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Do not start a blog to make money. How should I start my own blog and can I earn money with it? Home-hosted WordPress blogs are still my favorite serious platform. FreeDomain, Free Themes, WordPress, My Free Guide is perfect for beginners! Go to How do I find a name for my blog?

Sequential Step-by-Step Guide for 2018

You wonder how you can launch a blog? At the bottom of this page you will have good skills on how to create an efficient blog with all sorts of advantages, some financial ones included. Want to launch the free step-by-step video guide? WordPress - Why? Launching a blog site was costly and time-consuming in ancient times.

WordPress then came in 2003. Initially primarily as a way to create a blog, it has grown into a fully featured website building application. Currently WordPress has more than 60 million web pages and is the chosen tools for over 23% of the 10 million web pages on the Internet. Web pages like Yahoo, eBay, Sony, Samsung, The New York Times and Mozilla all use WordPress!

What's nice about WordPress is that as a CMS you can simply go into the administration (or bowels) and change the number of pages and contents. And if you want, you can upgrades from the free template and for a few dollars make something special that you can change at any time.

WorldPress also comes with free of charge Suchmaschinenoptimierungs- (SEO)-Tools and you get immediate alerts about imminent safety breakdowns - if you ever need help, you can simply look here for the answer. Blogs started out as a means for humans to post about life's own happenings and things that were in their heads.

Whilst this is still a favourite cause for blog maintenance, the whole box has increased in complexity and has evolved over the years. Today, besides typing journal posts, blogging around people: A lot of businesses launch blogging related to their product so they can draw shoppers to surf their pages.

There is no need to advertise certain products or sevices directly in your postings; as long as you keep your contents refreshing and interesting, you will find that those who click on your e-commerce shop window are a byword. Everyone looking for professional expertise will find that a blog is a good way to achieve this objective.

If you don't have anything for selling, you can still generate a revenue flow from your blog. There is no need for you to re-invent the wheels when you start your own blog. Installation and customization of WordPress: One of the most beloved blogs, WordPress has evolved from its modest beginnings to include a host of functions and preferences.

I' ll show you how to setup the best possible results for your blog, according to its nature and use. You have a variety of ways to make your websites more easily available to prospective audiences and searching machines like Google. Whilst there are committed companies that specialise in these areas, hiring one of them can be too costly if you are just getting started.

Most of the value of a successfull website lies in the possession of theomainname. Bloggers can also monitor your contents. InMotion Hosting puts you in a much better position if you get your own one-of-a-kind domains - free with InMotion Hosting and can build them into your own real estate and resell them later if you want.

 I highly recommend InMotion Hosting for both your domain registration and your hosting because I' m sure it will give you a great deal on both products at a great price. Why not try InMotion Hosting? How would you like to get the best value for money? Start your blog now! Getting a blog up and running involves creating a domainname and providing a trusted hosted service. You even offer a free (one of my favourite words) WordPress website creation!

Do you already own a Domainname? Make an attempt, however, to add your keyword to your new domainname. Although Google, Yahoo! and Bing have all adapted their algorithm to lower the value of any keyword in the domains, it is still one of the most important rankings.

When you blog about birdhouse construction, a top level site like will probably have a higher ranking than, even if both have similar contents and structures. This can be a challenge, as so many domains have been registered in the meantime. At the bottom of this page you will find a convenient free utility that searches your proposed domainname to see if it is already registered.

When your domainname is not available, I would suggest testing an alternate version with available syonyms or extension other than . com. Verify that your preferred website is available by typing it below. Thats the most costly part of creating a blog if you keep $3.49 per months high.

You will also receive unrestricted e-mail with your domainname as extensions and many other benefits. It' s best if the same organization performs your domains and covers your hosted needs to reduce cost and gain uptime. Ensure that your selection of hosters provides much bandwith and disk space.

"Choose whether it is a completely new top level site that requires you to register, or an already established site that you are moving from another one. Type the name of the domainname in the open box and click "Next" again. "4 "4. you will be informed of the available domains.

Happy birthday - your domains are available! Select your preferred option and click "Next" again. Suppose you want to use WordPress, as I suggest, select that. In the welcome message, click the address that says "Admin using your domain. You will then be taken to the WordPress Dashboard, the complete website content controlpanel.

You' re now poised to start creating your blog and start typing! You will want to familiarize yourself with the WordPress dashboard before you start your Blogging experience by setting up all your pages and making changes and in-house upgrades. Keep in mind that if you come across a blockade or something just doesn't make much of a difference, the response is just a Google query away.

