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Creating and setting up a website with WorldPress The first time I created this page over ten years ago, there was only one way to do it - with an HTML templates and a web editor. Quickly and simply design and set up your own website using a web interface. So why should you want to study how to make your own website? There are several benefits to creating your own website:

At any time you can make changes to your website. Managing, maintaining and updating your WordPress website. Optimizing, listing and finding your website in the internet. Are you deciding what kind of website - default website or blogs? Would you like to create a completely free website?

Make your decision for the technical equipment to be used. Select the name of the domainname. Select a web hoster, buy web room hoster and sign up theomainname. Do you need to create a website or blog? That kind of resolution is OK for face-to-face or perhaps amateur sites, but should never be used for commercial or non-profit sites.

About 50% of the new sites that will be created today will use WordPress. More than 76 million web sites run on WordPress, among them WordPress. Known labels like CNN and UPS use it, and over 50% of the top 100 weblogs are based on WordPress. WordPress - what is it?

The site focuses on creating web pages or blog posts with WordPress, but it is not the only one. The WordPress application needs Linux-based PHP and at least 1 MYSQL data base. A simple installation is to look for a host service providing script-based installations. For my part, I use a UK 1&1 UK host for my UK web site and Blue Host for all other web site sharing.

Given that most hosters offer a free domainname with their own webpack, it is common to use the host as a registration tool for domainnames. For more information, see Selecting a Domainname and the Site Hosted Option Tutors. Now, the fundamental construction is:: Use the following instructions to learn how to download and run WordPress on Bluehost and how to download and run WordPress on 1 and 1 with a script.

Unless your host supports script-driven installations, you can perform a manually performed installation, but be careful, this is much more challenging. After installation, you will need to log in, check the preferences and make some changes to WordPress to make your site look the way you want it to. See the How to Setup a WordPress Website User Handbook for how to do it.

WordPress instructions show you how to use WordPress. Busi-ness websites should always use their own domains and their own hostings. Q - What do I need to launch a website? A - No - There are many professionally designed in the shape or theme (WordPress) and template (HTML/PHP). Q - Can I really use WordPress to build a professionally looking website myself?

Q - When will the website appear in the searching machines? Q - What about setting up a website for your shop?

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