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You can download the one you like best, edit it and start a killer online project. It' one of the most downloaded topics on Do not hesitate to try the topic, but be warned - your search can end here! Looking for HTML magazine or blog website templates for your website?

We have huge free & premium magazine website templates available on the net, although premium templates are not hard to find.

Free website templates for free download via (23) free website templates.

Twenty-eight Amazing PSD Magazine Website Templates | Web & Graphic Design

Creating a magazine styled page is not an effortless job for any web developer because you have to put a great deal of stuff on the page without trying to make it look good. The majority of magazine styled web sites are raster-based as they make the site more appealing and technologically sophisticated, although today a number of magazine out of the boxes sites are designed by webdesigners.

Here is a compilation of astonishing PSD website templates to help you build your magazine styled website. Stylish and contemporary PSD website and magazine PSD website designs with all the ingredients to give it a unique look. The homepage theme and the articles page layout have been integrated with annotations.

Yet another shallow, contemporary UI set to begin your own website styling. State-of-the-art and reactive layouts for blogs. There' everything you need to get your website up and running, including section for different widths and ad spaces. The NEWS is a uniquely original and original copy of the original text with a clear and contemporary look.

It' the flawless selection for your magazine, blogs and message sites. Functions: vMagPress is a uniquely designed for magazines with plain and suburban layout. Great for messages for all types of contents. The Bloggr POSD submission is great for magazine publication. The Weekend is a magazine/blog/news article based upon a 4-pillar format based on a standard text file (PSD).

There are 5 colour patterns suitable for every purpose, such as news, gossip, sports, technology, music, movies, information, city guides, etc. "The " Orion Press - Blog & Magazine PSD Template " is a top quality concept for WordPress blog and magazine website site... "Orion Press" is a contemporary graphic designer, with multiple choices layouts, easily changeable location, created according to the Google Adsense Ads standards.

Includes 38 PSDs - The styling is very stylish, contemporary and easily customizable. The Magrev is a clear designed magazine / template that is perfectly suited for your magazine or your website. The Fashioniza is the ultimate simple Fasion magazine. Highly recommended for the Fashion Magazine or anything you want to use.

The Connect topic is ideal for creating magazines and messaging sites. Includes 7 colour themes and a host of super-awsome functions and UI items that make it easy for you to create and customise your website. The LAHMEN is an online magazine/news submission with a minimalistic look that can be adapted at will.

With GameForest, you can create the ultimate game, message and fun website experience. It is completely superimposed and well organised in files. The Business New is a neat and easy business tool for magazines and message portals. The Lineza is the ultimate PSD for magazines, easy, clean and unique. Highly recommended use for fashion magazines, blog, latest fashion or anything you think will be apt.

This will be a good selection for reviews sites, magazine sites, shopping cart options and affiliate link sites. UNIVERSAL is a neat, one-of-a-kind message and magazine PDF file with 15 specially crafted PDF files, ideal for your favorite magazine or weblog. Breakaking Newsdaily has been specifically developed for on-line newspapers with a love of detail and careful thoughtful design for all your publication needs.

The topic covers layout such as breastaking stories, development stories, breasaking stories, development, development, and so on... Although it was specifically developed for on-line newspapers, it can be used for various journals or extended blog posts. The Orizon - The Game PSD Template is a game, message and entertaining template.

It' s fully multilayered and workable, giving you the ability to create a slim, engaging magazine, weblog, game page, or even your own projects page. Stylish templates for all types of blood logs and trendmagazines.

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