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You see the design in the collection with all standard motifs. Enable the theme and go back to your main URL. Passphrase: Theme Name: If you add the theme to a website that has no content, your website will not look like the one in the demo.

What can I do to make my WordPress page look like the theme demonstration?

Adding the design to a website that has no contents will not make your website look like the one in the demonstration. Be sure to obey the directions to make your website look exactly like the theme demo: Be sure to enable your new design before continuing. Navigate to Tools > Import.

Download the free trial content.xml. They will be prompted to assign the author in this exported filename to the user in the blogs. Then you have the possibility to add an attachment, so click on the field "Download and add attachments". When WordPress is importing all contents, please be patience.

It is necessary to set a topic position for the topic item and set up a widget.

This is how you design your own in Gmail

Gmail topics are a great way to quickly distinguish between several Gmail Mail email addresses and add a little extra touch to your one. Previously, you were restricted to selecting the topics provided by Google. In the next few weeks, Google will have finished introducing the ability to make Gmail theme with your own backgrounds.

In order to verify if the new topics have been moved to your Gmail Preferences page, go to your Gmail Preferences page and choose Topics. Once the function has been transferred to your bankroll, you will see the topics Bright and Darkness in a new section named User Defined Topics. In order to use your own wallpaper, choose the user-defined bright or black design.

Add a wallpaper from the pictures supported by Google, your Picasa Web Albums, your mobile device (via the Google+ app), an picture or a weblink. Google suggests using an images bigger than 2,560 x 1,920 pixel for best results. Note that Google Apps may not have topic assistance if it has not been activated by the Apps Admin.

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