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VBA Excel Array - Simple Excel macros

It is a group of tags. Excel VBA allows you to reference a particular tag (element) of an array by using the array name and index number. In order to build a one-dimensional arrays, perform the following work. Put a shortcut on your spreadsheet and insert the following rows of code:

Movies (1) = "Lord of the Rings" Movies(2) = "Speed" Movies(3) = "Star Wars" Movies(4) = "The Godfather" Movies(5) = "Pulp Fiction" Result when you click on the Control Panel on the sheet: The first line of coding will declare a strip file named Films. There are five items in the group. Next, we reinitialize each item of the arrays.

Lastly, we show the forth item with an AsgBox. In order to construct a two-dimensional arrangement, perform the following work. Put a shortcut on your spreadsheet and insert the following rows of code: Occurs when you click on the control icon on the sheet: The first line of coding will declare a strip file named Films.

There are two dimensional arrays. There are 5 lines and 2 colums. Two other Integer style variable are used for the loop to initiate each item of the arrays. Lastly, we show the item at the point of intersection of line 4 and col 2.

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