Make a website on Google

Create a website on Google

Basics of creating a website. Websites is a Google service that helps you create websites. Select a name and an address. Choose a template and a topic.

Creating a website with Google Sites

ites is a Google search engine help tool that can help you design your website. With the free web services you can easily set up your own website with just a few mouse clicks. You can also set up your own website dynamically and interactively. Standard site uses a WYSIWYGditor. The user surface is also suitable for experienced HTML editors who want to manipulate the HTML by hand. Since Googleites is a Google experience, you'll need to sign-in for a free Google account before you can use it to help us make our site work.

Launch your web browsers and visit the Google Sites website to sign up for a new subscription. And if you already sign in to another Google experience like Gmail, you can sign in to Google Sites with the same sign-in information. As soon as you have signed in, you will be taken past the sites cash bone dashboard.

You can use the following example to build a good-looking new website in just a few moments. In the Sites dashboard, click the Build pushbutton that will take you to the Build new site onscreen. Please type in the name of your website, which will be added to your website address without blanks.

However, note that the address should be unambiguous, unlike the website name. Typically, a site does not use a new website submission to give you full creative freedom. You can, however, build your website on an already created one. Site now creates your new website and you can modify and customize it using the top right button.

In order to modify the standard page design, click on the gear symbol and go to 'Edit page design'. Now you can activate/deactivate and reorder certain items on your website, such as the side bar, according to the topic you previously chose. In order to insert a new page, click on 'Create page'. Then name the page and style sheet on which you want it to be located.

You use the standard Web page style. You will now be redirected to the WYSIWYG web site interfaces to append and modify your work. Using the above menu, you can modify the page design, adding additional column, inserting table and image, and even adding a +1 visitor key to tell a friend about the page.

To complete your website with several pages and contents, follow step 4 and 5 again. Prior to presenting your creations to the outside worlds, place and configurate some important items by pressing the Gears icon and going to the website management. Allows you to modify the website name and provide a more verbose explanation.

In order to manage your website accessibility, click on the gear symbol, go to the Manage Website radio button and go to Sharing and Permissions. Anyone can view new Web sites by default. What's more, you can In order to limit your site's accessibility, click on the "Change..." button under "Who has access" to limit your accessibility to either a website link or a particular person group.

That' it, you can now ask other people to see your website. If you change your website over the years, you can keep up to date by click on the gear wheel symbol and going to the auditory. To see all the pages on your site, click the "Show page listing" button at the top.

You' ve now built a website with Google Sites, see how you can use gadgets to make them even better.

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