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Likes | Full Featured WordPress Magazine from MNKY The Mag is a fully-fledged WordPress publication topic. Meticulously handmade and crafted with user-friendliness, practicality and versatility in mind. Ideal for the most demanding applications. Velocity, safety, SEO und soft skills - all in one theme. Write, publish, advertise and share in just a few moments.

Item Artikelblock can show articles in different style in any layouts.

Our intelligent item pad lets you avoid duplicate items already displayed on the page, select which items to view, select the picture sizes, order items by all available metrics, use advanced filter capabilities with results fine-tuning, activate item approval directly from the item pad, use different Ayax and default page styles, and more.

Select from different fashions to highlight your work. When you want your website to be loved by your website searching machines, Mag Theme is the way to go. Theme has a user-defined scheduling feature that lets your users know if an item has been post "Just Now", "5 minutes ago" or "3 Days ago"; after a whole Week, the default setting will be the default WordPress date and number.

The Mag theme has infinite space and is perfect for your ads. Ad Builder's unparalleled ad building capabilities with advanced features allow you to build ads and use them with our ad serving panel. Makes your articles unmistakable and provides your readers with important information. It is now simple to inform the readers that your item has been upgraded or that it is endorsed with our vibrant mail-tags.

Societal splitting, societal consequences, after action, societal profile, analysis, optimisation of splitting and much more. The design is engineered to work smoothly with the plugin's specially developed broadget areas for community exchange. In addition, you can enable approval for postings in the blogs screen and articles block, even without opening a specific posting.

The Mag has several different types of submenus for viewing items that can be used and merged within each one. Let your readership remain by providing them with appropriate information. Well, our specially related stories show more contributions to the reader basing on the category or tag they're currently in. This topic will support common comment engines like Facebook, Disqus, Google+ and more.

In simple terms, response means that your website will look beautiful on all of today's advanced equipment. It allows you to continue with the most important part and create your killers safely, knowing that your new website will look great everywhere. The head section of the theme has been designed to maximise appropriateness for any website.

Featuring different widgets, various menus, actions, and an easy-to-understand layout, you can simply choose the right logotype to fit your needs, or insert any type of text into the head area. When you want to use your favourite plug-in with our theme, no problem, Mag is conceived with maximal plug-in compatability and can work with most plugins.

Guide sections for contributions. Gallery, video, and link mail formats symbols for displaying mail contents. User-defined mail types for Page Builder items. Meter for mail view that can be used for ordering.

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