Make free website Google

Create free website Google

Hosts a website for free on Google Drive So if you're asking yourself how you can get a website hosted on Google Drive for free, I just did it (and it took me 2 minutes!), so I'll tell you all about it. Although the new Google drive has made it more difficult to hoist sites, there's still a fairly simple work-around I've come across.

This comes in the format of a Google Scripts, authored by an authority on the subject, Mr. Ámit Agarwal. First, I'll show you this way - the simple way - then I'll tell you how to do it without the scripts. Place all your website data in a. zip archive (.rar doesn't work, I tried).

Using archive, I created a demo website by changing the contents of Amit. You can get it here if you don't have web pages running around that are clipped. Go to the Google Script page and load Click on the image and you should see it: Receive your free web host!

When you learn to run a website on Google Drive out of your own inquisitiveness, you're probably not happy to have all the work done for you with a single scripted workaround. Download the content of of your website and move it to the directory. When you click Saving, you get a publicly accessible shortcut, but it's a shortcut to the directory where your.html documents are located on the drive, not to a current website.

See below for a full featured guide on how to hosted a website on Google Drive: Tip Bonus: If you are not a supporter of your giant and recklessly forgotten web site, there is always, a site for serious Google Drive users that allows you to use your own web site address, limitless pages and free SSL.

For more information about Google Drive, read 25 Google Drive tips you've probably never even read before. But if you want to create a Blog for your business, you should see this posting.

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