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A photoblogging WordPress theme, Magnus is named after the Latin word for grand. Are you looking for a free WordPress Theme For Video to download? Let us bring you the best free WordPress theme in this post. A photoblogging WordPress theme, Magnus is named after the Latin word for grand. A photoblogging WordPress theme, Magnus is named after the Latin word for grand.

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The Magnus is a WordPress photo blogging theme called after the Roman term for Grand. Designed to make photographs large and opaque, so that the presented picture has the full width of the web page on any postal margin, coupled with a nice typeface and careful planning of the layouts.

The Magnus is designed to take full benefit of the pictures presented here, it is highly recommendable that you load higher resolution pictures with a width of at least 2000 pixels. When there is no picture, Magnus is preset to its prime black colour for the head area backdrop. It is also possible to superimpose a head picture under "Appearance" > "Head Picture", which serves as the standard for a page, article or file without a feature enhanced one.

The Magnus Group is supporting two theme sites: Primary navigation shown in the side bar tray is shown when you click on the "Hamburger" symbol in the upper-right corner; header navigation shown in the upper-left corner before the "Hamburger" symbol. When you have decided not to put anything there, it will not be there.

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This is a nice blogs theme with a full-screen lay-out and photo-friendly styling. This theme offers big pictures and a memorable outfit. This homepage consists of grid-shaped contributions - the last contribution is in full view mode and behaves like a headers. Magnus can be used for your Fotoblogging because it allows you to make nice contributions.

The Magnus theme is visualized, which makes it even more appealing to people. In terms of functionality, the theme has a highly reactive theme, a feature picture heading, a pull-down pull-down menus, a minimalistic theme, full-size pictures, a photo-friendly full-screen lay-out, a user-defined headers, a user-defined menus, and is translatable.

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agnus v.5.0 BIG UPDATE! The Magnus - V.5.0 is a highly reactive WordPress publication that can be used for almost any use. The Magnus WordPress theme has many user-defined functions that you won't find in other theme types. High-performance administrator allows you to modify the appearance of the site, the colours and background.

Topic Option - This design includes elegant and powerfull theme option that will help you get your site up and running without changing the coding. Homepage layouts are very versatile, you can create your own layouts with the 3 Homepage Widget. And you can simply modify the colour to suit your needs!

Customizing Widgets: Take a look at our great functions below and you'll see that the Magnus theme will be a good option for your work! Characteristics: High-performance news ticker with 3 kinds of effects: fading, revealing (typewriter) or scrolling. Lots of other functions and functions that are not mentioned here for lack of time.

These are for demonstrational purposes only.

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