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INTERMODA, is the most important international platform for the fashion industry in Latin America. Adjust your instant messaging (IM) settings in Skype for Business. We know fashion. We do businesses. INTERMODA, is the most important global event for the Latin American clothing sector.

The event brings together designer, manufacturer, supplier, global and domestic purchasers to present the most important seasonal themes. It is the perfect place to get in touch with prospective customers and win contracts. Men, Woman, Children, Manufacturing and Textile Industries, Accessories, Home & Home, Trend Zone, Designer's Corner, New Talents, Meetings, Runways, Gala and Showroom.

This is the perfect platform for purchasers and exhibitors. Arrange an appointment, find new interested parties and customers, use all the conveniences and uses that our events offer and that you need in this area. The large number and diversity of interest groups allows you to easily and conveniently reach a large number of interested parties with both profile types.

It is a courteous and courteous sevice that we offer to help us grow our relationships with our customers. Take advantage of this ideal occasion. You part of the fashions scene? Visit IM INTERMODA and give yourself the possibility to win and win new prospective customers, to improve and consolidate your trademark as well as to make and conclude new transactions.

Present your product to domestic and foreign customers so that the outside can see the scale of your potentials.

Setting IM for Skype for Enterprise choices

In the IM Option pane in Skype for Business you can set your spelling checker preferences, change font styles and display your mood icons in your IMs. The following describes how to open the IM Option window: Click the Business Skype for Skype Properties option icon in the Skype for Business landing screen and choose IM, or click the drop-down menu next to the Option icon and choose Tools > Option.

Activate IM on the Preferences page. From the IM options page, browse to the IM settings you want to use for your IM. If you want Skype for Business to highlight incorrectly spelled words with a scarlet underscore, please tick this box. Show images in IM To display only your call in the IM screen or tabs, not images, enable this item.

Activated calls with folders Activate this to activate calls with folders. Allows you to follow multiple IM calls at the same moment. If you are conducting more than one call, you will see a separate page for each one in the top right hand of the call area. Simply click on the index cards to switch between calls.

If you want to restrict the view of each structured call to one line, activate the Create only one line tab option. Click here to modify the standard fontsize, styles, and colors of your sent IMs. In order to make these fonts adjustments applied to received IMs, click to activate the Application adjustments to inbound IMs option.

View email icons in IM Choose this option to view email icons in IM. If you want to see the typographic matches instead of the emoticon, clear the option. Normally the motifs are motioned.

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