Magazine Layout Template word

Stack Layout Template Template Word

Easily find customizable layouts for brochures, flyers, newsletters, postcards and more. You do not have to create a layout/column design with the ready-made template layout. The first is that we need to adjust our page layout. Okay, our front page layout is ready.

This is how you make a magazine template in Microsoft Word

The magazine designs follow stringent standards and formats. While you can get around in Microsoft Word, it's not the best magazine designing game. I' d suggest Adobe in design. Innesign style and rule make it a one-click job. Just like I would make any other template: Granted, Word can't do some of the most unusual layout, other softwares like e.g. Adobe Word can, but other softwares can't do what Word can do, so they're horse for course (as they say).

Apply the current state or let yourself be inspired.

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Creating your own magazine with Microsoft Word

Word has great functionality that lets you build your own magazine in just 10 mins. In the course of your studies you will get used to the Microsoft Word user interfaces and show your creative abilities. First, you need to know more about Microsoft Word if you are new to Microsoft Office as well. We will use Microsoft Word to cover our magazines and especially our job-sheets.

To start your studies, please visit the Using Microsoft Word page. First, we need to change our page layout. In the top pull-down list, click "Page Layout". In the submenu, click on "Margins". Okay, our front page layout is ready. Let's include some nice and good-looking text as titles for our magazine.

Every premium magazine needs a high-quality cover. It is the most enjoyable part of producing a magazine. Click on "Wordart" in the submenu. That great thing will present the cover of our magazine. Please click on it and type in your journal name. Our videotutorial titled "My Great Magazine". Now, we need some effect for our track.

Once your song is highlighted, click Text effect in the Wordart Styles submenu. You will see a new screen and you can see the effect for your track. "Shadow, Reflect, Glow, Chamfer, 3D Rotate, and Converts " are available. Simply click on one of them and create a good-looking effect for your track, just the way you want it.

We now need some brief descriptions, interesting forms and pictures to make our covers colorful. Well, a magazine must have a great artwork. Select Shape from the submenu and the Shape submenu appears. Circles or circular forms are advisable because their corners are smooth and we insert a small name.

Move it under your headline, but don't make it too big, and we suggest you place it in the middle position to the right of the page. In the submenu, click on the "Shape Fill" pushbutton and you will see the color selection. The color of your forms will be adjusted. Once you have adjusted the color of your form, you can apply some effect to your forms under the "Form Effects" buttons in the same submenu.

You can now subtitle your magazine covers with text. It makes your artwork look more attractive and professionally. Once you have entered your text, you can customize the color and resize of your text or even apply an effect. You will then see the "Font" submenu with the "Font" settings.

Customize the text to fit your text sizes and fonts. Calibri " is the default typeface, but you can also modify it. In the same submenu you can see the submenus "Font color" and "Font effects". Here you can color your text and apply your own effect. Our magazine covers look better now.

Now we know that we can make great covers, but also that we can make a full magazine for ourselves. Nobody can think of a magazine sleeve without pictures. Well, our first magazine jacket needs some pictures on it. Click on "Insert image from file" in the submenu. Select the picture you want to appear on your artwork.

If not, the entire page will be covered and your text will no longer be there. Change the size of your photos to fit the entire page. We now have a plain but appealing magazine sleeve.

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