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Select the template that is appropriate for the topic of your magazine. The analysts like to announce the death of the publishing industry. However, one area that has held its ground is the consumer magazine business. Publishers of magazines are responsible for ensuring that their publications are editorially and economically successful. Join an experienced magazine designer and publisher.

Creating a magazine (with pictures)

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Magazine Tutor with MS Publisher

First, open the MS Publisher. You can do this from the launcher menus, then browse for Microsoft Publisher, or find it in the Microsoft Office directory. When MS Publisher is open, look for the "Newsletter" symbol and click on it. Select the style sheet that is appropriate for the topic of your magazine.

When you have selected the correct style sheet, click on it and then on "Create". As soon as it is loaded, you will find a smaller copy of your forecast result. In order to see it clearly, click on the "Enlarge" symbol. Everything can be edited in MS Publisher. Simply click on the field you want to modify and re-enter it.

It is also possible to clear some squares that are not necessarily required. Click with the right mouse button on the item to be deleted and search for "Delete item". That will be the result if you erase some things that are not relevant. You' ll have to resize some of the speakers, so click on the field you want to resize and draw its width.

Some of the fields you don't need can be deleted. Resize the cartons again and move them around. Browse down and you will find some other non relevant fields. Right-click to erase it and search again for "Erase object". Rescroll up and click on the image. Right-click and remove the item.

Search for the "Insert image" symbol on the far right of the page. Then search for the "image from the file" and click on it. Now you will find your image from your computer. Click now on your image and enlarge it. Right-click on the numbers "2-3", then right-click and look for "Delete page".

Simply keep up the game with MS Publisher. It is also possible to modify the font style, the colour and the size of the text. It is also possible to modify the colour of your artwork. Go to Format if you like and click on "Color palettes". Now select the desired colour and click on it.

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