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That is the GRAND theme of Magazine & Newspaper WordPress. 14 biggest ideas of the year Unfortunately, the poor message is that these higher fares are due to higher demands in emerging countries. LeBron was back on ESPN seven years later, telling the sporting community that he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and bring his "talents to South Beach. The LeBron was mocked less because of the choices he made than because of the way he advertised it on TV, amidst kids having a flavoured tapenade.

What really frightened the sporting community was that the LeBron hybris was legitimate. Sport can survive because it handles its work like no other company in the whole you. When you are an bookkeeper, library assistant, auto dealer, whatever, when you get an quote from anyone in the wide open for your service, you can accept it.

Had this been the case in sport, the outcome would have been chaos: each year, each squad would change its schedule, and all talents would focus on two or three squads (even more than before). Up until recently, and while Gallup's opinion analysts were still thinking of asking, a clear majority of Americans considered gay relationships a moral falsehood.

However, in 2008 the line passed, with as many Americans (48 percent) saying Gallup that gays and lesbians are "morally acceptable" as they say they are "morally wrong". "And in 2010, for the first of its kind, an absolute 52 per cent majority said same-sex morality was ethically permissible, while only 43 per cent condemned it.

And in a land where the number of homosexuals is at least 10 to 1 higher than the number of homosexuals they identify, and where anti-gay mobbing is widespread in school, and where same-sex marriages are not possible in 45 states, and where innumerable homosexual Americans cannot even bring their overseas counterparts into the land, let alone into a clinic room, where we are to believe that homosexuals are the tyrants?

Government securities, for example, generated returns and growth in equity that compete with the historical returns of stocks - a much more risky investment. Alien and Sedition Acts in the first few years of the new Republik, the "Red Horrors" after the two World Wars, the Woodrow Wilson Public Information Bureau established during the First World War, and the Japanese-US FDR detention programme adopted in the second phase show how much more complex it is for a democratic country to handle invisible threat than to fight hostiles on a battleground.

Our kids are educated, they grow up to be young grown-ups, and if everything goes well, they hit themselves. In contrast to the many civilizations that place childlike duties above other virtue, Americans value autonomy. Latest counting dates show that the number of Americans aged 25 to 34 who live with their parents is bound to about 5. 5 million - a figure that explains about 13 per cent of this agers range.

Another 6 million Americans lived with related people; a total of 16 per cent of the total populace lived in multi-generational homes - the highest proportion since the fifties. Given all the changes - more than 40 per cent of babies are borne by single women, many homes involve homosexual or adopted babies, or babies who have been fathered by a wide range of reproductive technology, pairs choose to get married but do not have babies - it seems exclusive and even brutal to define the US home as mother and father and two biologic babies.

Thus the trade union of civil servants arose from a small overslept little nook in the daemonology of US conservationist thought to briefly assume the part of the villain maximumus in an ideologically shaped struggle for the souls of the US workers. According to Walker and a large number of Konservatives who gathered on his side, the trade union movement posed a basic threat to government finances, a threat that could only be tackled by means of virtually extinction.

Trade unionism may play a part in the personal sphere and give employees more power over those bosses who tirelessly seek to maximise their contribution to the company's profits, but the rationale does not hold for the state. Since the opposite side of the negotiating board is made up of altruistic officials rather than capitolists, and since trade unionists can affect the results of the election, trade unionists negotiate with ... themselves.

Diagnose: Civil servants are big felines with ridiculous compensatory packets. Of course, Walker's plans to demolish the trade union movement have sent liberal activists, who have been largely sleeping since November 2008, into a just outrage. They too had given little thought to the right of civil servants to organise. Certainly the state could solve its tax problem without destroying the trade union, couldn't it?

Finally, the trade union had already reached an agreement to abolish licences. It was not entirely false to condemn the PES conservatively, but it was decisively inaccurate. Indeed, a mighty power is directed against the claims of the trade unions: the voters' wish to have low tax payments. Before the collapse of the finance industry in 2008, the many small and multifaceted brokers fused to form a number of power centres around the globe.

One of the smallest, Lehman Brothers' insolvency compelled countries around the globe to take previously unimaginable measures to prevent the total collapse of the globe's economies. 1%; we will probably never fully recuperate from the economic downturn. Meanwhile, Wall Street's remuneration has returned to peak levels - it didn't take long - and the finance sector again makes up more than 30 per cent of US company earnings.

With 400,000 workplaces, the tourist industry fell by 40 per cent. It is said that there was a 75 per cent decline in tourist traffic. More than 20 per cent of the Egyptians lived below the breadline when Mubarak stepped down. Thus it will be difficult to maintain the early enthusiasm and dynamism as the disappointment after the revolt leads to further dissatisfaction in the people. Robertson's supporters, the Evangelical Conservatives, wanted employment, financial security and a guaranty that their kids would be better off than before.

The first 1 per cent in 2007 had 34 controls. 6% of assets - significantly more than the lower 90% who had only 26 under their control. Nine per cent. This is a major change from the post-war decade, the gold glory of which may have come largely from the comparative earnings equity of the age. Throughout the Second World war and the following four centuries, the top 10 per cent took home only one third of their gross domestic product.

Incomes are becoming increasingly inequitable in most newly industrializing countries and are as high in communist China as they are in the USA. These globally super-rich people work and team up. Ninety -five years ago, the wealthiest 1 per cent of Americans earned only 20 per cent of their earnings from salaried work; in 2004, this had trebled to 60 per cent.

Dictators are the champions in a win-win environment. Like in recent years, journalist have excavated a number of secret side deals with governments that have been conceived in such a way as to stay secret from the general world ( subjects include Afghanistan's finance scandals, the CIA' unmanned warfare in Pakistan, US nation-building, etc.).

Quite the opposite: since 2002, average households' incomes have fallen in actual fact, as many middle-class workplaces have either been damaged by technical innovations or gone under by competitors from abroad. Over the last ten years, per-capita incomes in the so-called "BRIC countries" (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have risen sharply as the centre layer in these nations has grown with a distinctive film.

This is in part because employment is moving from the West to newly industrialising countries (just think of all the China plants and India call centres that have emerged). Finally, the arrival of tens of thousands of well-trained people in countries such as India, China and Brazil means much greater competitiveness for Americans and Europeans.

However, the global economy is now facing a decisive change: especially because the middle class is becoming more powerful in threshold countries, it is also becoming a truly powerful consumer.

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