Make free website on Google

Create a free website at Google

One of Google's plans is to open up small and medium-sized businesses and help them to design and set up their website without any problems. Do you know that you can create a beautiful and user-friendly website with Google? Learn how to set up a free website with Google Sites. On the left side of the screen, click the Create button.

Getting a free website up and running with Google Sites

Signing up for a Google Accounts gives you familiar Google Docs functionality that' built into your Google Drive Accounts. They can also use the Google sites to create and host a website that brings profits or joy. Googles will assign a unique name to your site, or you can use Google to buy a unique name.

User-defined domains are displayed exactly as you configured them when you purchased them. Visit the Google Websites page. Join your Google account or Sign up for a free one. Locations that you have already set up are displayed in the Dashboard. Press the Create pushbutton on the far side of the monitor.

Pick a style sheet that you want to use for your website. For more information, click on the magnifying glass under each pattern. Pick a style sheet or click Browse the gallery for more to display and open style sheets in a previews pane. If you find a good style for your website, click the Use style at the top of the previews website or click the Pick a style on the previewscreen.

When you want another style, exit the tabs to return to the other styles. Your website name will be entered in the Location box of your website page. At the end of, Google will append your selected website name. And if you already own a domainname, click Google Domains besuchen and obey the directions to point the name for your domainname to the website you created.

Choose a topic from the selection options by selecting the desired topic. When you create a website for selling flowers, for example, you describe it by typing words that normal visitors key into a keyword to find a website like yours. For example, Google will show you a set of pictures and ask you to click only on the pictures of your favoriteizza.

Once all boxes are filled in, click the Create pushbutton at the top of the page. Once your website is built, you' re ready to insert pages, text, pictures or video from YouTube. Sharing the site with a crew so other members can work with you on the site. To place your website in edit mode, click the Edit Page symbol at the top of the page - it looks like a graphite pencil.

Modify the page. Modify each field and enter the text you want. Formatting utilities are at the top of the page when you are in editing mode. If you are in editing mode, insert pictures into the Web site by positioning the pointer where you want the picture to be on the page.

On the Insert page above, click Insert, click Picture, click Pick, and then find the picture. Left-click OK to browse to the picture and click OK to click OK to browse to the picture and click OK to click OK to browse to the picture. Click Paste in edit mode and YouTube in the Google section. When the page is not in edit mode, click the cog at the top of the page, and then click Share and Permissions to allow others to help you create your Web site.

Press the Split pushbutton to submit a help query to someone. Check out the Google Sites help forum for any problems or useful hints and advice.

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