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Select from hundreds of Google fonts or roll your own commercial font made easy through our partnership with Adobe Typekit. WordPress content oriented themes and plugins are perfect for your online magazine, news portal, partner site or personal blog! WorldPress Topic Designer Since the topic today is discussable in terms of designing and experiencing the sites built on these plattforms, we have chosen to bring our thoughts into this overall debate. Of course, we begin with the most common and widely used wordpress format in the world. WordPress - what is it?

WorldPress is a CMS (Content Mangement System ) that currently occupies the top place in its area. These are web based application designed for the creation and operation (also known as management) of various types of contents by up-loading, manipulating and posting articles with text, pictures, sound, video, etc. Today there are a number of different types of CMS, all of which have a broad or limited public.

Right now, however, WordPress presents the leading company that offers great possibilities to create web sites quickly and simply. Which are the general advantages of WordPress? DYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") text editors that allow humans to work with the system and to work with contents without any HTML or other language programming skill or expertise.

A WordPress that presents a website or blogs can be managed and populated with contents by one or more people. This allows effective team work, which is particularly valued for large amounts of information. Contents used in CMS-based product can be optimised automaticly for searching machines, which increases the chance for the contents to get to their reader.

The WordPress solution provides its customers with comprehensive documentations and tech supports, which makes it much simpler to interact with the application. Diversity of topics (design templates) allows the consumer to choose the one that best suits his goals, the needs of the targeted group and his own taste. Definitely there are many other advantages, but the ones sketched are among the most beloved functions that create the sense of user-friendly and multifunctional resources.

In addition, they are now complemented by a constantly expanding range of designs for WordPress topics, which have already created a vast repertoire of topics and layouts for global use. Let's take a look at the history's styling aspects. A WordPress topic? WordPress Theme is a collection of template designs that define the overall look and feel of a Web site and the interactivity of its user experience.

Essentially, it is the framework of a website that is later populated with contents. Topics are the way to present your contents to end users and readership in an appealing and eatable way. There are several possible applications: The design can be used in its native version without any changes; the design can be easily altered with the help of plug-ins or by changing the source text; the design can be altered significantly by changing the text.

Topics determine the website page layouts on different pages (e.g. homepage, Postpage, About Page etc.), theme functions and items (color combination, type, theme symbols, button and illustration etc.) and possibly some specific functions (e.g. slider, previews, menus, page footers, headers, widgets etc.). In summary, it can be said that the user can be expected to choose a WordPress theme: a stylish choice for blogs or website archive.

Some topics can be freely selected and others are subject to payment. While some of the topics could be universally definable, meaning that they can be customized for different kinds and kinds of contents, others could be more specifically targeted, such as e-commerce, staff blogs, corporate presentations, portals, corporate communications, corporate blogs, etc.

The big questions that worry many when they think about the possibilities of using MS Office is choosing the final theme, making small changes or providing a completely original framework for their context. WorldPress Theme: finished, adapted or individually created? In fact, the selection of topics is a topic of great importance.

Careful selection of a topic can truly determine commercial performance and diminish the chance of reaching a wide public. This means that in any case user who go their way of interacting with WordPress CMS must make a choice when they are at the intersection. Would you like to use a free theme or buy a paid one?

Would they choose a general theme or would it be more effective to specify it? Are they supposed to change the subject somehow or are they supposed to depend on the inventive ideas of professionals? There is no universally applicable solution for everyone, which is why the WordPress topics today may be so complicated and vibrant.

If we look at the choices and rely on the advanced web design practices for various uses here in Tubik Studio, we are sure that the choice of theme or the request to experts to do it for them, potential user who choose the theme, should find the answer to several questions: Which colour is suitable for your contents and the preference of your potential customers?

Which types of contents are presented? Admittedly, any projects that have even a basic objective can directly reach this objective with the help of appropriate means of designing. Well thought-out interaction designs bring a good usability and are a sound basis for the success of whatever CMS it is used for.

Open topics can work well, especially if the user only works with WordPress. You will definitely be able to take full advantage of the above CMS platforms and perhaps even choose the theme that suits your goals. You should be prepared, however, that the number of variations will be quite small and that there will not be so many topics for certain use.

However, for those of you with very finite capabilities and no programming expertise, it can be a great way to become acquainted with the entire learning curve. Programming proficiency allows you to change some design preferences and functions. Yet, for those who launch sites with clear and specific commercial or individual objectives and the timeframe to achieve them, this may be too restrictive and also too sluggish to deliver results.

It is important for them to begin the website with a clear, thoughtful and recognisable look that definitely attracts their audiences and inspires them to interactively work with the website's contents. On the one hand, the user can choose the appropriate theme in the folders available to him, such as ThemeForest. A wide range of different topics are available to purchasers only after thorough verification of the intrinsic qualities of their designs and codes.

Views the topic previews with the most important functions. Topics are written by pros who know how to work with user-friendly tools and think about those choices that are not so apparent to the general public, but that affect the ultimate ease of use and rate of migration. They can see the makers of the subject and check their portfolios if you want to make sure they are sufficiently professionally minded.

Another good point is that the topics are categorised, making it simpler for people to choose the topic they want. The next stage, which can also be used in the theme choice processes and their realisation for a user-oriented and effective website, is a tailor-made theme.

This means that all website functions such as colours, web page layout, transition and scroll animations, call-to-action items, responsive adaption and many other aspect of website layout are individually designed, developed, tested and encoded to meet the specific needs of this website and its intended users. Using this paradigm, website builders can think about the smallest detail supported by the overall advantages of WordPress CMS.

It will focus on clear objectives and ways to achieve them, offering uniquely tailored user-friendly approaches based on research and subsequent tests. In order to make things even better, designers or teams of designers who manage the site can manage the small changes based on hands-on analysis or offer a general overhaul based on proven work.

However, we must stress that each of these options has its own advantages for its user group. So if you want to try yourself as a blogsmith, let's say that post brief memos about travelling to different towns or attending interesting meetings, then try a free topic can be quite useful to familiarize yourself with a dashboard and the system in general.

Targeted commercial or face-to-face blogs that set specific goals and timelines for them may find that carefully choosing and purchasing a suitable pre-built theme can be a more effective option, increasing the chance of getting more unique looks for the site because payed topics are not so widely used and can provide more feature and style or function.

However, for large Web sites with large user interfaces or those that demand special authenticity, the creation of a customized theme that is fully customized to meet your unique needs and backed by the capabilities and advantages of CMS may prove to be the best and most effective solution, but may also entail larger outlays. Every single selection of approaches should be based on objectives, needs, audiences and budgets.

We will focus more on how to apply these in practice in our next article.

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