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We have compiled several websites that were created with Weebly. In order to ensure that your Weebly website looks as good on a mobile device as it does on a desktop, you should choose an attractive design. Do a quiz for your Weebly website now. Full-width image and color backgrounds. Make unique, modern designs with customizable image and color backgrounds.

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In order to make sure that your Weebly website looks as good on a portable screen as it does on a desk, you should select an attractive design. While most Weebly themes are fast to respond to, you can check this simply by looking at a preview of your preferred theming. Once your selected topic is Responsible, you can toggle between Desktops and Mobiles by selecting the Telephone or Computer symbol at the top of the Weebly Website Managers page.

What can I do to modify my Weebly topic? What can I do to customise the wallpaper of my Weebly website? What can I do to make pages on my Weebly website? Can I create my Weebly website? What can I do to get Weebly Hosted on my domain?

Adding a quiz to Weebly

We''ll show you exactly how to include a trivia to your Weebly website in this tutorial. These are the steps: Your trivia game is now online on your Weebly page. Customize size and location and integrate all your trivia logistic so you're ready to go!

This is how you use Cloudflare to free SSL security on your Weebly website

If you are using a customized Weebly website for your own website, this manual will show you how to use Cloudflare to help you SSL your website. Be sure to review the instructions thoroughly before you begin the procedure, as errors can lead to website outages. We' ll use a GoDaddy domainname in this Integrations Guideline, but the procedure is similar for other domainname Registrars like NameCheap.

Please fill in your e-mail adress and a passwort to register an user-account. Fill in your domainname in the text field and click on the gray Scanning DNA Entries icon. then creates the DNS entries for your website. To verify the DNA entries of your website to make sure they are matched on the scanner, go to the Domains page of your GoDaddy account.

Click the Bike symbol under your Domainname and choose "Manage DNS". When using a different DENIC hosting provider, read its instructions. As soon as you have validated your DNA entries, you will go back to Cloudflare. A cloudflare map will be prompted for you to use. When you only need SSL, the free subscription will work well.

You will find your DNA entries at the top of the page. Check them against those Cloudflare scans to make sure they agree. Once you have chosen your plans, Cloudflare will provide you with two new name servers for your website. In order to modify your name servers, go to your Watchdog and click on "Manage DNS".

Browse down through your website's DNA entries to the name servers and click the change icon. Choose "Custom" as your new name server model and insert the two name servers provided by Cloudflare into the corresponding text fields. Up to 24 hrs may take until your new name servers become activated, but don't be worried, your website will still be activated in the meantime.

As soon as you have made all the settings, your Cloudflare should show the following screen.

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