First log into the WordPress administration area with the username and your passphrase you got from InMotion Hosting. The slogan should only be a brief outline of the type of blog you are blogging. Plug-ins are a set of tools that allow WordPress publishers to personalize their Web sites without the need for costly expert help. It' number one to make sure your blog can be found when your visitors conduct a Google, Yahoo or Bing query.

Joast SOE plug-in ensures that every blog you publish matches the latest algorithms updated by every web browser. "Type the words yoaast in the box and click "Install Now" for yoaast sel. Now you will be prompted by the plug-in to make sure that your sources are suitable for every blog.

Occasionally you will get notification that WordPress has launched an upgraded release. Keeping up to date with WordPress news is the only way to verify that your blog has not fallen victim to the hacker pandemic that strangles many blogs around the world. Don't get too involved with the peculiarities of the WordPress subject area.

It is recommended that you do a Google quest for "free WordPress responsive themes" and start with one of them. It is the concept of responsiveness that is decisive. When you ever come across a query, just throw it to your preferred searching machine. Of course, since the aim of most blogs is to attract frequent website users who want to visit your blog, it is important that you have certain tried and tested policies that will appeal to your readership and inspire them to communicate your amazing insights!

"Contents are king. "That means your page must be content: Today it is also important that all contents are the same. When you assume that you can just go to someone else's website and replace your name in their copy, you will soon find that the searching machines have become very tolerant of this inconvenience.

I' ve seen for myself how sites ranked at the top of page 1 on Google have been moved to page 20 because they violate the double entry rule. However, if your strengths are not your own pronunciation, you should hire a free author to help you produce and/or work on your work. Those who are good writers also make a lot of errors and your reader will definitely noticed them.

Unless otherwise possible, at least use Microsoft Word to design your contents and adjust the form letter format. The ones who are just starting with WordPress often get confused about articles and pages. Briefly, the Admin for Pages section handles fixed websites that are organised within your website browsing, and postings are your current compilation of blog pages as you build them.

Unfortunately, there is more to blogs than just creating stunning, original contents. A lot of folks have begun to blog sites with high value web contents that are interesting and useful.... and nobody ever will. Despite your effort to create convincing texts, if you don't master the fundamentals of compliance with searching engines algorithm, you may have a hard period to connect with your prospective readership.

Whilst recent changes have been made by searching machines to the way they rate web sites (see Wikipedia to find out more about Pandas, Penguins and Hummingbirds), it is important to find out what kind of words and keyphrases humans would use to find your blog. Known as searchengine optimisation (SEO), focus has become one of the most basic facets of modern day advertising.

If you' re just getting started, these expenses can be prohibitive. Well, you can. Analysis of keywords - Start with a Google quest for "free of charge keyboard tool". Using your own keywords - Open Google, Yahoo! or Boing in any web browsers and key word your reader would use. Immediately after I typed in "build a birdhouse", a dropdown list with the most common keywords will appear in the order of the amount of searches.

So if I choose to use this word without putting other words in it, and I insert it again in the quote box, I see all results with exactly this sentence in exactly this order of words. It turns out that there are only 111,000 sites that compete for this notion.

Those who get involved in their sites and gamble according to the conventions of searching machines are on the first page. One of the most useful features of WordPress is the amount and qualitiy of plug-ins and widgets available to blogs.

Now that your website and blog are up and running, you can be prepared to begin to generate a certain amount of returns on your investments (ROI). Whilst many bloggers are actually just for pleasure, most of us want to make some kind of money by building and expanding a faithful audience. Answering this questions has a lot to do with the type of your blogtent.

One fast and simple way to get an impression of the prospective audience of your readers is to conduct a Google quest for different catchwords expressions and comparison of results. Be sure to use double or triple characters around your query when performing this kind of analyses. As an example, a quest for the word tortoise feed for sales without the offers produces over 15 million results, while the addition of the offers will reduce the number to about 20,000.

Just think, you are able to draw about 100 hits a blog per year. If they click on your affiliate links and then make a buy, you will earn a referral fee for each sales. You can also advertise on your website to advertise directly to people. However, don't make a mistakes, there are a significant number of other blogs that make a profit just by advertising.

It' s in your best interest to ensure that you generate interesting and useful contents on a coherent footing so that your advertising does not overburden the intended use of your blog. Hopefully my manual - "How To Launch A Blog" was useful for you :)

Do not hesitate to visit the "Blog" section for more information on other web-related subjects! Grab a free introductory course on how to get a blog started in less than 20 mins today!

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