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The Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with an extended admin module. The Ultimo is a premium Magento theme with an extended admin module. Appropriate for any type of business. ultimo theme. Infortis' highly customizable Magento theme.

Last minute - Fluid Responsive Magento Topic for Discomfort

The Ultimo is a premier Magento topic with an extended administration engine. Ideal as a point of departure for your individual project. Magento compatible: 1.7.0. 8, you can modify the look of almost any item of this Magento theme. The Ultimo software provides widescreen support. You can choose the width of the page (from 1024 to 1680 pixels) in the administration area or even specify your own non-standard width.

The Ultimo is optimised for all monitor resolution. The width of the page is floating - the design uses 100% of the available page width (below the specified max width) to show the content[demo3]. The Ultimo can be viewed on any monitor. of the monitor to view contents and create your own contents. User-defined contents areas:

Primary contents area for all user-defined contents, such as e.g. slider, banner, etc. View customized contents in more than one block of the Sidebar. Enables/disables Magento's standard side bar pads. Clear and legible page - your clients will find all important information easy. Definable width of major column, distinctive trademark logos (with links to other products), cloud zoom and luminous box images of your company's portfolio (customizable size), tabbed pages that turn into accordions on small displays, extra customized tabbed pages and CMS pads, slider controls for related and up-selling items, soft books, adaptable item choices... In a nutshell - customize the page to your needs.

Specify the user-defined number of column (products in a row): 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 for the standard monitor definition. Change between 2 different types of the dropdown menu: wide[demo] or classic[demo]. The broad menue allows you to show left in 4-8 column. It is also possible to view your customized contents in a dropdown area.

In contrast to many other skins, you can use Ultimo to make your own subtopics (theme variations). This is very useful and very simple because Ultimo is completely independant from Magento's "standard" topic - it is a seperate designer pack (no variation of Magento's "standard" theme). The Ultimo can provide an excellent basis for the implementation of customized solutions for your customers.

Width of Fluidside - if the Width of Fluidside is checked, the design will always use all available room on the monitor to view the contents. Refresh side bar menus - displays the side bar menus (collapsible accordion) on select pages. Activate it for: categories, home page, CMS pages, products. Select between the right and right side bar.

You can also use a short code to show the side bar menue in every CMS pad and on every page. Browse your browsers by clicking on the Browse View tab on the left side of the browser's screen and selecting the desired product: Adjustable Mesh - set up the following items in the mesh to be displayed: item name, pricing, basket icon, rating (stars), link "Add to Wishlist" and "Add to Comparison".

Cloudoom + Lightbox - Cloud zooming. The cloud zooming can be shown inside or outside the primary picture. Homepage slide show - The picture slide show can be shown on any CMS page and in any fixed pad with easy short code. Display any contents in your slide (clickable or non-clickable pictures, HTML complexity, everything), attach labels above the pictures.

View customized contents in more than one block of the Sidebar. Enables/disables Magento's standard side bar pads on the home page. Suitable for multi-store applications - suitable for multi-store Magento installation. It is our commitment that we will keep this topic updated and improved to make it the best topic for Magento. Have a look at the updated version to see how quickly Ultimo is evolving.

Solved: Heading in the desktops has the right width when loading the page. If in the predecessor release the Side Padding setting under Design > Header-Mobile > Inner Container was switched to "Full Width", the headers were shown as full width in the Windows Explorer for a few ms when loading the page. Fixed: Google font definitions are shown properly in the available font lists (in a drop-down box) in the administration area.

Added: Fonts: Map configuration font to front end: Find field: Headers drop-down menu: Shopping basket drop-down menu: Shopping basket icon: Configuration of counters: Page data: Fixed: Categories pane for centred items: Product-side collateral information is shown as vertical stacks of blocks: Solved: Bug on the products page: except #0 (Magento\Framework\Config\Dom\ValidationException):

Select the number of fractional places for the products tag indicating the amount of savings. Fixed: Categories page and products page are no longer empty when user-defined tags are on. It could occur if the System > Config > Theme > Display Options > Display Firmware > Show Firmware > Show Firmware > "Custom Label" checkbox was checked and the customized attributes for firmware were not present (which was the standard state in 2.6.0).

Select the number of fractional places for the item tag that indicates the amount savings. Now: Labelling: Features and Features Slider: Layernavigation: Activate Akkordeon-Modus (only one additional element can be added at a time). When it is deactivated, more than one filtering can be extended at a given moment. o Gallery of categories:

Modified: If a customizable item has a bargain value (i.e. some of the associated basic items have a bargain value), the actual value will no longer be highlighted in blue on the item page and will no longer have the value "Now Only". Solved: New: Slide bar for presented products: Slide bar for presented products: Kategorieansicht: Mended:: Solved: New: in slideshow module: new banner system: creation of image headers with headers, text paragraph, symbols etc. in symbols: others:

Modified: If a categorie is marked as not selectable in the Hauptmenu, it is not shown in the Sitebar-MenĂ¼. Categories are not selectable if the Custom URL box in the categories config contains the must sign (#). There is no bottom border for statical block added via a widget (added automaticly in earlier versions).

Fixed: Once the side bar meal is activated for the products page (under Stores > Configuration -> menu -> side bar meal the item "Product Page (Main Sidebar)" is activated and the item "Product Page (Additional Sidebar)" is deactivated), the side bar meal is no longer copied in the navigation bar on the products page.

Previously, the side bar menus on the products page were copied. In Firefox, the page does not cross the Viewer width. Earlier releases could show slider controls on the page. Modified: If a categorie is marked as not selectable in the Hauptmenu, it is not shown in the Sitebar-MenĂ¼.

There is no option to click on a categorie if the item "Custom URL" in the categorie config contains the must sign (#). Fixed: New: New: Fixed: New: New: Fixed: New: New: Worked over: New: Added a user-defined statistical pad within the top head of the portable screen (the user-defined statistical pad can be added to the box called " Page Mobil Headers, Top " via Magento widgets).

The contents of the area can be oriented either right, left or center. Two built-in fixed areas "block_header_top_left" and "block_header_op_right" (removed in previous versions) have been recovered. Those blocs are shown in the top headline automatic. Modified: Designer of the symbol bar and page button in the categories area. Color for these items can be used from the Administration pane. Displays the product listing in Liste fashion in the Categories pane.

It is now similar to the themes for Magento 1: "Add to cart" buttons and the prize is shown in a col on the right. Fixed: When adding a statical pad via Magento Widget to one of the top headboxes ( e.g. "Page Headers, Top, Left" container) it will be shown at the right time.

Previously, each widget added blocks were shown in a different line that could divide the top head into a few rows. Place Display Switch (Language Switcher) toggles the display of the display of the display of the store views persistently, not only on the page. In addition, page url translations are correct when the user changes languages. Page of product:

Solved: Categories viewing grid: Other: The brandname is shown properly in the tool tip when you move the cursor over the brandname label (in the brandname slide and on the products page). The following text was shown in the tool tip in the previous release: Fixed: Sileshow does not cause a log alert if no slide is selected in the "Slides" box under System > Setup > MainShow > MainShow on the home page.

Fixed: Slide show: Mended:: Fixed: Corrected a problem that resulted in the following error: For this reason, the page could not be shown when the page was cached. Menus: The main menus can be shown in two modes: either vertically or horizontally: the side bar menus can be shown in two modes: megamenu or plain accordion menu: new dropdown options:

Products view: Mended:: Menue: Fixed: New: New: Fixed: New: New: Fixed: New: New: Mended:: Fixed: New: New: Now: Productsite:

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