Make a Band website

Create a Band Website

Jump to your track on SoundCloud. If you click on the "Share" button below your track, a box will appear. To customize, click 'Embed': Choose from three player styles, click more options to change the colors. It' s quite possible to create an effective website at an affordable price.

Can I create a Facebook account for my band?

Facebook sites are a great way to promote your band and share information about it with your supporters. On Facebook, our Facebook community allows our visitors to build "pages" for different kinds of groups and organisations, apart from your base page section. By creating a band page, you can post images and information about the band, offer band update statuses, and encourage your buddies to join your band's page on Facebook.

Enter "Create Page" in the field at the top of each Facebook page and click the "Create New Facebook Page" button. Please click on "Artist, band or public figure". Choose "Musician/Band" from the "Choose a Category" drop-down list. Enter the name of your band in the "Name" field. Check the checkbox next to "I accept the Facebook Page Conditions" and click "Get Started".

You should see "Music" in the first drop-down list and "Musician/Band" in the second. Under the name of your band, click on "Edit Info" and fill in as many information text fields as you like. The information you can include in your profiles include band member name, musical style, and band history.

At the bottom of the page, click "Save Changes" when you are done, and then click "Close" to go back to the "Getting Started" page of your band. Choose "Upload a picture" or "Import a photo" to download a profiled photo from your computer or website. In the Invite Friends section, click the Invite Friends buttons.

Choose the drop-down dropdown at the top of the screen and choose Recent Interactions or Choose All My friends. Tick the checkbox next to each of your friend (s) you want to refer to your band's page and click "Send". Choose "Import contacts" in the "Share with your fans" section. You can choose a contacts filename from here that you have saved on your computer, such as Outlook, or a contacts file from a web e-mail address, such as Gmail.

Use the onscreen prompts to post a notification to your e-mail contact about your new tape page. To open the "Wall" section on your band's page, click on "Post Update". Under " State ", click the "Write Something" field and enter changes to the state of your tape. Go to the photo section on the leftside and click "Upload photos" to add more band pictures from your computer to your band's profiles page.

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