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Create Doodle Online

Scribbling to pass the time is something we've all done. However, if your scribbles are really creative, maybe it's time to share them with the world. This is the easiest Drag and Drop Doodle Video Creator on the market!

Easily complete an online poll in 4 simple increments.

With Doodle, your daily routine is made easy by enabling you to complete online and online questionnaires in just a few quick clicks. The following step-by-step instructions will take you through this free online poll generator using the example of a Naví who wants to set up a yacht group with his mates. First Naví signs into his Doodle bankroll.

It is not necessary to open a free Doodle license key but it will certainly save you a lot of effort if you frequently do online polls. Subsequently, he inputs the name of his online poll - because he has an online bankroll, his name and e-mail are already entered. Although it is an option, Naví can also fill in the place where the group meets (either an adress or a rough explanation like "in the park" or "in a fox box" because nobody wants to see a fox in a home with a pointer, that's just stupid).

There is also a text box for a descriptive text of up to 500 chars so he can include important detail to the online poll, such as "Bring your own mat". To get to the next stage, Naví has two different ways to organize the online survey: with date and time or with less specific choices.

He can also click back in the calendars as shown in the screenshots below if he prefers to suggest certain times and dates online for his polls. If Naví inputs data or free text, the only distinction is between an online and an online question. The third stage is by far the most interesting part of the online questionnaire.

Naví can select here whether he wants to restrict the number of members of his group on a certain date (a smaller group is usually preferable), and since he has a Premier Access he can also ask for extra information from the members, such as the telephone number. Once everyone has finished the online questionnaire, Naví is informed by e-mail and can even download the questionnaire in Excel after having logged into the Doodle online questionnaire management area.

It' so fast and simple to organize meetings or publish a poll. So why not sign up for a free DOODLE online demo and do your own online poll today?

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