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Living forms event brochure word - quirky moustache every day greeting card word - organic forms resume word - contemporary photo cover letter word. Creating a magazine can be stressful if you start from scratch. Luckily, there are many free ready-made magazine templates that you can use. You can download these samples of the magazine template to modify and personalize them according to your needs.

#66+ brand new magazine template - Free Word, PSD, EPS, AI, InDesign Format Download

No matter whether you want to link to your home market by compiling relevent messages and contents about particular sectors and areas of interest, or just want to discover the colourful magazine universe for pleasure, you need comprehensive, high-quality printed magazine artwork to make the first experience right.

Featuring easy-to-change covers, colour charts, high value pictures and more, these magazine guides make it easier than ever to get up and running. Here is a listing of the best ranked magazine artwork that can help you present great contents in a visual way. With 23 pages and a DPI-optimized lay-out, this artwork offers additional versatility for the professional.

Besides the option for designing paragraphs and automatically page numbers, various trimming functions are available. Several mock-ups are contained in this template, although the size of each template may differ depending on your needs. Printing friendly surface provides extra assistance, while the customisable lay-out is also useful.

It supports 6 mock-ups, while the fully customizable user surface makes the design entertaining and worthwhile. Besides the fully integrated CMYK colour profiling for the professional, a higher definition is also possible. The 38 breathtaking pages and a PDF-based user guide make this template a great choice for the print-ready user experience.

It supports 50 pages, with the finished trimmed edges imbedded in this useful template. Besides CS4 compliance and a print-ready userinterface, it uses paragraphs and free type. It is a feature-packed template that contains 34 pages and efficient style sheet creation capabilities. The 300 DPI optimised lay-out is practical as well as the different trim allowances and a print-ready printer-connector.

It is a feature-packed template that contains adjustable levels, as well as multi-character and carriage style choices. Besides the page numbers, help for the revision of the layouts is provided. There are 7 masters, while the page naming scheme makes design seamless. Besides the template changes and a print-ready professional user interfaces, free typefaces are also available.

The template consists of 40 pages and a print-ready port that can be used by the pros. Sales style is contained, while information about the files smoothes the way for a smooth install. This template supports more than one style of paragraphs, which also simplifies the adjustment process smoothly. In addition to automated page numbers, free typefaces and a print-ready user surface are advantageous for the professional.

Clean themes are contained, while this template radiates quality and promotes a contemporary look. In addition to the variable colours and diverse text items, layer layouts and user-defined contributions are also available. Design compatible and presented fontsets make this template extremely useful, while the print-ready surface is also useful.

Besides the processable lay-out and different trim edges, this template has a print-ready surface. Besides the seperate levels and intelligent images, 20 pages are also available. Incorporated typographical assistance and automated page naming scheme are included in this template, which also has a customisable user surface. Besides the multi-layer user surface, you also have access to Microsoft Offices as well as sales styleing.

The template has a 300 DPI optimised lay-out, in additional to Adobe supported pictures and copywriting. Besides the 22 A4 pages and characters, there are also automated page numbers. Complimentary scripts are provided with this template, which also includes Microsoft Word compatible and multi-template capabilities. With 40 pages and the character size printed in lettering, this template is an immediate smash along with the photographs and typefaces it contains.

Trim design is plentiful, while sales-oriented style gives the necessary push. You can use system scripts such as Tahoma, while the adjustable color and text-based option offer the added benefit. Multi-layer pictures and different sizes are contained, which can be used by the pros. Emphasise your professionalism with this template, which offers 40 page choices in addition to similar page covers and typefaces.

Sales style brings pages to life whilst design compliance is useful. Several functions such as 9 photo-realistic presentation and a better pixelsolution make this template a dignified addition. This template comes with a help document that also contains 24 A4 pages and US correspondence. In addition to the free fonts and a configurable user surface, the page numbers can be ordered automatic.

It is a DPI-optimized template that contains vivid patterns and various colour choices. In addition to CMYK compliance and a print-ready user surface, 28 page layouts are available for the pro. This template contains 40 A4 pages, a print-ready surface and a customisable lay-out. The template will support all technology magazine and offers adjustable photo and colour choices.

Bring your sites to life using this thrilling template that offers an expanded picture library and possibilities to create characters. Adaptable surfaces provide additional assistance, while more pages can be easily added. The template offers a contemporary look with 24 A4 pages and various sales style. Auto page numeration is another useful tool in addition to the print-ready port and CMYK compliance.

This template gives you an extraordinary look as the drawing style choices and other page extensions are useful. Complimentary fonts are provided, while the help files make it easy to customize. The template contains free fonts and bright colours depending on the countless settings of the users. Further functionalities include a DPI-optimized port and the possibility of automatic page numbers.

It is a function-packed template with 16 pages of masters and further page extensions for the customer. There are 4 PSD file types available, while the easy organisation provides the necessary versatility and support. It is possible to embed several colours on the CMYK colour profiles next to the print-ready interfaces, which really complement the whole thing well.

Contacts and interviews are included along with automated page numbers. Inclusion of the newsletters is additionally supportable in terms of scaleable size and a print-ready port. It also detects repeat folding, while the customisable lay-out significantly improves the page look for the designer. Multipage laysouts are fully featured, while PDF-supported previewing provides the necessary level of assistance.

Simplified design is offered in addition to the fully customisable and print-ready user interfaces for the professional. The template has some key shop functions such as interviews and reviewstyling patterns, followed by the Print-AD-Dayout. Contents can be easily changed while the print-ready surface is used for a larger application.

Magazin mock-ups are support, while higher resolution mock-ups are support via DPI compliance. Besides the multi-layer PSD data and scaleable picture size and pattern, it offers uniquely designed layouts. The template support a 56 page design which can be adapted to the kernel in combination with the CS4 design.

Auto page numbers are encouraged, while character layout features are useful. It comes with beautifully designed pages that can be integrated into any theme and complement almost any magazine-based look and feel. In addition to the paragraph format, several styles and smart layout are available. Its slim user surface and 20 pages of masters make this template an immediate success with the pros.

Further specifications are accentuated text effect and an automated page counting system next to the print-ready port. This template provides expert artwork covers, making the design entertaining and highly remunerative. It supports 24 one-of-a-kind page layout, while the events calendar and film pages boost it. Besides the adjustable page style sheets and paragraphs style sheets there are also several different file types to choose from.

It is a feature-packed template that contains several magazine themes and uniquely professional mock-ups. Besides the CMYK colours and a print-ready printer port, a higher definition is also possible. The template will support all technology magazine and offers adjustable photo and colour choices. Besides the smooth surface of the texture and design tool, this template demonstrates an elaborate template kit.

Extended catalogues are contained, while the print-ready interfaces certainly offer a breakthrough alongside the CMYK colour scheme. This template is intended for the uppermost commercial buildings and contains a smooth user surface with unusual layout. Additionally to the free fontsets and a stylized set up a fully customizable theme is available.

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