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The MH Magazine WordPress theme is the perfect solution for bloggers, journalists and editors who want to create organized online magazines and news websites. best 29 WordPress Magazine topics of the year 2018

Looking for the best WordPress magazine topics for your website? Magazine-related topics are perfect for content-rich Web sites like newscasts, peer-to-peer social networking sites, social networking sites, etc. Here we show you some of the best WordPress magazine topics currently available. The first thing you need to run a WordPress site is web hostings.

Magazin websites are packed with contents, and you need to select the best WordPress host companies that can cope with your trafficking. You are an authorized certified hoster. You can find a full step-by-step tutorial in our How to Launch a WordPress Blogs tutorial. It' a WordPress administered web host which means it takes care of all the technology for you.

A few of you may already have a WordPress page, and you may just want to change to a magazine topic. Ensure that you comprehend what happens when you change your WordPress topic and go through our 15 things you need to do before you change WordPress topics. After that said, let's try some of the best WordPress magazine topics you can use on your website.

This is a compilation of free and paying WordPress magazine topics. The Daily Post is a state-of-the-art WordPress magazine with great functions for discovering contents. There are several lieouts for feature story and a grids driven homepage for your homepage. It' s also perfect for messaging sites and comes with an up-to-date message timer, wheather widget and message board.

A few other functions are shortcuts, visual composer, visual image processing, visual image processing, page printing, adhesive sidebars for favorite articles, endless scrolling and simple theming. Magazines is a high-performance WordPress magazine with many stunning functions. There comes with 42 layouts selections, layouts builders, feature rich sliders, slide modes, top drop-down list, top drop-down list, community share, related postings and many more functions.

There are six colour themes to select from, several sidebar settings, user-defined widgets, symbol scripts and a variety of shortcuts. ThmeMin is a minimalistic WordPress magazine topic with nice types and several reader-friendly layout. Comes with a homepage slide, bottom sliders, light box galleries, top hung style sliders, headers for widgets and four colour themes.

The Domino Magazine is a high quality WordPress magazine topic. Several widgettized areas and a dynamical page builder are available on the homepage. Comes with a built-in message timer, meteorological widget as well as a tabs dedget. Its design also allows you to simply create a user-defined wallpaper, header, slider and your own brand. A three-page WordPress magazine and magazine topic.

There are several layouts available, such as 2 side bars, 1 side bar, or a full-width home page. The program has built-in slider controls, user-defined widgets and shortcuts. The Tribune is a high-performance magazine and newscast with an sleek design that contains your most important contents. Its has a designated post area above and a merry-go-round below.

It includes sliders, videowidget, web customization, tabs, endless scrolling, web browsing, scrolling, web browsing, web browsing, social networking and more. The Compass is a contemporary, challenging WordPress newsletter and magazine topic. Comes with a massively customizable homepage with presented contents regulator, energetic homepage creator, presented category and 1-click demonstration contents installer. 2.

There is a built-in message sticker, several page styles, user-defined colours, text, logo backgrounds. It also comes with several user-defined Widgets and several Widget-ready sections. SourceMag is a binary e-commerce + magazine WordPress themed. It' s fully WooCommerce compliant and it' great for newscast and magazine websites that are selling goods.

This topic pursues a minimalistic style with a focus on legibility. Our homepage is created dynamic with the presented contents, the presented catagories and your latest products. Additional functions such as multi-page layout, color, custom logos, font, custom widget and webbuilder. The Wonderwall is a wonderfully crafted WordPress magazine themed. There are 9 different ready-made home page layout options that allow you to select from a variety of screens, feature postings, singles and more.

WordPress The Essence is a classy WordPress magazine topic suited for lifestyles, fashions, entertainment and other similar sites. On the inside you'll also find user-defined Widget for Instagram and Instagram Profile. Comes with a painless set-up procedure that allows you to start using the simple and easy way of using the Lifeustomizer. The Prologue is a nice WordPress magazine topic that has been developed to present your contents with sophistication.

Comes with a contents control, a videoslider, a category area and advertising space. Additional functions included user-defined logos, multipage layout, multi-page layout, and various widget-enabled areas. Magazineinum is a classy WordPress magazine motif designed for amusement, games, fashions and other niche markets. There comes with a tagged mail sliders, customized widgets for fitr and community and a customized registration page.

