Majas in English

Mayas in English

Maja's word is the present form of the majar in the second person singular. English translation of Majas: <font color="#ffff00" size=14> ; Contribution de l'utilisateurSoumis par bramantyam. majas.

figure de rhétorique. nom. English translation for 'majas' in the free Spanish-English dictionary and many other English translations. According to the most famous names, Majo (masc.) or maja (fem.), also known as manolo and manola, were people from the lower classes of Spanish society, especially in Madrid, who distinguished themselves through their elaborate outfits and their sense of style in clothing and manners as well as through their cheeky behavior.

Mayas | English to Spanish translations

Seafood salad, prime wine, que maje que las le yebras de agafrán en el mótero, To make the dressing, you must first grind the strips of juices in the pestle.... Before crushing the Garlic, take off the sprout so that it does not cause any taste degradation.

Crushed grains of pepper produce a flour that is perfect for flavouring your meals.

Maja's English translations | Spanisch Wörterbuch

South majas chuando estáis soloas, by the chuando os juntais, es como el instituteo, you're kind when you're alone, but when you meet, it's like high-school. Not that they are no sean majas.... o que no tengan ana gran personalidad.not that they are not nice or that have great personalityities.

Precisely the opposite of cute. Toda Guy Maja's boy. Everybody's really cute. They' re very kind little ladies. The Sería mojor si powderas erte a voivir con alguunas personas majas, it might be good if you could visit some of the best people.

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