Make a Wordpress site

Create a Wordpress page

Find out how to create a Wordpress page from start to finish! Easy, step-by-step instructions show you how to create a Wordpress page. Stage 1: Set up your WordPress page for small businesses

And how do you build a website for your small company or start-up, for yourself and from the ground up? Learn how to rebuild a WordPress website from the ground up. Everyone - small entrepreneur or single person - who creates his first website with WordPress. Sure, you could have it outsourced and have your site built by a freelancer, but there are big disadvantages.

It' going to be costing you, plus you can't make any changes yourself (not unless you are paying someone) and you have very little wisdom about your greatest resource, your website! There are many WordPress tutorials, but you will quickly find that most of them use the same formulas.

Second, web host. Third, please download and use WordPress. If you just want to set up your small web site with WordPress and get it out there, what would you do? "Why use WordPress for a Web site for doing businesses? "How do you actually use WordPress? "Which topic should you use? "What plug-ins should you use?

The creation of a WordPress website is not too complex and anyone can do it. We' ll show you, and accompany you every single way, how you can use WordPress to rebuild a website for small businesses from the ground up in 2018. Learn how to use WordPress to make your own website: Stage 1: TL;DR; The first stage is to walk you through how to setup your WordPress website.

We' ll tell you why you should use WordPress, how to get web hosted (and the host companies we recommend), and how to set up youromainname. You will also learn how to set up an e-mail adress. The next step is to walk you through the process of installing WordPress and logging into your desktop.

One. Nice work, that's done one. Stage 2: TL;DR; In Stage 2, we'll go through how to modify your default WordPress Web site. In this section we show you how to select the right WordPress topic and how to integrate plug-ins, as well as which plug-ins we suggest, e.g. Google Analytics.

The next section will show you how to include navigational menu and how to build a contacts page and pages on data protection and use. Eventually, we'll show you how to adjust widgets, what you should do to stop spamming, and why you should set up automatic WordPress backup. Two.

Let us adapt your WordPress page! Awesome job, you finished stage two! Stage 3: TL;DR; In the third stage we guide you through the management of your WordPress page. Learn how to build and edit pages and posts, how to build and edit catagories and tagging, and how to upload pictures and video.

The next thing we know is how to optimise your WordPress website in searching engines and how to include your own button for socializing. We then go through WordPress safety and e-commerce for WordPress. Eventually we will tell you how to make your website more portable and how to get an e-mail queue started. Stage 3 - now we get your website up and running!

Once you have followed the step-by-step instructions in this manual, you should have a fully functioning and professionally looking WordPress website!... Setting up a website for your small company is not something you should do, it is something you need to do. Launching a website for your company is a low priced and high potency venture that will help you attract more clients than you ever could through conventional advertising.

You don't have the elapsed spare moment to build your own small company site? Take advantage of our free WordPress installer and we will set up and configure WordPress for you - free of charge!

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