It comes in deep and bright colour patterns with several page laysouts and several widget-enabled areas. The Alpha is a mighty WordPress message/magazine type topic. Comes with two skin for magazines or newsgroups. It also has a current Newsticker and a user-defined slide control. We also provide a dedicated videowidget to present your videos on the homepage.

Documentback is an elegantly styled WordPress magazine with many great functions. Developed to present contents nicely in a magazine outline. Uses prominent pictures of your items throughout the entire design. There also comes with a built-in feature post slide control for the home page. There is a catagory megamenu, which shows the presented contents of these catagories nicely.

The Doberman is a high-performance WordPress magazine topic developed for web sites with virtual contents. There are several different ways to view it, such as trendy, fashionable and new. Offers limitless colour choices, integrated online search, integrated search, integrated search, integrated search, integrated search, integrated search, integrated search, drag & drop homepage builder and live customizer. There are several navigational menus, a fantastic picture view, a message tipper, an instant diagram Widget, and an ad positioning Widget.

Woozbeat is a classy WordPress message/magazine website themed. Comes with a contents regulator, categories viewer and customized Widgets for Contents, Twitter, Flickr, and more. Comes with a homepage context widget with 10 ready-made laysouts that allow you to view your contributions in a variety of ways to ensure a truly original one.

Like the name implies, the News Pro is for WordPress messaging and magazine sites. Developed on the basis of the Genesis frameworks, New Pro has a strong base for creating Web sites that are full of substance. You can customize it using the simple to set up option of the Life Topic Snap. The Metro Magazine is a free WordPress magazine topic developed for high-impact Web sites.

There are several colour themes, colour labelling for catagories, user-defined widgets, community multimedia integrations and a multi-page template. Design includes two navigational menus, a number of wide areas, ad placements and full customization capabilities. Lenscap is an e-commerce-enabled WordPress magazine topic. With a large contents merry-go-round and a pedal bar level classification list, it adds detection of contents at the top.

There are also several ready-to-use colour charts available. It' s extremely customisable and uses the Living Topic Customiser for faster set-up. SYNAPE is a free WordPress magazine topic with a full width full colour lay-out. Comes with a presented contents control, user-defined widgets and user-defined headersupport. The Baseline is a minimalistic WordPress topic designed for magazine, newscast, and photographic Web sites.

Comes with a contents merry-go-round that uses large pictures. There is a categories head box pop-up button, several page layout, user-defined Widgets, softwares, etc... Uses the Topic Customizing tool to set up the Topic. It is a beautiful WordPress magazine topic. Comes with a quick start tutorial to help you set up the topic quickly.

It has nice page laysouts, user-defined headings, softkeys, tabs, authors and comments and a very neat look. The Metro Pro is a high-performance WordPress magazine topic based on the Genesis topic frame. This provides a user-defined wallpaper with large pictures. This comes with an easily set up homepage with chapters for the presented tales in a nice lay-out.

There is also built-in community video streaming capability, user-defined menu, user-defined widget and topic option panels. The tabloid is a slim and contemporary WordPress magazine themed. With the help of user-defined Widget the homepage design can be adjusted simply. Features contents controls, presented catagories, ad spaces, several catagory laysouts, and many adjustment possibilities.

Magazines Pro is a contemporary WordPress magazine from StudioPress. There is also an easily set up widgettized homepage, multi-page laysouts and customization of living themes. The FlyMag is a free WordPress magazine topic with high performance. This provides built-in recognition features that you can include when creating your own page design. Fully reactive, it processes the presented pictures through your website.

Comes with simple fitting and you can use our Customize themes feature to set up your themes. New Portal is a wonderfully crafted WordPress magazine and newsworthy topic. There comes with several colour scheme and option to select the colours for categories pages. There are several journal layouts with different user-defined Widget and side bar areas.

To make customizing simpler, it contains a dozen or so topic choices, all of which are available through the Topic Customizing tool. Trialed with all major WordPress topics and optimised for better speeds, performances and better outcomes. The Royal Magazine is a nice free WordPress magazine topic designed for newspaper, magazine and content-rich blog. This comes with a magazine styled homepage design that faces eastwards and is set up with the custom hot topic tool.

Designed with more than one menu, side bars, colour choices and page styles in mind. You can use it with any page creator and all common WordPress plug-ins. Hopefully this story has help you find the best WordPress Magazine topics for your website. Maybe you'd also like to see our definitive WordPress tutorial to improve your WordPress pace and power.

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