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Storefront of the best magazines and unusual layout websites. Design inspiration online magazine layouts | Find more ideas for Cool Magazine, design websites and magazine layouts here. Beautiful 10 modern magazine web layouts Next times you'll be browsing around trendy print/paper papers or journals, be aware of how different page layout usually is from one to the other. Several page layout are clear, neat and easy to read. At the same in doing so, they all meet the highest demands on aesthetics and present contents clearly, in a compact and beautiful way.

Adherence to these high benchmarks cannot be simple, but is rigorously attained. In most cases, these high levels of excellence are mirrored in their web releases, often driving innovations because they have to provide rich media on so many different types of device and display size. Magazine website styling is a very common layout type, but often these sites are not inspired by off-line magazine.

One good way to find out what works best is to take a close look at some of the favorite on-line magazine titles, as those in charge of print edition layout are often also involved in creating these. Perhaps you would also like to take a look at our current magazine layout galery.

Whilst all are aesthetic, each of the magazine styled sites below has a creatively and uniquely designed layout, they all put usability first and are excellent samples of consistent designs. Web designs should be designed in magazine style: Time' s homepage relies strongly on visals, but this has always been the case with the print edition of this magazine throughout its entire life.

Part of the secret to the successful user-friendliness and legibility of this site is trust in the viewing family. You can call it a tessellation or a crossword but The Verge homepage gives you a fast overview of the interior and gets you there quickly. This layout is also pleasant for the eyes.

And browsing through the list of items only lasts one or two seconds. The New Yorker hard cover will not disappoint those who love the layout of the New Yorker website. Emphasis is placed on contents, and the layout is minimalistic and attractive. New Yorker's typeface is well known because the typeface of the print edition has been kept consistent throughout the website.

The magazine does an outstanding job of making sure its audience feels at home now. Wired's website shows an almost eerie capacity to take a vast range of subjects that vary in a wild way (although most appear to be geek-oriented) and rearrange them so that they actually provide a convenient presentation and outstanding legibility.

The font sizes also give an idea of which items are of most interest to most bystanders. Newsweek's website is well thought-out, but it also comes with a beautifully crafted, reactive release so you can browse through its stories on the go. That' especially good news especially for people on the move, as this magazine features many outstanding stories and pictures.

What is particularly appealing to them is the way this on-line magazine, designed for today's web consumers, cleverly combines its most potent digital asset. For those who are GQ frequent users and have become accustomed to the style ful presentation of contents in the off-line edition, the on-line edition will have the same trusted look.

Browse down and the item listing is clearly arranged in a classy raster. National Geographic's on-line edition does not fail. Simplified website layout, large pictures and an easy-to-read choice of typefaces. The Road and Track magazine has long been loved by auto fans for its revealing article and amazing pictures.

Obviously the magazine's editorial staff were willing to gamble when the choice was made to produce the on-line game. Fantastic items and breathtaking photographs are still there, along with a very comfortable statical navigational area. A year ago Vanity Fair relaunched its website and the results were more than satisfying.

With the new on-line edition, the magazine is known for its long and interesting features, including newsflashes, slideshows, videos and more. Website writers also noted that many users were surfing on portable equipment. You went to great lengths to make the contents look great on all plattforms - and they were very popular.

LA Times has managed to create one of the biggest fast-response web sites ever created. Next Web (TNW) is presented in a robust one-page website style with a fat look. Provides outstanding work to align your company's requirements with a powerful UX. The contents are in front and in the middle, there are many of them, but there are no signs of disorder.

Entrepreneur, the authoritative signpost for the challenge of corporate leadership, has been at the kiosk for 30 years, but the layout of the on-line issue is definitely new. Although the homepage is not particularly cutting-edge, the layout is clear and easily understandable. The magazine is available in printed form as well as in a portable application.

Since its beginnings as a Chicago wide sheet paper in 1930 to a worldwide publishing company, Ad Age is now available in both printed and on-line versions - as well as quarterly and monthly email notices. Ad-age layout is a layout that is easily emulated. Think of the importance of consistent designs.

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