Thorin nodded briefly, as seriously as Bilbo had ever seen him.

" It seems that Kíli had recuperated from his trauma enough to give his unfortunate grandson back his anger. "To Bilbo's amazement, Thorin still didn't seem to pay attention to his nephew's plans. "He stopped, just long enough for Kíli's eye to open, and then added: "And no, just getting something out of the treasure chamber is not enough.

" Kili made a small choked noise and then escaped from the room. Then Tauriel followed him outside and left Bilbo and Thorin alone. "Bilbo sunk back against the cushions. "Thorin shrugged a little. "Fíli has already said that I would rather have the boy here and be remarried to an elven than never see him again.

" Now Thorin was getting nearer to his bedside. "Bilbo groaned, then repented as the motion rekindled the pains. "Thorin' s inflection was rather doubtful, but the very fact that he made this proposal was quite a triumph, Bilbo thought. "Bilbo raised an eye brow. And now Thorin was smiling, a real smiling, though it contained a touch of tired.

" But Bilbo hardly opposed the desire to conceal his own mind in his own hand. But when he made up his mind when he saw Thorin's rather contented facial expression, he was lucky that it was no longer to be today.

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